DemBiez Uploads Rosie Mae Cover Of “Stay”

April 7, 2013

Bermuda production company Dembiez this week [Apr. 1] uploaded teen singing sensation Rosie Mae’s cover of Rihanna’s “Stay.”

DemBiez was officially launched last December when teenagers Shomari Warner, Cahlii Smith, Jumar Hayward and Coshaun Evans discovered they had a talent for creating and writing music together.

Mr. Warner — who is currently studying sound engineering at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario — said DemBiez is signing local talent from ages 14 to 20 under and assisting them with song writing, singing, music videos and photo shoots.

Some of the young Bermudian talent working with DemBiez are 18-year-old Rosie Mae, 14-year-old Dellwood student Tonya, 18-year-old Caroline Araujo and Coshaun Evans, 19.

“We are opening up a new studio this summer which would be our headquarters for the artist under us to record albums and singles,” said Mr. Warner. “We have been working and studying for three years in preparation of starting our own production company/label.

“You shall be seeing a lot from us and all our talented artists this summer. We are helping them reach their dreams of being the artists they play on their Ipods and see on MTV.

“These are the most talented young people I have ever seen!”

Rosie Mae’s cover version of Rihanna’s “Stay”

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