Minister: Anti-Doping in Sport Act

March 7, 2012

The Minister of Youth, Families and Sports Glenn Blakeney announced that the Anti-Doping in Sport Act 2011 has been brought into effect by Gazette Notice published on Friday February 24th 2012.

He has “heralded this legislation as very important in the global context of the fight to keep drugs out of sport, and said the legislation signals the Government’s firm commitment to make drug-free sport a priority in this country.”

The Minister noted that the coming into force of the Act fulfils our obligation to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to enact local anti-doping legislation.

He said, “The Anti-Doping in Sport Act 2011 applies to all athletes who possess Bermudian status, residents of Bermuda training or competing abroad, national sport governing bodies, athlete support personnel and other participants in sports in Bermuda. It also applies to a foreign athlete present in Bermuda, whether in-competition or out-of-competition.”

Minister Blakeney added that a new Statutory Board, the Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Authority, has been appointed with effect from February 24th 2012. The new Board, whose Chairman is Mr. Lee Holder, replaces the previous non-statutory anti-doping organization.

Minister Blakeney also noted that he has appointed two statutory Panels as required under the Act: the Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel, and the Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Appeal Panel, which as their name suggests, will deal with anti-doping disciplinary matters and appeal matters, respectively.

Minister Blakeney praised the members of the previous anti-doping organization which started back in 1994 as the Bermuda Council for Drug-free Sports, which had previously been authorized by Government to act as the National Anti-Doping Organization for Bermuda.

The Minister said “I wish to thank the previous anti-doping organization and its members, who must be commended for their hard work and commitment to drug-free sports in Bermuda over the years. They gave Bermuda a valuable service, and it is now up to the new Board to carry the torch forward in the name of drug-free sports.”

Minister Blakeney further announced the appointment of Mrs. Deborah Hunter as the Chief Executive Officer of the statutory Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Authority, with effect from Monday March 5th 2012.

Minister Blakeney said, “I am very pleased to appoint Mrs. Hunter as the Chief Executive Officer of the Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Authority. I am sure Mrs. Hunter will make a valuable contribution to the Authority in support of anti-doping in Bermuda.”

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  1. Winnie says:

    A very good move, a bit late I might add. However better late than…..

  2. Family Man says:

    Can we have an anti-doping in Parliament Act? Or would that not leave enough members to make a quorum every Friday?

  3. I McHunt says:

    So now BSADA has a chief executive officer and an executive director! More chiefs than Indians! Plus it will probably add another 100K plus to the budget when Bermuda’s sports are having money cut! Why have two people at the top?

  4. jes saying says:

    The old board is out and the new statutory board is government appointed? I don’t get it. How is this still a registered charity if it is government run?