Chivas Cricket Sportsman Award Launched

May 31, 2013

The Bermuda Cricket Board [BCB] and Chivas Regal announced the launch of the Chivas Cricket Sportsman Award [CCSA].

This award is designed to recognize the adult cricketer who best exemplifies the true meaning of sportsmanship during each Logic Premier Division League weekly match. The purpose of this award is to support and encourage the development of the sportsmanship aspect in the game of cricket.

After each week’s games the Bermuda Cricket Umpire’s Association [BCUA] will select the player who exhibited the most sportsmanship at the weekend. The winner will be announced each Friday at 11am at a presentation at Goslings Hamilton office, and will receive a bottle of 18 year old Chivas whisky.

The inaugural Chivas Cricket Sportsman Award will be selected upon the conclusion of week 2 of the Logic Premier Division League match, and will be presented on Friday [June 7]. One weekly winner will subsequently be selected until the end of season.

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  1. eyeinthesky says:

    o.k. i’ll say it Sports with Alcohol as a sponsor….hmmm Some people might argue Hinekien Sponsors Champions League…..

    Well it’s all alcohol right…..NOT really! Not when the majority of the youth see “Chivas” and “Hennesey” as the glamourized choice of drink they see on T.V. eARLY DRINKERS DRINKING “TOP SHELF”! HARD STUFF……..

    With the amount consumed on this lil island they should be sponsoring every sport….SALES ARE UP I BET YOU!!!!!!


    • Lebron says:

      Ok, here’s how it goes.

      You want to make sensible, credible comment, well learn how to spell.

      Then maybe use proper grammar, avoid unnecessary usage of capital letters, particularly when you are a critic of alcohol (see how I spelt it) in sport. I disagree with you actually, but regardless of that, you come across as a drunk author.

      That my friend is called irony (see how I avoided capital letters there).