End-to-End To Get Underway This Saturday

May 2, 2013

Preparations for this Saturday’s Catlin End-to-End Event — Bermuda’s largest and most inclusive fund-raising effort — are in the final stages, with in-person registration in full swing and online registration is underway through the website. Pledging is also open anytime, even after the event, on the event website.

Participants must visit the Washington Mall, Church Street registration centre location before 5 p.m. Friday to collect T-shirts and goodie bags to use on the day of the event. Some participant numbers can be collected on the day of the event, but it is advised that they be picked up at the registration centre this week.

“Every year, on the first Saturday in May, about 2,500 amazing people walk, cycle, or otherwise make their way across the island, in order to raise funds for local charities,” says Anne Mello, Chair of the End to End Charitable Trust, which organises the event.

“It’s a party atmosphere — a fun day out for the participants and for the 500 volunteers who make the event run smoothly,” she adds. “It’s an uplifting testament to the spirit of the people in Bermuda. The more people who attend, the better it feels.”

The event will take place no matter what the weather conditions are – though traditionally, the day is clear and pleasant, and the forecast is for a pleasant Saturday.

This year’s event has a variety of corporate, family and school teams involved, notably a flock of cyclists from First Atlantic Commerce dressed as feral chickens, and an intrepid individual who hopes to follow the rower’s route standing on his paddleboard. Stephen Catlin, the founder and CEO of Bermuda based Catlin Group, the parent company of event sponsor Catlin Bermuda, will also be attending the event.

Funds raised by pledges in 2013 will be given to 9 local charities, with an emphasis on support for children, seniors and adults in need during the current difficult economic times. This year’s emphasis is also on safety – in the community and for participants in the event.

The Catlin End-to-End event is organised by the Bermuda End-to-End Charitable Trust, and is supported by numerous local sponsors and individual participants. The Catlin End-to-End’s mission is to be Bermuda’s premier annual charitable pledge event, committed to promoting the happiness and well-being of our island community through all-inclusive activities.

End-to-End 2013 Charity Recipient

The Adult Education Centre
Supporting the retraining of adults to secure marketable skills.

Coalition for the Protection of Children
Supporting food aid for underprivileged school children through the Breakfast for Every Child programme and giving families access to basic and nutritious food through the Food Storehouse Programme.

The Family Centre
Supporting the Youth Development Zone, an intervention programme involving police and community services for families living in the high-risk North Hamilton area, which is plagued by crime, gang activity, and other community problems.

Green Rock
Supporting a pilot programme, created in conjunction with Age Concern, to supply and install hot water heater timers in the homes of senior citizens, allowing them to save money on their electricity bills.

The Reading Clinic
Supporting the ICAN Math Programme and Reading Programme to provide individualized tutoring for schoolchildren with learning difficulties.

SCARS [Saving Children and Revealing Secrets]
Supporting the charity’s awareness campaign and training programmes to prevent sexual assault of children and to assist children who are victims of sexual abuse.

Supporting special supplies for the care of Westmeath residents suffering from dementia, and materials to provide education on this disease and its care.

Supporting the Explorer’s Summer Camp, which integrates special needs children in activities with other camp participants.

Women’s Resource Centre
Supporting counselling services and education and training programmes to empower the charity’s clients.

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