Ministry: Prison Van Is Licenced

March 9, 2012

A prison van displaying a licence that expired weeks ago is actually licenced a Government spokesperson said, however the van’s sticker had not been replaced.

Yesterday [Mar.8] Bernews readers noticed that in a video of a prisoner leaving Court the sticker on the prison van indicated the licence had expired on January 31, 2012.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said, “The vehicle in question is in fact licenced; the sticker had not been replaced. It expires Jan 31, 2013 and the Department will be inserting the updated licence immediately.”

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  1. Can't Take It Anymore says:

    Sure you will!

  2. Bewildered says:

    Why is a sticker needed on any vehicle now? It was supposed to have been outdated by the electronic monitoring at an annual cost of several million dollars. Does this mean the RFID is not working anymore? If it isn’t working, are we the taxpayers still apying for it?

  3. Winnie says:

    We are in March, why can’t we do the simple things properly?

  4. Consultant needed says:

    They don’t have enough staff to change it ? Maybe they need a consultant.

  5. tired of ignorance on bernews says:

    I look @ bernews from time to time and read the comments. Some people have nothing better to do then talk negative about somebody else. I wish it wasn’t anonymous so every one could see who was being a self righteous ignorant fool. Everybody is real brave online. Bernews should be like youtube where you can leave video replies and comments. let see how many people talk smack then. :D