Ascento Sentenced To Four Months After Escape

September 25, 2013

howard AHours after he was captured by police, Howard Ascento appeared in Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to escaping lawful custody and assaulting a Security Guard.

The 25 year old was captured at around 8am this morning [Sept 25] after a joint Bermuda Police Service and Department of Corrections team executed a search warrant at a Spring Hill, Warwick residence.

The Court heard that he climbed onto the roof of the Warwick residence, with the Police climbing up after him.

Ascento initially appeared in Court on September 6th, where he pleaded guilty to offences including having no drivers licence, no third party insurance, riding an unlicensed motorcycle, and riding whilst disqualified.

Seconds after Senior Magistrate Archie Warner handed him a ten day prison sentence, Ascento dashed from the Courtroom, and remained at large until this morning.

In Court this morning, Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo sentenced him to three months each on the escape and assault charges, but these are to concurrently. He was also sentenced to an additional 30 days for another driving while qualified charge.

The three month sentence, and the 30 day sentence, is to run consecutively to the original ten day sentence, meaning his sentence is a total of four months and ten days.

In what tends not to be normal procedure for most defendants in Court, Ascento was in handcuffs throughout the hearing.

Speaking from the dock, Ascento told the Court, “I’m really sorry. I was just scared. I’ve never been to prison before.”

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  1. Serious Though says:

    Enjoy the re-treat at Westgate Hotel,

  2. 1minute says:

    He should of been given more time….

    • Grizz says:

      @1minute….given more time for what?…escaping court custody…please!! He is not a murderer just a fast runner. Tax payers (like myself) pay for him to be housed at Westgate okay.

      • Serious Though says:

        for being a bad role model to his children, it’s called taking responsibility!

        • Ben Dover says:

          …and for wasting everyone’s time rounding him up.

          • FTheSystem says:

            You people are funny worry about your own problems last time i check none of you people are perfect this is what’s wrong.with bermudians worrying about everyone besides themselves enough said god bless you all

            • Don't fret says:

              These are not Bermudians talking all this crap everyday.

              • Nuffin but da Truth says:

                Don’t fret says:
                September 25, 2013 at 4:57 pm
                These are not Bermudians talking all this crap everyday.

                It’s NOT crap and I reckon it IS Bermudians posting!

              • fasho says:

                Based on the shocking amount of ignorance in posts with the written ability of about a 10 year old, I’d say a lot of this is Bermudian.

            • Chick Filet says:

              We are not perfect. However, when I screw up I own up to it. I don’t run from my problems.

              Now his kids will be without a father…although maybe that is a good thing. He dos not appear to be much of a role model.

    • ShaunDon Swan says:

      Tell um wa u mad for mate !!!!!

    • What is really going on says:

      He did a very stupid thing but do you really think giving him more time benefits any of us NO it does not… I am sure he will realize what a dumb move that was but at the same time so entertaining because I still don’t know how he got pass all those security guards and through all the doors….

      Only in Bermy!!!

      • Pay Attention says:

        You should know what is right from wrong. Yes it hurts my pocket when idiots like this test the system , but the system needs to be more strict. People need to be highly punished from jump , cuz I can assure that I will see this guy on Bernews again for a more worse crime. It starts small and if you don’t get punished properly for the small things , you will not think twice about committing a more serious crime.

    • I agree, something like, 4 years for his ignorance and the expense it had costed tracking him down…Now just maybe the Courts learnt to lock doors and have an attendant open them when people either enter or leave the courtroom. To think he ran out of the courtroom and down to street level and to add insult to injury, past the Police Station and then out to the street :-(

  3. Really tho? says:

    So does he do one third of his 4 months and 10 days so he actually only does about 5 weeks in total??

  4. Spike says:

    why prick? @1minute. What did he do to you?

    • Chick Filet says:

      How about he wasted tax payers money and resources. Money that we don’t have to waste right now. Money tat could have been better used on education , healthcare or something beneficial. Instead it was wasted on his story @zz. He wasted police officers time and resources. He has wasted the courts time and money. He will cost us more money to incarcerate him. Because of him, three other peoples lives have been adversely affected and may do more time in jail. All because of his stupid and selfish moves! His kids will spend a few moths without a father figure although I’m not sure if he should be consider a role model. That’s what he did to us.

  5. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    More to this if truth be told!

    • Hmmm says:

      what are you Yoda?

      Why not tell us the truth if there is more to tell ?

      • Come Correct says:

        Because “truth” is what comes out in court, I’m pretty sure Bernews won’t print hearsay. Word on the street isn’t considered fact.

  6. mixitup says:

    How dumb!

  7. Black Kat says:

    Something is up.

    I want to know 2.

  8. KARMA says:

    I’m glad that they finally caught him. Dont have much for him, but i hope that he learns from his mistakes. And opens his eyes and pulls up his socks. Not just for hisself but for his KIDS.

  9. Karma says:

    Should have done the 10 days…dummy.

    • Freshkid says:

      What did he do to you…maybe because he has and you don’t, so you are hating on him.

      • Karma says:

        No, it’s because he took off from an original sentence of 10 lousy days…now he’s got 4 months. GREAT example he’s setting for his numerous children. Like I said…dummy.

        “maybe because he has and you don’t,”….he has what and I don’t have what? Common sense? What?

  10. My Kind says:

    Its no longer about a simple traffic violation. Now it is about disobeying the court. That carries a consequence.

    I imagine he feels rather foolish now. Probabaly scared too.

    Let’s hope he gets through it and comes home safe.

    • somuchless says:

      Comes home safe? What the hell you think will happen to him at west gate?

  11. Victor says:

    I feel quite sorry for him – sentencing him to 10 days in the first instance was plain mean – it is the arrogance and arbitrariness of some magistrates that should be put on trial.

  12. Haha says:

    Dumb a**

  13. Malachi says:

    Howard the Magician says:

    “With my Magic Wand, I can turn tens days into forty days”!


  14. Awake says:

    Stop feeling sorry for people like this fool who truly believes the laws aren’t made for him! SMH!

  15. watchfuleyes says:

    victor, I agree,. This is a place that thrives on locking up people- we have one of the hightest rates in the world- is that something to be proud of? Got to do better and come up with better alternatives Bermuda.

    • Albert says:

      Watchful, you are right because we are the only place in the world who sends people to jail for traffic offences…not.

      • Chick Filet says:

        Move to Singapore . He can be locked up for spitting out gum on the sidewalk.

        • Vulpes says:

          On the other hand, Singapore has legalised gambling and prostitution – and the place is booming – I might just hop on one of those Singapore Airlines jets, you know the ones that advertise Singapore Girl. Seems they might know something we don’t.

  16. Vote for Me says:

    From the origianl 10 days to 3 months, plus 1 month plus the original 10 days – to run consecutively. Now in prison for 4 months plus 10 days!!

  17. Felix says:

    He’ll have Thanks Giving, Christmas and celebrate New Year at West Gate! Lucky fellow! I am jealous.

  18. Compassion says:

    He got 10 days for traffic offences – a lady leaves a baby at home unattended while she goes to pick up her daughter … the baby passes … and she walks free!!! Not saying he shouldn’t get time but let’s be fair.

  19. UpsetwithVerdict says:

    If he did the ten days he would have been out by now. I hope he learned his lesson.

  20. back in d day says:

    Stay up bra dats sleepn time simple s*** + u not gne do the whole 4 bra

  21. Nuffin but da Truth says:


  22. Spike says:

    @Chick Filet your right, they should’ve spent the money on education. Especially for idiots like you who don”t proof read your silly comments

  23. MORELESS says:

    Most be more to it then ten days he ran from.I just hope he knows,whats done in the dark shall always come to light.Hope its not true for his sake.

  24. X MAN says:

    Right from the beginning he should have been given a hefty FiNE and time to pay it.
    This is why I say this —— the COST! — if you just add up Police and Corrections Officers Overtime, fuel cost, other unseen cost
    and 3 mounths Jail time – we just got burnt for $ 50,000 easily’ ……. d u m b – magistrate

    • Vulpes says:

      You cannot talk about Deities that way…

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      I like the concept of the fine fitting the crime. Fining him the costs of catching him seems very fair. Why should we pay?

      Maybe those costs can be shared with those who sheltered him.

  25. Winnie Dread says:

    I have no problem with Howard escaping none at all,after all he was just being sentenced at what may have sounded like 10yrs to him,lol. My problem lies with the people who are ther to make sure instances like these does not occur. Has anyone being held responsible for what in my books is derliction of duty? It could have been way worse than this because people fell asleep on the job.

  26. Winnie Dread says:

    Dereliction,there (spell check)lol.

  27. Simple says:

    How long did you really think it would last?