BDOT Launch Student Ambassador Programme

September 12, 2012

The Bermuda Department of Tourism announced their Spring Break 2013 dates and also launched a Spring Break Ambassador programme designed to help students make extra cash while promoting the island.

Spring Break 2013 will be held during the following weeks: February 16 to 24, March 2 to 8, March 9 to 15 and March 16 to 22. The Department of Tourism is looking for students who attend college or university in the United States and Canada to join the Department’s Ambassador Programme and earn extra cash for promoting Spring Break 2013 on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram.

Those who are interested in being considered for the Ambassador Programme should e-mail their name, age, contact numbers, name of their college or university and their spring break dates and a few sentences stating why they would make a good spring break ambassador to

Students interested in signing up to be an ambassador must be 18 years or older and registered in a College or University in Canada or the United States for the spring 2013 semester.

Participants must be Bermudian or possess Bermudian Status. Employees of the Bermuda Department of Tourism and their immediate family/household members [defined as children or siblings] are not eligible.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Whoa!!!! This is nothing new. This was announced, with great fanfare, of course, by the former Great One some years ago.

    What happened to it?

    Another Gonna excerise by the Gonna PLP Government that never got off the ground.

    It was nothing new then. Back in the College Week heydays of the 60s & early 70s there was active in college promotions of Bermuda.

    Success is not likely this time around. Too many other destinations for far less money, far less stuffy, so much more tolerant than Bermuda.

    • Soooooo says:

      TD this was done last year as well… I was actually at Coco Reef the evening of one of the welcome parties and sat at the bar with the 5 kids that showed up…. (They were defiantly drunk when they walked back their rooms)

      Other than the low numbers, the only complaint these kids has was the price of air fare. Coco Reef had a special price ($99 a night if I remember)

  2. Re-RUN says:


  3. nope says:

    Why would they come here?! There’s stabbings, gun shootings, robbery, its expensive, and there’s nothing to do!!! They can come down to do what drink and party???? And then try to drive back to where they are staying while drunk? Hmmmm pretty sure they can go to FL for a much cheaper price and go to all four disney parks for less than the price of a plane ticket alone.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Obviously you don’t know about the two british tourist that were ambushed & murdered in Tampa & multitude of other tourist murdered yearly in Florida. Crime maybe at an all time high in Bermuda but its still not as bad as most other spring break destinations & the majority is not tourist related. At least there hasn’t been any cases of people eating others faces off as there has been in Florida. As for the price of a plane ticket comment?!?!!? Florida is just as expensive as Bermuda especially Disney where you can’t get a decent non run to the bathroom every second after eating meal for under $15 there & each park cost close to $100 dollars admission to see the same out of date animatronics they had 20 years ago & get drenched in a daily without fail downpour because when it rains in Florida IT POURS not like the tiny sun showers we occasionally have here that the spoiled whine about because they must be able to afford monthly water trucks. Maybe if you compared universal studios as getting more bang for your buck id partially agree but even still its all fluff set in an ugly state with polluted beaches compared to the natural beauty of clean & friendly Bermuda.

  4. Thouroughbred says:

    What are the activities planned???We actually can say for certain that next year we will defintely have activities college weeks ?Bet you can’t name them Minister Wayne,what about the product?huh?huh? Why should they come here instead of florida or carribean???

  5. Zaloney says:

    Ew. Why are we going to have them slu*y s*ut woman who have no respect for themselves, come here and have a good time. Take ya trash asses bAAck,to where they came from. Disease carries.

  6. Don says:

    This is a waste Minister Furbert.

  7. Sad Truth says:

    “Participants must be Bermudian or possess Bermudian Status”

    really??? what the heck is the difference, status is status! Divisive nonsense ..

  8. With the amount of Bermudians attending University in key demographics like the Northeastern U.S. and Southwestern Ontario, this is a fantastic idea. When I was at Uni, ALL my friends were extremely interested in traveling to Bermuda, but the high prices would inevitably turn them off. If we can successfully promote this initiative, however, and make it clear to the potential vacationers that there will be awesome discounts and incentives once here, this could end up working pretty well.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      There was nice discounts & incentives for last years spring break that worked well. Hopefully they encourage businesses to do the same this time around.

  9. BDALove says:

    Expensive + cold weather= Epic fail
    and I live in Canada and think the water is too cold in the spring!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      The college week Canadians were fine with the chilly weather which was still much warmer than where they came from & enjoyed themselves last year. Coco Reefs plus other businesses offered good deals also so it wasn’t that expensive of a stay.

      • BDALove says:

        Last year I recommended Bermuda my friend’s sister as she was in University and she and her went to Bermuda and LEFT 2 days later bec it was TOO COLD and flew to Miami
        SO PLEASE STOP TRYING TO CONVINCE ME THAT BERMUDA IS SUITED FOR SPRING BREAK if Bermudians do not swim in feb- march why makes you think others will?
        I hate seeing these ads I feel like it is false marketing.

  10. heybye says:

    Those days of Bermudiana Beach Club, all of those Longtails and many hundreds of Mobylettes parked there are long gone, never to repeated again.