New Bermuda Triangle Sci-Fi/Mystery Novel

March 21, 2013

“Project Houdini”, a new sci-fi/mystery novel written by Ohio author Thom Fillinger, tells the story of Admiral Nathan Summerfield and an elite US military exploration team which embarks on a mission to solve the Bermuda Triangle mystery — and disappears there.

The military’s Project Houdini is designed to discover the reason for the disappearance of ships, planes and personnel in that area of the Atlantic bounded by Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

However, as Summerfield’s team flies into the  Bermuda Triangle, all nine members and their plane vanish without any communication for over a year.

But one day over the Atlantic, the plane abruptly reappears.

After a partial collision with a commercial flight, the Navy plane goes down off the coast of Florida.


A fishing boat finds Alan Maxwell, a veteran journalist who was with the team. He is fished from the water, unconscious and his legs badly mangled.

In an effort to keep a lid on the terrible secret that the Project Houdini team had discovered, the project’s new director, egocentric Admiral Scott and his henchman Captain Sadowski, have the reporter subjected to a high-tech brainwashing technique.

They then, in order to maintain anonymity, have him moved from one hospital to another.

Only newspaper editor Harry Konenberg’s stubborn belief in his veteran reporter will keep Alan Maxwell’s remarkable story from being systematically sucked into an all-consuming US National Security vacuum.

The novel, published by Xlibris in December, is available from on-line book outlets in paperback and Kindle editions.

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