Video: Luciano & Mikey General Visit CedarBridge

February 2, 2013

Strive for your goals, stay away from gangs, and keep on a positive path was the message delivered by Jamaican reggae artists Luciano and Mikey General during their visit with CedarBridge Academy students yesterday afternoon [Feb 1].

Both artists are due to perform at tonight’s ‘Veterans in Action’ concert at BAA, and took time out of their schedule to visit the high school and deliver a motivational presentation to the students.

Luciano pictured alongside CedarBridge students:

Luciano and Mikey General visit CedarBridge Academy Bermuda, February 1 2013 (18)

Both Mikey General and Luciano rose to prominence in the mid-1990s and have a slew of hit songs including ‘Who Could It Be‘ and ‘Its Me Again Jah.‘ Both artists are devout Rastafarians, and often tour and perform together.

They sang a few songs, and spoke to the students about having goals in life, being careful of the company they keep and valuing education. Some of the students described the experience as “uplifting,” while Luciano and Mikey General said it was a pleasure to deal with the students.

Luciano & Mikey General perform at Cedarbridge:

“We don’t want them to make the same blunders others have, and want to tell them don’t get caught up with the wrong company,” said Luciano. “Choose the right role models. Too many times I see many great youths go down the drain.”

Luciano said, “We want to make sure we leave with a positive message, especially for the youngsters. Tell them don’t get caught up in all this gang war, all this guns,all these drugs and all these kind of things. It’s not good.

Luciano & Mikey General’s message for the students:

Luciano and Mikey General visit CedarBridge Academy Bermuda, February 1 2013 (12)

“I know Bermuda is a nice place, always had good memory of Bermuda,” said Luciano. “Clean air, wonderful environment, so we don’t want to spoil that. Want to encourage the youths to stay on a positive path.”

Mikey General said, “We are here to encourage the youths, tell them to love themselves, love each other and love the Most High more than anything else.”

It is understood the reggae artists also visited a family who recently lost a loved one to gun violence.

It is the fifth time the singers have visited Bermuda, and Mikey General said, “The love we get from the Bermudian people has always been great.”

Luciano and Mikey General speak with Bernews:

Speaking about tonight’s show, Luciano said, “There is no doubt we will give them a good proper show. Will be vibes and great energy. Vibes are pumping up already,” while Mikey General said, “It will be very good…it will be bouncing, people will feel good.”

The two artists will be performing at this evening’s ‘Veterans In Action’ Bob Marley tribute concert at the BAA gym, with Luciano set to perform a live acoustical “unplugged” set.

The night will also feature live Bob Marley renditions from local artists including Shorta Ranks, Junior C, Shine Hayward and more. Tickets are priced at $35 in advance.

The last ‘Veterans In Action’ reggae concert was held in November 2012, and featured Jamaican reggae artists Admiral Bailey and Pinchers, as well as a host of local artists.

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  1. Raised_441_ForeignLiving says:

    Would have been nice if they had visited MSA & BHS as well, hey reggea is universal you know,lol

    • WhatDeHell says:

      lol thats what im saying. i wish berkeley could get some good reggae artist to visit

  2. Pablo says:

    Bernews, I said it before and I say it again. Your team is King!

    Thank you for the latest and up to date news, especially this story; such a positive message for all of Bermuda.

    Big up Luciano and Mikey General for spending time with the youth of Bermuda! I wish all the best to both of you and much continued success!


  3. Jam Jam says:

    The amount of comments that you get on bernews on the negaTIVITY….YOU WOULD THINK PEOPLE people would comment on this positve uplifting story.

    The people of Bermuda like drama, they always did and always will….

    You create the environment that you want. The way Bermy is is the way you all want it to be.

    Rise up Black people love yourselves…dont stand for wronmg for nobody.

    White people stop what you are doing, nothing about it. You live in bermy to dont forget it….stop acting like your exculsive.

    Rise up people.

    • The Truthsayer says:

      Not all white people are the same, likewise not all black people are the same, so stop lumping them all in the same boat. Makes you sound exclusive! Other than that Bless Up!

  4. Jam Jam says:

    Bless you Luciano and Mikey General

  5. pastabasta.. says:

    Who dem bies be??

  6. yay! says:

    unity in the community. must start from young. i love it thanks bernews!

  7. Judge Dredd says:

    Very positive. Love The Most High.

  8. Computer Guy says:

    Always thought Luciano had the wickedest voice! :)

    Nice though..spreading a positive message to the youth. It’s events like that leave a positive mark on their lives. Good job Bernews for the reporting and the video.

  9. mixitup says:

    I agree, I love Luciano! One of my fav. Artist, but moreso that he and Mikey can give back to the kids.. Love it!

  10. Islander says:

    Thank you Bernews for sharing this most positive visit by these gentlemen to CBA, oping all students who read the advice shared with them will be taken to mind and heart.

  11. empero says:


  12. Ladeej says:

    I love Luciano & Mikey General! Wish I could have seen them tonight. I did hear them on Wayne L’s show yesterday and Power Girl’s show this afternoon. Awesome! Love the positive vibrations always. Thanks to the organizer for bring them in. Bring them back soon and maybe they can visit more schools to share their music / positive messages.

  13. Ladeej says:

    Thanks to the organizer for bringing them in. :-)

  14. Time Shall Tell says:

    I have met & spent time with many artist across a couple genre through the years, a few years ago I got to meet these two. I found not all artist to be who they try to pass themselves to be through their music but these two, I honestly enjoyed meeting & can tell you they love the music & message they deliver from the heart.

  15. Rick Olson says:

    Great job Declan Harris your students must love you .

  16. Winnie Dread says:

    Great piece as we seem to be amongst so much negative vibes of late, Jah blessings to all.