Videos: Berkeley Institute “Shine” Fashion Show

May 5, 2013

Berkeley Institute students hosted their “Shine” Fashion Show on both Friday and Saturday night, with the proceeds going in aid of graduation expenses.

Hosts for the night were students D’Kiyah Evans and Kayjuna Lema who kept the crowd entertained and laughing between scenes. The school’s cafetorium filled with family, friends, faculty and guests including school principal Mrs Michelle Simmons, Dame Jennifer Smith and more. An intermission was held half-way through the show with refreshments and other items available for attendees to purchase.

According to the programme, the Group B models were Jakeya Goater, Cayla Wade, Zaria Dill, Sakela Ebbin-Simmons, Ariana Caines, Jahmila Eve-Cann, Stevontae McCallan, Ashley Smith, Michaela Bean, Dana Bean, Cyronnae Ratteray, Genenis Hewey, Sharmila Harris, Sidney Mello, Korey Jackman, Marcus Simmons, Corey Butcher and Ramsay Saggar.

The Group A models were Catrina Aquiar, Whitney Riley, Tamae Clarke, Azra Smith, Cintronelia Williams, Maychel Pearman, Kristamarie Looby, Jahlae Looby, Yana Furbert, Jasmin Everheart, Dejena Richardson, Ellia Wilson-Robinson, Brandi Smith, Dennis Saunders, Glenn Simmons, Kyle Webb, Domonic Lambe, Raymond Bean, Allana Bean, and Jordai Veira.

Diamond In The Rough Scene:

Blazing Swimwear Scene:

Reflection Scene:

Sparkle Scene:

Pot Of Gold Scene:

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  1. Enjoyed the show says:

    Really enjoyed the show, well done students! You can tell there was a lot of effort put in!

  2. Show Watcher says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHOUTOUT TO BERKELEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS TURN UP!!!!!!!!!!! CBA ANK GOT NFN ON YOU GUYS. I LOVED the shine scene. the first girl was she ciara? & everyone just looked really beautiful. go rihanna! everyone just TURN UP.

    • Show Watcher says:

      sorry i mean then sparkle scene.

    • LEASIA says:


      • Show Watcher says:

        CBA’s was more of a style show where everyone just wears what was in style. how did all your scenes tie in with your “theme.” i just felt like all of berkeley’s scenes made sense. Shine, famous people, they shine, the sun in the beach scene it shines, the diamonds shine, the gold treasure shines, the casino scene the lights flash the gold chips shining. the mirrors where shinning. i am missing a scene but i know it had something to do with shining. everything just fit. i like cbas show too. but some of the scenes did not fit “Du Jour”. . . fashion. what did the dark vador opening have to do with fashion? did the british ever even invade china? but never the less you guys show was great too. but i like berkeley’s better.

        • Josh says:

          Im saying Du Jour means in style and fasionable; hip at the moment, i just googled it and that was what it was. Wearing the latest trends in the up to date fasions. I understand shine had a meaning but the show was bland and boring,and a lousy set up. The MC’s put me sleep during the TWENTY MINUTE INTERVALS between two sceens. i just dont understand how they did a better job because it just seemed so rushed. Good Job done to them but the CBA fashionshow was way better. I Would have paid 20 for cba’s before i did for berkley’s.

  3. jolly says:

    I think cba’s fashion show was better ! sorry but this fashion show was nice i guess

    • Black says:

      Good thing no one gives a f*$% about your opinion then I guess.

  4. ansa says:

    why is cba being bought up,this must mean theyre fashion show was bomb!

  5. Mister Nice Guy says:

    Just observing the comments and wondering why does it always have to come down to who’s best…. Can’t you all just say both were great and leave it at that. See that’s where trouble starts. SMDH !! Um jus sayin…

  6. Somebody's Momma says:

    Both schools do very well to put on good shows why do we have to try and compare or bring down the other schools. Let’s congratulate both schools on a job well done and stop bringing each other down. As adults (if we all are) we should set an example for our young people.

    Well done Berkeley, well done Cedarbridge.

    • slimyello.. says:

      Very well said Somebody’s Momma….I think the kids did a great job and wish them well…I wasn’t able to attend CBA Fashion Show but I’m sure the kids there did an awesome show as well….Please lets keep a positive attitude when supporting our young people. I wish my Daughter and her fellow school mates all the best…

      Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. CBA says:

    this fashion show was nice however for cedarbridges fashion show to even have been metioned goes to show that it was obviously a threat to yours had that not been the case you wouldnt have to defend your fashion show and bring down someone elses in order to bring up yours for no apparent reason because no one was saying anything negative and try and compare it theirs which would be highly immposible , when something is that good it doesnt need to be metioned or defended because it will speak for itself…nice effort putting it together better luck next time !