Four Young Men Charged With Burglary Offences

February 2, 2013

In Magistrates Court yesterday [Feb 1], four young men were jointly accused of burglarizing a house in Hamilton Parish and stealing jewelry, electronic items, cash, and a knapsack. The four also faced the alternate charge of receiving the goods, with the charges stemming from incidents alleged to have occurred last month.

The four males were Jahcari Francis [16]; Denzel Chase [18]; Dejaun Somner [21]; and Sean Burchall [21]. All four pleaded not guilty to both charges and Senior Magistrate Archie Warner bailed all four for $5,000 each and required one surety each.

He also ordered that they wear electronic monitoring devices with the condition that they be confined to their stated address or to an acceptable address. Their monitored confinement was to be for 24 hours a day which Magistrate Warner described as ‘house arrest’.

The requirement for an acceptable address was set by the Magistrate, because one of them was said to be currently homeless and living in a “pump-room”. The Magistrate added that if an acceptable address could not be found, it was “too bad”. He said that his requirement was “not callous, it was realistic”.

Separately, Burchall was charged burglarizing a tourist property at Blue Hole Hill and stealing a purse and a laptop. Alternately, he was charged with receiving these items. These offences were alleged to have occurred in December 2012.

Burchall pleaded not guilty. Chase was separately charged with stealing jewelry and credit cards from a Smith’s parish residence in November 2012. He was also charged with handling or receiving stolen goods in December 2012, and pleaded not guilty to both.

All four must appear for trial in May 2013.

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  1. nok says:


  2. watchfuleyes says:

    Saw this coming. Our young men are out of control.

  3. only in Bermuda says:

    So sad! I wonder how many of them have children? What a role model……… sad.

  4. T.M.Tatem student says:

    One of thoe boys is my brother. I hope he learns his lesson. How could u do this to me :( haven’t seen u in a long time. U wouldnt stay out of trouble for your sister!!