BELCO Grants $200,000 in Scholarships/Awards

August 15, 2013

A total of $200,000 in scholarships, education awards and bursaries has been granted to 23 Bermudian students for the 2013-14 academic year by BELCO.

Denton Williams, BELCO Chief Operating Officer, said, “We were very impressed by this year’s field of candidates, both in terms of their educational records and how they presented themselves during the interview process. We are pleased to support these young men and women, as they pursue their educations and look forward to seeing them bring their knowledge and experience back to Bermuda.”

Mr  Williams presents the Llewellyn Vorley Scholarship to Matthew Tavares (front right), and Llewellyn Vorley Education Awards to: (first row, l. to r.) Peter Cooper, Owen Chisnall, Jonathan Cox, David Hunt, Gary Smith; (second row, l. to r.) Zeeko Johnstone, Constance Campbell, Benjamin Groves; (back, l. to r.) Chas Smith, Kahnae Bean, John Russell.

BELCO Vorley Winners 2013 (1)

The 2013/14 recipients of BELCO scholarships, education awards and bursaries are:

BELCO Internal Scholarship for members of staff:

  • Jamar Dill (Apprentice, Energy Delivery), Glasgow Caledonian University, Electrical Power Engineering
  • Joshua Simons (Manager, Ascendant Properties Limited), Waldon University, Business Administration

BELCO Bursary Award for students attending Bermuda College:

  • Jamila Eve-Cann (Berkeley Institute), Liberal Arts
  • Monique Lynch (Berkeley Institute), Liberal Arts
  • Kevin Pacheco (CedarBridge Academy), Liberal Arts
  • Rosheena Shamsid-Deen (CedarBridge Academy), Business Administration
  • Isis Williams (Renewal), Science

C. Eugene Cox Scholarship for post-graduate engineering students:

  • Oliver Riihiluoma, Stanford University, Master of Electrical Engineering

Alfred T. Oughton Scholarship

  • Rebecca Sharpe, University College, Master of Economics and Policy of Energy & Environment

Llewellyn Vorley Scholarship & Education Awards

Llewellyn Vorley Scholarship:

  • Matthew Tavares, Teeside University, Civil Engineering

Llewellyn Vorley Education Awards:

  • Shane Antonition, University of Waterloo, Environmental Engineering
  • Kahnae Bean, University of Hertfordshire, Environmental Management
  • Owen Chisnall, Niagara College, Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Peter Cooper, Loughborough University, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jonathan Cox, Northeastern University, Mechanical Engineering
  • Emily Dunne, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Mechanical Engineering
  • Benjamin Groves, University of Central Lancashire, Computer Network Technology
  • David Hunt, University of Sunderland, Mechanical Engineering
  • Zeeko Johnstone, Miami Dade College, Mechanical Engineering
  • John Russell, Northeastern University, Mechanical Engineering
  • Chas Smith, Dalhousie University, Engineering
  • Gary Smith, Loughborough University, Mechanical Engineering
  • Constance Campbell, University of Leeds, Master of Chemical and Materials Engineering

For information about BELCO scholarships, education awards and bursaries, please visit or contact Human Resources at 299-2803.

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  1. Robert says:

    Its the least they could do.

  2. $200.000.00 is the least they can do, what are others doing , nothing near what belco do for the youngsters of this country…

  3. Think About It says:

    Yes….All made possible by the exorbitant electricity rates levied on the public. Hopefully, those studying Environmental Engineering will come back here with the knowledge and drive to compel Belco to get their house in order.

    • many co’s in Bermuda are charging as you say exorbitant rates and fees, but they dont put this kind of money back into the educating of our young people, and I can assure you that the engineers do come back here with a new outlook and vision for Belco and Bermuda..and my daughter who won a Belco scholarship 10 yrs ago is one of those new Engineers.

      Here’s another thought for you, your Belco bill is one of the only bills YOU have control over, unlike Insurance, banking, lawyers etc.

  4. Observ ant says:

    Well done to all these students!!!