Defendants Appear On Traffic/Name Charges

March 21, 2013

In Magistrates Court yesterday [Mar 20] 55-year-old Larry Ebbin was fined after admitting giving a false name to police, while 22-year-old Eston Rawlins also admitted using a false name — of someone who had warrants for his arrest.

Ebbin was stopped by Police operating a routine traffic check on Kindley Field Road on 13th March 2013. Asked for his name and driver’s licence, Mr Ebbin gave the name Eugene Blakeney and said he had no driver’s licence.

The Police constable who had stopped Mr Ebbin recalled a similar incident with Mr Ebbin from three years before when Mr Ebbin had given the same false name. Asked to explain, Mr Ebbin said” “I apologize”. The Magistrate fined Mr Ebbin $300.

In another case, Eston Rawlins, admitted using false names, with one of them someone who had outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Rawlins was seen using a handheld device whilst riding a motorcycle on and was stopped in March 2013. Asked for his ID, Rawlins gave Police the name of Jason Bean and a 1990 birthdate.

Police checked, and this proved to be wrong. Asked again for ID, Rawlins gave the name Terence Furquan. The Police check showed that there were outstanding warrants for Terence Furqan.

Rawlins was taken to Hamilton Police Station where a more rigorous check showed his true identity to be Eston Rawlins. Police then charged him with attempting to pervert the course of justice and with using a handheld device whilst riding a motor vehicle. Rawlins pleaded guilty to both offences and the Senior Magistrate fined him $300 on each offence.

Rawlins then pleaded guilty to an August 2012 offence, for which he had failed to appear in Court, of using a handheld device whilst riding. He was fined $300 for this offence. The record check on Rawlins also showed that he had a $400 unpaid fine stemming from a June 2012 traffic conviction.

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  1. Good Stuff says:

    I thought the fine for using a handheld device was $500 (not that I agree with the amount)…

  2. Um Um Like says:

    Brilliant! …using a name of someone with outstanding warrants!

  3. Ty says:

    @um um Like – I thought the same thing. That is funny as hell. They should make him do the time for the guy who had the warrants. Too many of you young KIDS are as dumb as a box of rocks.

  4. Sad… very, very sad… says:

    So, it turns out that the individual who used two different names that one of the names used is actually his ___ ____. I think they should lock both if them up; the older because he has outstanding warrants, and the younger because he used a false name. Just fining people these days allows people to go out and commit the same–or even something more heinous–crime again and is basically a slap on the wrists. Jail them and make them have a record; they’d likely not be in a hurry to do the same.