Three Defendants Plead Not Guilty To Murder

May 1, 2013

GARDENER-WOLDe In this morning’s [May 1] Supreme Court Arraignment session, Wolde Gardner denied killing Malcolm Augustus, while Darrion Simons and Jahkeo LeShore denied the murder of David Clarke.

Wolde Gardner [pictured] pleaded not guilty to the premeditated murder of Malcolm Augustus and to using a firearm to commit murder. Mr Augustus, 20, was shot and killed on the St George’s golf course just after midnight on Christmas Day last year.

Crown Counsel Carrington Mahoney told Justice Greaves that in connection with the charges against Gardner, another man had been arrested in the UK and that the Crown was seeking to extradite this person to Bermuda. The police have previously identified the individual as a 28-year-old St. George’s man.

Mr Mahoney said that the extradition hearing in the UK was scheduled for today and that the case against Gardner would proceed once this man was in Bermuda and further local investigations had concluded.

Gardner is already in custody and was ordered to be kept in custody until the next Arraignments Session on 3rd June.

Also appearing was Darrion Simons [19] and Jahkeo LeShore [31] who pleaded not guilty to the premeditated murder of David Clarke and of using a firearm to commit that murder. Mr Clarke was shot and killed while riding his motorcycle on North Shore Road on 17 April 2011.

Both men will remain in custody and re-appear for mention on 3rd June when a trial date will be set.

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  1. pickle juice says:

    If Guilty: We should publicly Hang them. Bermuda justice system is soft like baby.

    • andre says:

      If found not guilty is he compensated for being jailed for 6 plus months and lost of income? Just asking.

      • Michael Ryan says:

        I hope so. Publicly hang them? It’s probably people like you that we could do without.

      • jon says:

        Income, what would that be from?

        • andre says:

          He had a job. He had a tourism position in St George. Was quite good at it. Please don’t assume because arrested he is guilty etc etc !!!

  2. nok says:

    crazy stuff vangance is not mines!!!

  3. Ted says:

    Society is too weak, lethal injection would suffice rather than waste public money looking after their sorry a#ses for a few decades!

  4. PROMOTER says:

    repent, forgive, grace

  5. What a fine looking kid there buy. Shame his life is OVAH!! :)

  6. Luis Suarez says:

    Poor old Wolde, he hasn’t got any prettier.

  7. Before we all have this young man guilty, lets first go to court and let the court or jury deciede not you all. I thought every man or woman was innocent until proven guilty, thats is everyones right, so lets just allow this young man to get his day in court. STOP ALL THE STUPID COMMENTS and let justice pervail.

    • jon says:

      as if this his 1st offense, leme guess, his not in a gang either.

    • Brad says:

      Exactly, he looks like a fine upstanding individual. Probably a Sunday School teacher who runs an arts and crafts stall Sunday afternoons.

      • andre says:

        Cause he does not look like you need him too? That is call prejudice my friend!!!

  8. worry about yourself says:

    @Jon how about you — yourself! I know my mother told me to keep quiet if I have nothing nice to say but people like you need to frigg off!!! Just because you think s$%t about someone and their past don’t mean you have the right to be on here talking your ray ray!! For your information Wilde was working hard before this happened and how you know his guilt oh yeah I forgot YOU DONT

  9. Faith says:

    To all the negative comments:
    My question for you is do you know what actually happened? Were you there? …. (Think about that before you comment!)

  10. BermiBoyatHeart says:

    All I know is that all of this bad press about gun killings is not doing the tourism trade in Bermuda any good. My hope is that this person is innocent and that the real person is found. But regardless of this case these things have got to stop, the rest of the world is watching and taking notes. The beautiful beaches and sun sets wont mean a thing if tourist don’t want to come and spend money, and I can tell you from working in the industry, the tourist are talking with their wallets. Some kind of way these types of actions have to come to an end. Sorry I don’t have the official way to fix this, but the community has to do something.