Photos & Video: Visiting Native American Group

June 21, 2013

[Updated with video] Members of visiting Native American groups made their way to City Hall today [June 21] in advance of this weekend’s Pow Wow in St David’s.

Bermudians and their Native American cousins will hold “A Celebration of Our Ancestors” this weekend, paying tribute to the origins of their centuries-old bloodline.

Pow Wow visitors to Bermuda June 21 13 (17)

The St. David’s Islanders & Native Community will host the 2013 Bermuda Pow Wow on June 22 and June 23 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day at St. David’s Cricket Club grounds.

Ties between New England Native American tribes and their compatriots in Bermuda first began to be celebrated at Reconnection Festivals in 2002.

The entry fee for adults is $8 and for $4 for children, and the Pow Wow will include the grand entry; libation and dedication ceremony; local and overseas Native American dancers, songs and drums; Bermuda Gombeys; craft and artwork stalls, traditional St. David’s food.

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  1. Grand Wizzard says:

    maybe Bermudians will finally realize that the Gombeys are IN FACT American Indian, and NOT African as it is claimed

    • SMH says:

      How about you read a Bermuda History book. Gombeys are a combination of several cultures including African and Native American.

    • Mazumbo says:

      Big deal, civilization began in Africa before an American Indian was thought off!!!!

    • Ian Hunter says:

      I would love to see the official “Certificate Degree of Indian Blood” card or “Tribal Membership Card” of any of these so called St Davids Indians. These cards will show that he or she is a certain percentage of Indian Blood. Families/People had to be on the Indian Roll when it ended in 1904 to be able to register their children/grandchildren. My wife has this card and is proud to be a North American Indian of the Choctaw Tribe.

      • Pequot lady says:

        Why do people like me need a certificate to show how much Indian we have in us? No other ethnicities need cards to prove to show the percentage of their lineage.I know what I am, Pequot and proud.

        • Paget Indian says:

          Well guess what? I am going to claim I’m Indian and proud. What do you think of that?

      • DreamCatcher says:

        “So-called St. Davids Indians” How insulting and degrading. Why don’t you use your two legs and eyes and come see for yourself? I welcome you and your wife. Did you ask to see her card before you accepted her?

        Out of the mouth of ignorance. See if you can pick the locals from visitors in their regalia.

      • Floyd Pitcher says:

        I dont think many or any Bermudians can verify their American Indian lineage. Given the fact that their needs to be an unbroken Indian bloodline on the maternal side and the length of time we are dealing with it is near impossible.

        The fact that someone does not have or show a certain percent of Indian ancestry via the bloodline does not mean they do not have American Indian Lineage in their family.

        It is well known that American Indians were transferred to Bermuda as early as the early fifteenth century they became resident and assimilated into Bermudian culture and multiplied.

        The United States Library Of Congress accepts spoken history into its archives, meaning that the families who handed down the knowledge that they have Indian lineage is a legitimate and accepted manner to verify their American Indian heritage.

  2. Tough Love says:

    American Indians didn’t bring the Gombeys to Bermuda, so why would you make that claim?

    • Pequot lady says:

      It is a mixture of cultures infused together.

  3. Joonya. says:

    Ohhhh f*&k… here we go..are we gonna hear more demands for apologies..?

  4. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    now I KNOW why it rained…..
    they did a rain dance!

  5. DarkSideofTheMoon says:

    Where do I sign up to smoke and go on a spirit journey??

    • Pequot lady says:

      You’re being disrespectful.

      • Floyd Pitcher says:

        Ignore them my dear Pequot sister they display the same ignorant, backward thinking of the European settlers who referred to our elders as savages while they did all manner of heinous acts against a people who embraced them as friends saved them from near starvation and taught them basic skills to survive in a new environment in return they were used enslaver and slaughtered literally losing all they had besides their dignity and way of life something we still celebrate to this day. I doubt very much they celebrate their lineage, culture or revere the memory of their elders.

  6. Faith says:

    This is a great tradition and I hope many people on Bermuda take advantage of the opportunity it brings to the island.

  7. minors/fox descendant says:

    Ian Hunter ( Lawrence actually), National Geographic did a genographic survey of some St Davids Island Indians and descendants and the results would amaze you. Floyd Pitcher provided the link for sceptics such as yourself, and maybe you should take a drive to St davids this weekend to be enlightened and humbled and appreciate what is being celebrated. Maybe, this will open your eyes and mind. And I know that you are wondering how I , and others know that you are a Lawrence. Enjoy the weekend with St Davids Indians.

    • Ian Hunter says:

      Ah very good, but it is actually Hunter. Lawrence is my Birth Mother’s family. Birth Father’s side is far more complicated. All very interesting.
      I am not a sceptic, the fact is a few North American Indians were brought to Bda and they they mixed with the Bda population. I just find it interesting that so many are jumping on the band wagon.
      No I am not wondering how you know, I am very happy that people know me.

  8. Justice For All says:

    Happy that you all are here!!! @ Floyd is right, do your research before you speak of what you do not know!

  9. Hunt Or Lawrence, I would love to meet you come to our Pow wow and we can teach some thing.

  10. Joshua Fox says:

    Pequot pride…..if my grandfather was alive in those times he would have been chief….Blackwolf R.I.P.

  11. New bermuda says:

    They bis from St.Davids finally crossed d brdige!?

  12. Jean Foggo Simon says:

    Cousin Joshua – Blackwolf was a Chief in his own right. I celebrate his life as he was proud of his ancestry many years ago before it became popular and known that we even existed on St. Davids Island! Good for you for speaking up. This powwow was and is a celebration of life. It is our way of having a family reunion and inviting others to join in our history. People from all walks of life attend and enjoy – they dance, they sing, they hear historical facts. St. Davids Islanders have never shared their history until starting in 2001, and all of a sudden we have become a tribe that has garnered respect all over the world. We were asked by National Geographic to take part in their worldwide DNA project for native people. We did not go looking for it, they came to us. I personally have done extensive research on our existence, and have documents that most people would not know exist. We do not make negative comments about any other peoples who celebrate their heritage so why when we finally come to light, do we have to hear all kinds of negative comments about our heritage? I am the person who brought this to light in the Bermudian community and while I generally do not make comments about it, I feel compelled to do do about several negative statements made in this comments page. Please respect our heritage as we do yours. FYI – The Gombey were invited to come to our first powwow in 2002 and have celebrated with us ever since that time. Be kind, be resourceful and most of all respectful. Use the Bermuda Archives and church records, or slave records and you will see documented our existence and how we were brought to Bermuda in the early 1600′s. It is all there for anyone interested as well as documented in several research archives worldwide. Be peaceful in your comments. Thank you.