Video: Berkeley’s ‘Unclassified’ Fashion Show

May 16, 2016

The Berkeley Institute hosted their annual Senior Fashion Show ‘Unclassified’ recently, putting style on display in order to raise funds for their graduation ceremonies.

The school previously described “Unclassified” by saying it would be a “show with a mix match of scenes that truly depicts the overall character of our senior class” and the “models are a group of students who express individuality and have found creative ways to come up with modern, trendy fashions.”


According to the event programme, the models included Cire Bean, Tahjae Welch, Jared Lawrence, Lanee Landy, Amali Smith, Nisha Smith, Mahkai Outerbridge, Jahtia Smith, Quincai Dill, Dejaneé Hill-Edwards, Imani Smith, Ashley Belgrave, Tiara DeRosa, Eshe’ White, Alyiah Carter-Williams, Ashontae Goater, Khyra Butterfield, Zenawi Bowen, Jahnazae Swan, Linden Landy, Micah Simons, Tori Cariah, Azaire Smith, Tajae Hunt, Adreun Jones, Jennell Darrell, Shirani Place, Nasaj Burgess, Mioshi Harris, Kimika Jackson, Danielle Smith, Charmaine Lamb, Christalee Woolridge and Donnikae Baker.

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  1. Artist says:

    this is a shame! I was looking for to more art in this fashion show. Its not all about just getting on the runway and walking its about creating and experience for the audience. The students, teachers, and parents need to get involved and help to make it a great show. Use the talent on the island. We can make this country an artist town people just have to be willing to get down and dirty.