Wells Scores At Wembley, Bradford Promoted!

May 18, 2013

[Updated with videos. Game over, Bradford wins 3-0, and will be promoted. Nahki Wells scored one goal and was named the Man of the Match.]

Bermuda’s Nahki Wells has scored at today’s [May 18] game at Wembley Stadium becoming the first Bermudian to score at the iconic stadium. The game is still underway, and Bradford City is leading 3-0.

Quick video of Wells being announced at Wembley:

Bradford earned a trip back to Wembley Stadium for the second time this season, after their 3-1 victory — in which Wells scored twice — against Burton Albion qualified them for the League 2 play-offs.

This final game is against Northampton, with the winner of the match earning a promotion to League 1.

In the game programme the 22-year-old Bermudian said, “After seeing me grow up in amateur football in Bermuda with no real crowds watching, it was unbelievable for them [my family] to see me play in front of over 80,000 people at Wembley.”

Wells went on to say that: “…all I’m interested in right now is getting one division higher with Bradford.”

Today’s game programme featuring Nahki Wells:

photo (1)

Update 11.20am: The game is coming to an end, Nahki Wells has been substituted, and barring some miraculous last minute maneuvers from Northampton, Bradford looks like it will win this game and be promoted to League 1.

Update 11.30am: The game is over, with Nahki Wells & Bradford City defeating Northampton 3-0. They will be promoted to League One!

Video of Wells scoring today:

Update 11.43am: The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party congratulated Bradford Striker Nahki Wells for becoming the first person from our island to score a goal at historic Wembley Stadium in London.

PLP Leader Marc Bean said, “Nahki Wells has made history and cemented himself as a hero to Bermudians of all ages. This accomplishment in a high stakes game at Wembley Stadium is the dream of every young footballer and he has not only made that dream a reality for himself, but also to the young people he inspires.”

Shadow Sports Minister Michael Weeks said, “Nahki Wells has done it again. Following proudly in the footsteps of Clyde Best, Shawn Goater, Kyle Lightbourne, David Bascome and others who have left Bermuda to show the world just how football should be played. We congratulate this young man and look forward to watching him play in League 1.”

A Bradford supporter wearing a Nahki Wells face mask at Wembley today:

photo (2)

Update 12.25pm: Nahki Wells was named the Man of the Match.

Speaking to the Telegraph & Argus he said, “When you’re doing well you grab the attention but without these players around me it wouldn’t be possible. I’m contracted to Bradford, so I’ll be playing in League One next season.”

“How will we celebrate tonight? I have no idea until we get in the dressing room. It’s just a dream come true because we had worked so hard to get here. It’s a big game and we had to come into it confident but not arrogant.

“We had played 64 games and to finish it off in this fashion is unbelievable.”

Speaking to the BBC, he said, “It’s a dream come true. We worked so hard. To come this far and finish it off in this fashion is great. We wanted to come into the game confident and not arrogant. I’m contracted to Bradford so I will be playing league One next season.”

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  1. Ole says:

    The boy is magic…football rocks!

  2. Common Sense says:

    What a fabulous way for Nahki to finish a fabulous season. The big boys will be knocking on his door very soon and the knocking will be loud! All Bermuda has to be very proud of this esxceptional young man.

  3. Everett Outerbridge says:

    Well done, Nahki! Go Bradford City

  4. Light my fire says:

    Bravo, Nahki!! Bermuda is so proud of it’s native son. You’re a star, mate!

  5. Really?? says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Nahki was there for the loss to Swansea but you definitely took full advantage of your second chance…

    2nd Marc Bean commendable coming straight out with applause but WHY? did you have to use this as a political imaging tool??? you could have congratulated him as a person, fellow Bermudian… but NO you have to mention PLP no doubt you want to try and use Nahki as a political pawn??? Probably having PLP printed on his new boots…
    Anyway aside from that grumble… Well done Nahki

    • Mr. Bean did not mention the PLP in his remarks. What’s your problem?

      • Oh this is Funny says:

        Haters.. Let them be. Marc Bean coached football teams here in Bermuda and played footy aswell. Let them extend their conragts!

    • nuffin but bs sayin he truth says:

      What are you talking bout?

    • Huh? says:

      Huh? Marc Bean did not mention the PLP in his comments.

  6. Excellent performance by Wells. Scores a goal( first Bermudian to do so at Wembley), his team wins and is promoted,and the icing on the cake is that he also wins man of the match.

    Wish him all the best going forward.

  7. Truth (Original) says:

    Nahki, History will record your amazing path. Keep blazing it for youself and for all of those young men and women whom you will inspire.

    I am immensely proud of you.

  8. bermy football says:

    Well done nakhi. Ur a beast bey

  9. Pewts says:

    Proud of you Nahki! Congratulations!

  10. Digglie says:

    Well done Nahki and nice opportunism from Marc Bean to co-opt his success so promptly.

  11. #teamMaini says:

    Congrats Nahki!! You’ve shown true class and did yourself, your family, your team and your country proud! The sky is the limit! Tumaini is looking down smiling saying “that’s my boy!” Keep up the good work Nahkaz!! #teamMaini

  12. Pablo says:

    Congratulations Mr. Wells and BCFC on promotion to League 1! The hard work dedication and committment has paid off! I like that ghost-in move behind the defender! Sure to provide nightmares for years to come! Well done to Northampton as well for making the final!

  13. 441 born & raised, foreign living says:

    Bermy football is on the map againnnnnnnn, congrats Nahki. I hope Arsenal sign you soon!

  14. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Fantastic result…WELL DONE NAHKI AND BRADFORD. Finished lucky number 7 in the league..did your homework after your last Trip to Wembley. Enjoy the Champagne. Sorry Northampton..nice touch shaking hands at the final whistle^^

  15. Bermuda Male says:

    Yes I Nakhi!

  16. Alvin Williams says:

    Oh and congratulations to Nahki Wells; doing your thing with Bermudian pride.

  17. Congratulations Nahki, You’ve made all of us in Bermuda so very proud.We wish you continued success as Bradford enters league one.

    Quinton Edness.

  18. Bermudian. says:

    Congrats to you guy, Brilliant.

  19. Jay says:

    WELLs done !!!! proud to be Bermudian

  20. Danstarr69 says:

    Na Na, Na Na, Na Na, Na Na, Na Na Na, Nahki Nahki Wells, Nahki Wells, Nahki Nahki Wells!

    #BermyBaller #BCAFC