4 Men Beat, Rob Father In Front Of Young Children

August 5, 2012

At 5pm yesterday [Aug 4] four men approached a father out with his two young children — aged 4 and 10 — and attacked him with a piece of wood, beat him over his head with a bottle and then stole his jewelry. This entire incident took place in front of the victim’s children.

Police spokesperson Dwayne Caines said: “Police responded to a report of a robbery that took place a few minutes after 5pm on Saturday on Rambling Lane in Pembroke. It appears the victim was approached by 4 males who made demands for his jewelry.

“The four men then set upon the victim beating him about the body with a piece of wood also breaking a bottle over the victim’s head. The culprits then stole a piece of jewelry before they made good their escape.

“The victim was taken to the hospital where he was treated for lacerations to his head. Inquiries into this incident has commenced.

“Anyone who may have seen this incident or who may any information as to the identity of the culprits are asked to contact Central CIU on 2950011 or the confidential crimestoppers hotline on 8008477. We are looking to find the perpetrators, as this attack took place in view of the victim’s two sons age 4 and 10

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  1. sad times says:

    When caught and found guilty they should be punished publicly with a good whipping from their fathers, then sent off to prison. It’s getting worse!!!!!

  2. Mad Dawg says:

    So, any description of the 4 attackers, or are we left to guess?

    • Um Um Like says:

      Light skinned, between the ages of 18 and 40, approx 5′ to 6′ tall, 150 – 200lbs, wearing jeans, helmets with dark visors….

      Come on BPS… can you provide a more accurate description than what I have attempted!?

      • terry says:

        Already “provide”.
        What do you want. Dental work?

  3. really pizzed off says:

    Again ,broad daylight .. More than one perp .Safety in gang numbers . Instead of a female being injured , this time it was children being truamatised seeing their father assaulted and robbed.

    When we started making excuses for this vermin and feeling sorry for them about 30 years ,it was the beginning of the end. Now everyone wants to get tough with them again. Too late for that now .

    My sympathies to the victim .

  4. Baltic Fury says:

    Let’s face it this wasn’t because they were after his watch. Terrible that they would do it in front of his kids though. They won’t ever be the same, much like this country. When will this depressing social decay end?

    • pepper says:

      This man and his children will never be the same, the young children need some sort therapy as soon as possible, Lord I never thought this would happen in Bermuda …

  5. 1minute says:

    The way Bermuda is now adays, there could of been 100 people there & none of them would of seen a thing….

  6. Hamilton parish says:

    I’m totally disguised !

    It’s not just a Bermuidan epidemic… It’s worldwide.

    The sad fact is, it will continue to climb to more gruesome callus crimes.

    When these spineless vernme have nothing to live for, nothibg to lose, they feel no empathy for the victim.

    It’s time we release that the damage has been done long ago.

    It wasn’t kicked in the butt then, and there no way to correct it this far down the line.

    I feel awful for the young children who witnessed this crime! I pray that God shines light on our island but it starts with each individual.

    Once parents decide to actually parent their young children rather than let the streets raise them we might see a differene.

    Until then we will continue to read/see vicious acts of crime

    • Rard says:

      You’re “totally disguised”??

      Are you the perp?

  7. Cleancut says:

    Police need to keep a close eye on the Cash for gold dealers.

    • terry says:

      Who said it was gold.

    • Tee says:

      I say close that business down, I mean crime for jewelry skyrocketed when it came about. This is crazy. Why 4, why not one of you. 4 guys with weapons……..

  8. jaydwolf says:

    Absolutely unreal !!!! Any more of this and folks will be seeking their own protection….as opposed to police/judicial.

  9. Rard says:

    I absolutely can’t wait until they mess with the wrong person. The law of averages says it’s gonna happen! Just imagine…these punks attempt to mess with somebody, and the ‘victim’ pulls a fish bonker out of their pant leg and beats these jackweeds into a bloody pulp.

    Oh, I can NOT wait. You ready, kids? Ready to eat your meals through a straw and see through one eye for the rest of your pathetic lives?

    Just wait….it may be the next one…..

    • Cinderella says:

      Remember the Loyal Hill neighborhood that stopped its rash of crime a couple of years ago? No problem since then, when the men stood up together.

    • sad times says:

      Maybe people have messed with the wrong people, thats why it’s unresolved crimes, missing people and so forth. IT IS WAY OUT OF CONTROL!!! People are so evil

  10. For Real says:

    Bring back the death penalty for these special folk nobody wants needs them not even their parent past the point of return let’s start fresh !

  11. Bruce Wayne says:

    I can’t wait for my day to shine. I’m going put your kid on the front page of the RG news paper.

  12. magicBoy says:

    bda got too many dyfunc.ppl and nothing for them to do..total recall!!…the country is down morally and the govt is an ‘observer govt’ while getting paid for doing crap..as bda slips and slips into an irreparable MESS!

  13. Poetic Justice says:

    Thank the Lord I dont have the resources or the black heart to be a vigilante because you would start to find people in the gutters beaten black and blue with no knee caps, no teeth and broken limbs. Others they would just go missing. No one comes back from 1,000 fathoms trust me.

    • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

      Unfortunately, sometimes that sort of tactic is needed.

  14. SL says:

    Unacceptable behavior.

  15. The road to hell says:

    Bermuda is ruined now with tis type of behaviour. All you people with your heads in the sand thinking this is an isolated on-off – you’re wrong. This is the Bermuda of today – just like any other island ghetto…..you need to protect yourselves at all times – the cops ain’t gonna come! I’m not a supporter of vigilantism, but I don’t support this kind of mindless thuggery, especially in front of the man’s children in broad daylight – what’s that gonna teach them? And so it goes on and on…

  16. Everett says:

    4 disgusting cowards!

  17. Owner4Comment says:

    somebodys needs they a#s kicked, sorry to hear throughout this wonderful holiday that you had to experience this as well as your children. I will say this however, karma has a funny way of panning out results so don’t even watch it just keep an ear out because really if these lil c$#ts are doing this on a daily they’re soon to get a surpise in do time 4 sure!!

    • Come Correct says:

      I hope he gets his kids into mma now so in a few years they can get daddys chain back in very large hospital bill after they systematically beat the sh$t out of these 4, how much are brain surgeons these days? I hear bermudian agriculture is diminishing, we could use 4 more vegetables.

  18. Withheld says:

    Well I for one believe in Karma and one day these 4 sorry excuses for males will be humiliated in front of or by their own children. Their day will come, it’s only a matter if time. They will not go unpunished. And it will be a thousand fold greater than the misery they have caused. We may never know but I have seen the laws of the universe in effect so many times that I have no doubt anymore.

  19. Sick says:

    This is so sick. Gosh cannot even be out walking with your kids and get attacked. I hope these idiots are cought real soon. The poor dad and the poor kids having to witness such an attack on their dad and not able to help. Imagine now what they are going through now. Hope they are cought soon.

  20. Refuse to B Victimized says:

    We as citizens deserve the human right to defend ourselves. Its a recession and things are going to continue to get worse. People are being extorted and bullied on a daily basis.

  21. fed up says:

    weak cowardly acts probably those little park side punks cause popping chains are for little boys guys need to grow up.they are the only punks who are popping chains because they are broke and not ballin but they will get there judgement god doesn’t sleep.

  22. second says:

    DISGUSTED at the few who insist on being COWARDS who try to destroy our way of life. Hope the father is alright and that the kids get over this as best as they possibly can!!

  23. AdAt says:

    s*** happens. It rains on the righteous and the unrighteous……whether this man deserved to be robbed or not, it happened. We are living in peculiar times….