Duerr Pleads Not Guilty To Firearm Charges

June 3, 2013

Christoph-DuerrIn this morning’s [June 3] Supreme Court Arraignment session, Christoph Duerr pleaded not guilty to charges of possessing two firearms without a licence.

He also pleaded not guilty to charges of possessing 14 rounds of .38 calibre ammunition and 7 rounds of 9mm ammunition without a licence.

He pleaded not guilty to a fifth charge of possessing cannabis with the intent to supply. All five charges stem from alleged incidents in January 2013.

Duerr’s trial was set for October 2013, and he was remanded into custody.

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  1. WOLF says:

    Guilty as hell IMHO.

  2. Somerset OG says:

    Hear ye! Hear ye! He didn’t do it. He was at the library studying to be an ear doctor! I bet Beats headphones don’t come in his size.

  3. Inspector Gadget says:

    You’re not gonna FLY your way out of this one

    • ed says:

      He might do if he makes a kite out of those ears!

  4. Oh Shucks says:

    Just goin arrest everyone at de partyy?!

  5. Bermudian says:

    Glad he isn’t out on bail, might try to catch a flight on American Earlines!!!

  6. This guy says:

    With them ears I’m surprised he didn’t hear west gate callin him

  7. Somerset OG says:

    He doesn’t need arms to swim. His nickname should be cuttlefish!

  8. Toodle-oo says:

    Oh c’mon folks , leave his physical attributes alone . Unless one is unkempt and dirty , or in some cases obese , they can do nothing about their inherited genes.

    The situation he finds himself in is to do with his mind alone and not how he looks to some others .

    If he was our newest Rhodes Scholar I’m sure that no-one would be talking about his appearance.

    Peace and love .

    • We all we got says:


    • Come Correct says:

      But he’s not, he’s a piece of crap. I wouldn’t say making fun of obese people is acceptable either. Yes you can change it but with the crap foods sold in stores these days and the lack of public education on physical activity, it is not an easy task. Teasing won’t help them change, encouragement will. How do you change his mentality?

    • BendEm Like Beckam says:

      Your opinion might just be different if the alleged crimes he comiitted affected one of your family members. However, at the same time I do agree with you.

  9. Regular Joe says:

    It is really shameful that you all have nothing better to do than to make wise cracks about his ears. Did you ever think that maybe he was picked on so much by people like you as a child and his anger from being made fun of for something that is out of his control is the reason he turned to illegal behaviour (if he is in fact guilty). I don’t know this young man but I do know how to be a caring human being. Grow up and stop hiding behind your computer screens and anonymous blogs. Go find something productive to do………….

    • markus says:

      good point. It is the bullying mentality that might lead to a lot of crime down the road…

    • Just One says:

      Well said @Regular Joe… very well said…

  10. Smh says:

    This is a case about firearms and you people are so childish that you have to stoop down and make fun of his ears? Like a bunch of little kids. Grow up.

  11. Real Talk (original) says:

    Wow. It’s amazing what people will say when hiding behind the anonymity of a keyboard.

    Grow up people.

  12. Citizen Banned says:

    Why not comment on the fact that the picture is very old and he doesn’t look like an innocent 12 year old anymore. He looks like a real thug actually.

    Ear we go.

  13. bermy football says:

    Nahki Wells !!!

  14. edwin says:

    Thank you Regular Joe.

  15. CBA says:

    Disgusting comments. Not only about his ears (seriously, how old are you people?), but also about his alleged guilt. It never ceases to amaze me how many people assume guilt before trial.

  16. Xman says:

    If guilty, Give this nasty misfit 30 years — good riddance!
    Well ‘ – if guilty and he gets nothing less than 12 years this will be another judicial disaster.
    I do wonder how much family members knew and was the alleged Gun used in other Shootings.

  17. GStar says:

    You all shouldn’t comment on something you don’t know nothing about… Just shut up and wait for the trial

  18. Malz says:


  19. Bieber says:

    Anyone notice the hush hush about the proceedings in supreme court as of late? Not even on the evening news.

  20. Adam says:

    Love up Chris! Keep ya head up!