“Road To Wembley An Unbelievable Experience”

February 24, 2013

The road to Wembley was an “unbelievable experience,” Nahki Wells said after today’s [Feb 24] game, with the 22-year-old going on to thank everyone who supported him as well as congratulate winners Swansea.

Speaking after the game on his official Facebook page, Wells said, “Just want to thank my family, friends, fans, and Country on all the support and love they showed not only me but my fellow team mates! Words can’t express how much I appreciate it.


“Without you guys none of this was possible! I also want to congratulate Swansea on their Capital One Cup!!! The road to Wembley was a unbelievable experience for me and I couldn’t of asked for a better team to travel that journey with! R.I.P Tumaini Steede this is all for you brada!!!! Now lets get promoted BCFC!!”

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  1. Ty says:

    Nahki.. Win, lose or draw.. Just know how very proud all of Bermuda is for you and your achievments. Continue to be a shining example to the upcoming generation that hard work does eventually pay off. Reach for the stars.

    Big up.

  2. Family Man says:

    What a story. From Bermuda to Wembley. Amazing. Playing at Wembley with 90,000 people in the stands watching.

    This kid shows he’s an all around class act. I hope we see lots more of him.

  3. Booze cruise says:

    I will never ever forget watching the scenes of the bradford city disaster and to see the Bradford city fans celebrating today until the last minute brought a tear to my eye. Nahki Wells, you represent a special football club and you have done Bermuda proud. Class act football club and a class act talented Bermudian. Respect!

  4. Rebel says:

    keep aiming high Nahki! great game today, win or lose I was very happy for you and your teammates… job well done…. I hope to see many more of your football games…. you made me proud as a Bermudian… your fans supported your team right to the end of the game and that was so beautiful to me…..

  5. What Do You THink says:

    Nahki, you have bought the entire Bermuda population together…well done. I hope you get the Bermuda Athlete of the Year Award, you truly deserve it in more ways then one. I would also like to congratulate your parents and other family members who have stood behind you and BELIEVED in you and also your Dandy Town family of players and coaches. I don’t know you personally, but you have earned my respect. Stay healthy and lead your team (whom ever your playing for) to another Wembley appearance. Your blessed & gifted.

  6. Ladeej says:

    Nahki, we are all so proud of you and your Bradford City teammates to have come this far. Those of us who have travelled to Wembley to see you and your team play have not been disappointed no matter the score. To see the support from your fans wearing your mask and the Bermuda flag was an awesome sight. Continue to excel and be the role model that you are to young Bermudians. Well done! We love you!