Marc Bean On Collaboration & Self-Determination

September 27, 2013

plp leader marc bean bermuda[Written by Opposition Leader Marc Bean] I wish to address two terms that have become buzz words as of late: Collaboration and Self-Determination. The PLP is on record stating our wish to move Bermudians forward via co-operation and self-determination as explained in my recent address to the nation. At that time, I said,

“It is the time for leadership, REAL shared sacrifice and ACTION. We must educate our children about themselves, giving them knowledge of self, our shared history, culture and heritage.”

“It is only through Bermudians learning to cooperate with each other to compete on the global economic scale that we can begin to break down the resentment, powerlessness, dependency, and dysfunction that currently holds many of us back.”

When I said those words to you, it was in the genuine hope that this message of cooperation, empowerment and self-determination would be embraced, not just by the people, but by the leadership, members and supporters of the One Bermuda Alliance. So it is with warm hearts that we see our Premier is now calling for the same spirit of thought.

Premier Cannonier, “….we must be seeking allies out of enemies, friends out of adversaries. The time of conflict has passed and this must be the age of collaboration.” Sept 2, 2013

Premier Cannonier, “I’m sure if you talk to Bermudians, most would like to see more choice in the Governor or less powers or a more collective voice in what he does with things like the police and the Regiment.” He added that he would personally like to see more power vested in the Island’s government, rather than unelected Governors appointed by the Crown. Mr. Cannonier said: “Yes, absolutely and I will leave it at that. Bermuda Sun Sept 11, 2013

Premier Cannonier, “This is what collaboration is all about, getting people to see beyond their traditional turf to the surrounding landscape and understanding the importance of its well-being. The ‘me-first’ mentality has to make room for others because we are truly all in this together.” Sept 20, 2013

To this end, we of the PLP, warmly invite the Hon. Premier to join us in mapping out a clear path towards real collaboration, empowerment and Self-Determination. We do not need fancy meetings in the House of Assembly nor do we need to sit in isolated silos at the OBA or PLP Headquarters.

What we need to do is come to the people with a series of bi-partisan open mic events on topics concerning the real issues that matter to Bermudians. What better way to exhibit unity and joint vision than to have the leaders of both political parties united in a call for all Bermudians to come together to share your visions and expectations of the way forward for Bermuda.

There are those who will come up with any number of excuses as to why this cannot and should not happen. The time for excuses is past, the time from excluding our people from the process is past and the time for true, equal partnership, collaboration and shared sacrifice is now.

Recently, there have been those who have sought to define collaboration as one segment of the community doing whatever they want to benefit themselves while the rest of us are not allowed to give input, ask questions or offer constructive criticism. That’s not collaboration that is confrontation. With a country this small, no Bermudian should be barred from seeking fairness, empowerment and self determination. The best answers to all our problems lies within us cooperating and collaborating where we agree, constructively engaging where we disagree and in all things, seeking what is best for all and not just for ourselves.

Often the Hon Premier and I disagree, yet on these points, we are sure you all will agree it is overdue.

Let me know your thoughts on these topics via email.

- Marc Bean

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  1. Field says:

    That is a great idea!

  2. Gusto says:

    If PLP believe in collaboration, why didn’t they give Jonathan Smith a winable seat and from there try to open a more positive conversation with white people? Politics is like a business. You have to attract (indeed inspire) people to walk into the room. You don’t sit back and expect things to happen while you make racial remarks to score cheap political points. The PLP is (very much so) still a party of black nationalism.

    • Unfortunately it’s true, there are still many, and not only the P.L.P. that are stagnant, and see no further than the color of their skin-tone that still exist in society and this must first be overcome if we as an Island of mixed families of various heritages are to ever live together without having so much venom spread by certain individuals. “Until that day, there will be war” (H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie)

  3. Hmmm says:

    Divisive….only thing they can do and people fall for it. SAD you would think the PLP learned their lesson that divisiveness has a very negative effect on the people of Bermuda spirtually and financially.

  4. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Beanie,no one takes you or the plp seriously.

    • B. Trump says:

      Many do, as many believe that the OBAubp are not doing anything that benefits many but only a certain sector of our populations. Many believe that MR Bean is a brilliant light of hope for our future

      • My Kind says:

        HAHA B Trump. The only people who take the PLP seriously, are those too ignorant to know any better. But then that’s how the PLP got elected isn’t it?

        The rest of us realize that the only thing PLP managed to do, apart from stir up racial hatred, was flush our economy down the toilet.

        PLP has become a good opposition. That’s all they will ever be.

        as a Government, they are finished.

        • B. Trump says:

          HAHA @ MY KIND>….. The only people who take the UBP now name change to the OBAubp seriously, are those that fall for a name change, but now realized they were fooled. As a rose is still a rose, not matter what the name. Many are now wishing they did not, and were hoodwinked. The political rhetoric and mis-truths is how the OBAubp got elected isn’t it?

          The rest of us realize that the only thing OBAubp managed to do, put into place a country that benefits those whom already have, and ensure the those of privilege continue to benefit. Shared-Sacrifice, I think many asked themselves today, just whom is really doing all the sharing. It sure is not those of privilege. It is impacting only one sector of our community.

          OBAubp is a conservative government, whom term may be shorted live. Let not brag yet, a lot can happen in 24 hours or a few years in politics. Arrogance is often short-lived. After all look at the many broken Promised, lack of 2000 jobs, failed Election promises, Mess ups of your AG, and lack of a PLAN or Solutions to build our economy……I can go on…..the list is long after all a short time in government, but it might be too painful for you……

          as a Government, they are failing to provide a PLAN and SOLUTIONS to turn our economy around.

          Do not speak yet,….until you can deliver…as a government. So far…I yet to see either….

          • Eastern says:

            What a load of garbage!!!

          • Hmmmm says:

            PLP delivered gun crime, poverty, debt, unwanted housing projects, and a divided Bermuda. PLP has a party on Bermudians dime and left the mess for others to clean up. Get over it Betty Trump. Oneday you’ll wake up and realize that you wasted your life typing propaganda that served to destroy.

          • My Kind says:

            B Trump: I bet you are religious too right? Too stoopid to know any better. Too stoopid to see what the PATHETIC LYING PARTY did to us.

            The OBA is finally putting right what PLP did wrong. As far as a name change from UBP? Maybe and maybe not. What difference does it make? Most sensible people would vote for a dog turd rather than the PLP yet again.

            In fact, the dog turd would probably do a better job.

            Try and make a point if you will, be to be quite honest, you talk complete rubbish.

            The PLP deserves you!

            • Hmmm says:

              Nothing wrong with being religious about God, but being religious and following a false idol “The PLP” and blindly following them like Betty Trump does is not right, so she , him, them cannot be religious.

        • Tiger Lily says:

          One thing I have learned in life – losing at something doesn’t mean you are finished. To insult the membership of PLP like that hopefully will not boomerang and slap poo poo in your face. Bermudians are a hard bunch to please. Politics and Bermuda’s general make up shows me that some sectors have been so brain washed through generations with divisiveness that it is best that they stay where they are with their narrow minds expressed on links like this. Conquer and divide – so colonialistic! Marc Bean – bring us together brother.

      • Mike Hind says:

        A brilliant light of hope… unless you’re gay.

    • Make My Day says:

      Nuffin but da truth. Speak for yourself. I voted for the OBA but I can say without a shadow of doubt, I would not vote for them the next time around. They are a bunch of fumbling amateurs.

  5. Field says:

    @ Nuffin but da Truth……. NO. no one takes YOU serious.

  6. Field says:

    @ Nuffin but da Truth….AT ALL

  7. Verbal Kint says:

    When is the Opposition going to realize that the campaign is over and the governing has begun? They are treating their time in opposition as a five year long campaign to gain election. This is a disservice to the electorate. Open debate is for campaign. Too late. Apply yourselves to working in Government and leave the politics aside.
    On the other hand, I would love for Marc Bean to sit in front of a panel and answer questions about Spice Hill and Spring Benny.

    • Bermyman says:

      I agree 100%. Their main aim is to achieve power and abuse it yet again. No matter the cost or detriment to Bermuda.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      He didn’t say anything about an open debate…

      • Verbal Kint says:

        He said bipartisan open mic events. I guess technically not a debate. I stand corrected. Hair successfully split. What about the rest of my comment? Agree? Disagree? Don’t care?

        • Verbal Kint says:

          This is obviously politics by ambush, but the next thing the opposition will say is “Why won’t they have an open mic?” It’s the same merry-go-round with the opposition. Make an unworkable proposition, then complain when the other side won’t agree to join in.

        • Verbal Kint says:

          Where you to, Darkside? No reply?

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Hey verbal, for a person who is always stuck on this issue tells me you are afraid of Bean. Why don’t you cme out publically and demand he respond? How about when he comes on talk radio. I mean, the man doesn’t hide, so why you hiding! Typical pu……..

      • Verbal Kint says:

        He told the media he was through answering questions about his planning decisions. He definitely does hide. By the way, I’ve said this before. There are things I am afraid of, but Marc Bean is not one of them. I just want answers, that his constituents are entitled, which he is not willing to give.
        Your mother should have taught you not to call people names. Or maybe she did.
        Which of the many Concerned Citizens are you. Why you hiding?

        • Verbal Kint says:

          By the way, I’m not “stuck on the issue”. It’s the elephant in Marc Bean’s room. He hasn’t adequately answered why he apparently did a political favor for a friend or two. Until he does, he doesn’t deserve to be seen as having any credibility. The same goes for Marc Daniels. I have many other issues with people in Government, some in the OBA. I don’t know why I’m still trying to convince anyone. I give up.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Says the guy hiding behind a fake name…
        “Typical pu……..” Why you hiding?

  8. Bermyman says:

    Sounds like an opportunity for people to rant like on a talk show. Bean is trying to set-up an ‘equal partnership’ in reality he is trying to negotiate his way into getting some kind of power. You lost the election, you partnership will not be equal otherwise why do we have an election in the first place!? Let’s get this straight, the above invitation is for the Premier to attend a hate filled, racially motivated PLP/BIU lynch mob .

    • frank says:

      no it is not it is for both leaders to be there and try to answer questions that effect Bermuda the only way forward is togather
      in reality I think Bermuda would work better in we had no political parties just nine members of paliament

      • Bermyman says:

        I agree on having no political parties and only 9 members of parliament. 100% But it will never happen because the partisan mentality is so ingrained.

      • Moonbeam says:

        @ Frank I totally agree with your suggestion of nine members of parliament. That’s the way it was before the PLP formed ! And it worked !

    • Field says:

      sounds like your afraid to hear the truth.

      • My Kind says:

        Sounds like Marc and the PLP are finally grasping something.


  9. Babylon says:

    The PLP just want power so they can continue doing what they did best,spending and wasting the taxpayers money,on themselves!

    • Tiger Lily says:

      Correction – on bettering the lives of the underclassed and overlooked. How many people became first time home owners under the PLP housing initiatives? How many seniors now live at Rockaway? Who travels on the fast ferries and gets on the buses free? How many people got government contracts who were previously denied and never stood a chance? What government saved pensioners money by free car licenses and increased their pensions as well as medication allowances? What happened to death taxes – I think there was revision. When we focus on more negative and keep repeating it, it over shadows the positives. It’s like if everything I ask you – your reply is Nice or the f word. After a while I could assume your vocabulary is extremely limited or you always want to be a thorn in one’s side to distract other from how shallow you really are..

      • Hmmm says:

        But they did this to win votes….not out of the kindness of their hearts !!!!!!!! They BOUGHT people with money we never had.

        They treated Bermudians like a cheap and easy date…..We are better than that.

  10. primodial says:

    mb and had your chance to do good for BDA and you blew it..and your flowery words and great promises are TOO LATE!
    The plp has placed BDA in a precarious position for decades to come and NOTHING they can say will altered this.The destruction caused by their lack of rule and law should NEVER allowed them to be back in power to represent the ppl of this island!!!!!!They(plp) were abusive and dangerous politicians and should be held accountable for their crimes against the island!

  11. sistah4real says:

    This man should be in Hollywood..he is wasting his time here..go mbean

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    NATION! What nation? Since when is Bermuda a Nation? Last I looked we were nothing but a little town of less than 70,000 nowhere near ready for nationhood.

    Some folks do like to fluff themselves up.

  13. CommonSensenBda says:

    “Recently, there have been those who have sought to define collaboration as one segment of the community doing whatever they want to benefit themselves while the rest of us are not allowed to give input, ask questions or offer constructive criticism.” —-Marc Bean

    Mr. Bean. You, your Party and it’s supporters seem to define “collaboration” in the above context. The rest of us define collaboration as listening to a range of ideas to move the Island forward, not to listen only to the PLPbiu who LOST an election because as a caller to Sheeri J.’s show pointed out; “The PLP lost because the voters knew that the Party had no idea of how to get the country out of the hole that administration had dug.”

    I am pretty sure that while he was a Minister in the PLPbiu government, Mr. Bean did not talk about collaboration with the OBA or the UBP. Their views were often ridiculed or just plain ignored. I remember Ms. Furbert, then a Senator, saying that the Government had no reason whatsoever to listen to the Opposition because THEY HAD LOST THE ELECTION. Do you remember that Mr. Bean? You only want “collaboration” because your backbencher salary doesn’t keep you as warm as your former Minster’s salary.

  14. Chris Famous says:

    Was it not OBA Leader who wants collaboration?

    Premier Cannonier, “I’m sure if you talk to Bermudians, most would like to see more choice in the Governor or less powers or a more collective voice in what he does with things like the police and the Regiment.” He added that he would personally like to see more power vested in the Island’s government, rather than unelected Governors appointed by the Crown. Mr. Cannonier said: “Yes, absolutely and I will leave it at that. Bermuda Sun Sept 11, 2013

    Premier Cannonier, “This is what collaboration is all about, getting people to see beyond their traditional turf to the surrounding landscape and understanding the importance of its well-being. The ‘me-first’ mentality has to make room for others because we are truly all in this together.” Sept 20, 2013

    So either he wants it or the OBA bloggers are against it. Kindly make up your minds . Because as it sounds by your comments above it sounds like business as usual.

    • B. Trump says:

      Thanks again Mr Famous, but I think the OBAubp bloggers comments reflect a group of folks whom do not wish or want change. The mentality is far from change, as promised pre-election. I love when you say “So either he wants it or the OBA bloggers are against it. Kindly make up your minds . Because as it sounds by your comments above it sounds like business as usual.”…Well put….

  15. CommonSensenBda says:

    “We must educate our children about themselves, giving them knowledge of self, our shared history, culture and heritage.”

    So surprised Mr. Bean. I had been under the impression that the PLP were the government in power for fourteen years…..YOU AND YOUR PARTY DID NOTHING TO BETTER EDUCATE THEM…..YOU DID NOTHING TO GIVE THEM KNOWLEDGE OF SELF….YOU DID NOTHING TO TEACH THEM THEIR SHARED HISTORY, CULTURE AND HERITAGE!!!

    Oh, wait. The PLP was more concerned with going back five hundred years in the past to teach about SLAVERY and how the PLP react and preaches acts like Blacks are still SLAVES.

    • lay down! says:

      @ commonsenseBda SURE! sounds like you went public school! Cuz thats all we learn in social studies was American and Bermudian slavery! NOTHING about our country and beautiful heritage! F***ing ridiculous! Um pretty sure u heard words like this ” i Hate white people! But its cool for u cuz ya Portuguese!” Exact words from the colour kids!

    • Micro says:

      Quite true. 14 years and only since losing the election they’ve had nothing but “solutions” about what needs to be done.

  16. And on another note. When are we marching in support of our sisters who were recently dismissed by their anti union employer.

  17. d.o. says:

    just shut up no one wants to hear your cr*p

  18. Bean, You are a Dreamer, Please go away, we are tired of hearing what you think we should do. The PLP have put a massive hole in the boat and now you want us to steer it away from the Rocks…

    • B. Trump says:

      Premier Cannonier, “This is what collaboration is all about, getting people to see beyond their traditional turf to the surrounding landscape and understanding the importance of its well-being. The ‘me-first’ mentality has to make room for others because we are truly all in this together.” Sept 20, 2013

      So either he wants it or the OBA bloggers are against it. Kindly make up your minds . Because as it sounds by your comments above it sounds like business as usual.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Or maybe your whole “OBA bloggers” thing is just plain false and something you made up to denounce anyone that dares to disagree with you…

        I’m gonna guess it’s C)

  19. Micro says:

    If his sentiments are true, we shall see him and his PLP stop attacking the OBA at every chance are start offering actual alternative solutions and putting forth productive ideas.

  20. Concerned Citizen says:

    Bean called you out for what you people are…..Demons! I know it drives you crazy when clairvoyance exposes you. Nothing worse for colonial, slave master mentalities. Demons…..yup, that What you folk are. Bean says collaborate, you sew hate. Craig says the same thing, and you all say Yeh! Boy, when the Oba self destructs, it might be best for you demons to flee. Your greatest fear is that Beans message resonates with the people and gets them to focus on self improvement. Remember, Masters dont like others being free. You want average folk to bow down and beg, even fight, to BE like you. Bean doesn’t speak of taking anything from you Demonic folk, and that drives you crazy, once you realize that he doesn’t have too to get folk to rid you demonic parasites.

    • Mike Hind says:

      This is just plain disgusting ranting, based in some bizarre fever dream. There’s no reality in here, just hate.
      It’s sad. We need better than this.

      • B. Trump says:

        Concern Citizen so true and spot on….well said.

      • Verbal Kint says:

        You can’t win, Mike. The other side are clairvoyant. They know which lies to use before you even say anything. :)

        • Mike Hind says:

          Not looking to win. Just an ounce of honesty…

          I despair that I won’t find it, but I live in hope.

    • Field says:

      @ Concerned Citizen so true.

    • Impressive says:

      can you imagine what they would be saying about this incompetent premier if he was PLP,, i can only imagine the talk,, but because he is OBA,, it has to be proven that he is incompetent.. lol..

      Our great Premier who holds no Ministries, but needs 2 advisers to tell him what to do and how to do it,, meanwhile everyone else is taking pay cuts..

      HO HUM, another day in Bermuda

    • Impressive says:

      also concerned citizen,, I agree with your point of view, but I don’t condone anyone referring to other people as Demons. be it the leader of plp or not.. Those are strong words to use against someone and it implies judgement on your part

  21. Triangle Drifter says:

    I’m sure that if & when the PLP produce somebody worth talking to & listening to the OBA will talk & listen. The PLP have to come up with a much higher caliber than Bean, Oban, Commissione, Burgess or any version of Furbert.

    That does not leave much left to choose from.

    In the meantime the PLP will get the same treatment they gave the OBA in opposition. And so they should. It is not like the PLP left the OBA with a functional Government as the UBP left to the PLP.

    Suck it up PLP. You left a steaming pile of financial manure for the OBA to deal with. You don’t deserve to be listened to.

    • Impressive says:

      you have got to be joking!!!!!!!!!! higher caliber????? do you forget who the Premier is??? I stop reading when you stated that.. higher caliber??? that is the joke of the year.. higher like who?? the Premier????? enlighten me.

    • Impressive says:

      TD,, can you tell me why from 1998-2008 that Bermuda’s economy was growing at a faster rate than it ever had before if the PLP was such a party that don’t deserve to be listening to??

      Can you tell me what year the housing market and other financial instruments began to go under in the United states? and subsequently the rest of the world??

      Can you tell me why Bermuda who’s 2 main areas of International Business are investment companies and reinsurance companies where not affected by this global financial crisis, since most of the investments that these industries are trading in the united states??

      • Toodle-oo says:

        The answer to that is dead simple .
        The PLP inherited a runaway economic train operating at 110% efficiency.
        The train continued along its way at breakneck speeds despite the PLP . NOT because of it !

        It took a while but it all started in mid November 1998 when those famous words that were just the thin edge of the wedge were spoken.

        ”At your own peril ”

        It was all downhill after that.

  22. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Hmmmm… Self-determination under a PLP Gov’t??? Can you imagine if they had got re-elected at the last election…. That $2.5+ BILLION debt would have probably doubled if they had another 4/5 yrs in power!!!

    All the IB sector would have “sailed” for greener pastures and Tourism is basically in-the-toilet – so what would keep the Island afloat economically!!

  23. navin johnson says:

    Well put Triangle Drifter…..some people see the words of Bean without realizing they were written by someone else….when you hear him trying to actually say the words written for him and his incoherent ramble one becomes aware of how very little the PLP has to offer if he is the best of the bunch….sad….always feel like I am watching a Cheech and Chong movie. And then there is Wayne Furbert and Derrick Burgess who bring oration to another level….If only they would go away for the next 4 and a half years

  24. My Kind says:

    Perhaps if the PLP had actually done something other than blame white people for everything, they’d still have an ounce of credibility. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

    How’s that working for you now PLP?

  25. Black Bird says:

    You keep forgetting OBA won by default, PLP will be back after the next election. Stay tuned.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Not if they keep up the same nonsense that they did that caused people to refuse to vote for them… which is EXACTLY what they’re doing.

      • B. Trump says:

        For sure the OBAubp will not be able to sell the same old lies and mis-information to the people next time. Folks are more alert now, many regret either not voting or changing their votes. Many realized that they were indeed tricked, and wished they would have just voted for the PLP and worked hard with them to improve things. Many realized that they needed to act along with the government to ensure accountability and to shape the future. Many said, We know what we had, but look at the MESS we have gotten into now. REALLY !! I think this is what the OBAubp fear so much, as a result the comments written by the diehard faithfulness obaubp followers, reveal such.

        • Mike Hind says:

          *sigh* here we go again with EXACTLY the same kind of dishonesty that lost the PLP the last election.

      • Impressive says:

        People refused to them, because of the fact that the press, who is extremely biased and dare I say racist, did everything in their power to paint the past administration as corrupt and incompetent. It was hammered into the public’s eyes and ears so much that people took it as fact, regardless if it was true or not. The general public tuned out of the process as it became like a long boring soap opera.

        I am not going to sit and here and say that the PLP was without fault as they made many mistakes, as do any government, but you must understand the environment that was being created by the press and unfortunately Perception is reality in many cases.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You are right. The OBA win was the DE FAULT of FORMER PLP supporters who either through fear or disgust could not bring themselves to vote PLP yet again simply BECAUSE that is who they always voted for.

      Some wised up enough to vote OBA. Most opened their eyes enough to see that the PLP experiment was an utter failure. The people who are hurting the most because of the 14 year PLP folly are the people who gave them the power.

      Next time the OBA should win by a landslide & the PLP should disappear into a rather forgotten period of Bermuda history. It won’t. Our children & their children are now saddled with the debt of PLP ineptness & greed.

  26. Norris Alvin Williams says:

    Premier Cannonier may talk about some type of political collaboration; but his political support base will never go along with any such idea. They will persist in remaining in thier herd mentality; leaving the country no other choice but to defeat them politically if there is going to be any hope of moving this country forward progressively.
    As for the term self-determination; it is quite clear that the premier is out of his dept. If he had a clear understanding of what he was talking about than he would have known that the term self-determination is synonymous with with the quest for national independence. A better description would have been a call for greater autonomy or to call on Britain to devolve more power to Bermuda to determine our own destiny. Much in the vein of the relationship that Scotland has with Britain; and you see where that has led. In a year’s time Scotland will decide in a referendum whether to become an independent nation in it’s own right or rather to regain it’s self-determination that was taken away by the British as they tried to do with Ireland retaining only northern Ireland. I am convince that premier Cannonier has no understanding what he called for in his statement in this regard; I doubt very much that he has surrounding him any type of political advice that could advice him. In fact his political support base would have nothing but hostility
    if he were to really move in that direction in any meaningful way. The PLP political opposition must allso bve careful in entering in this area. It is one thing to say that you support national independence; but you must go beyond that; You must become an advocate for national independence; a quest that it abandon when the late PLP leader L F Wade
    called for a boycott of the John Swan pro-independence referendum. There is another aspect to this; Too many PLP politicians rush to embrace the Queen’s awards and titles. I allways remember what my older political brother Pauulu Kamarakafego(Roosevelt Browne) told me when I ask him if the party ever approach him to accept any such award? He told me that he told them ‘ Do not embrass yourself’.

    • B. Trump says:

      Thanks Mr Williams, I was wondering where you were, your powerful writing and comments are the best !! I think you write so powerful, that the OBAubp diehards blindness and deafness makes it hard for them to follow. REALLY

      • Hmmm says:

        BS they offered for a PLP member to be a minister….

        that is collaberation, but BEAN TURNED IT DOWN.

  27. Black Bird says:

    You can only hope for that T Drifter but it’s not going to happen.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      True , there’s no certainties or guarantees in life or politics but this island is filled with people of both political persuasions who thought the PLP ,once in , would be in forever.

      Seeing it seems we’re getting more and more stupid as a society with each passing month let’s just hope that at the least people’s memories don’t fail them.

  28. Truth says:

    Imagine the African “Diamond” and those maggots in the soil…as much as those maggots attempt to eat away at the diamond, the diamond shall not be destroyed…the negative bloggers against the PLP are the maggots spewing their lies about their “imaginings” re: our non existent lies… They don’t get that it is not generally in our nature to deceive…

    • Hmmm says:

      We had to decieve you, it too shall pass. Hmmmmmmmm

    • Mike Hind says:

      What about the lies that DO exist?

    • Victor says:

      Do you really expect the rest of the World (who by the way owe us absolutely nothing and are best indifferent to us if they even know we exist) to take us seriously with dribble like that? What next from those wonderful folks who gave us Ewart Brown? Pearl Harbour!

  29. logistics says:

    A reminder to all elected members of government, whether PLP, OBA or independent : You are paid to represent all the people of Bermuda and it is your DUTY to collaborate and work for the betterment of the country ! The place to do that is in the House not at town hall meetings. Being a member of either party does not absolve you of your primary duty which is to work to improve the issues that plague this little island. If you cannot do this reasonably perhaps you should reconsider being in government !!

    To the partisan bloggers: making personal attacks and disrespecting the integrity and intelligence and implying unjustified motives to those who disagree with your views does nothing but perpetuate division and does nothing to help this country move forward. Stop !

    As for the continuous reference to the last 14 years. They are past and lessons should have been learnt. It is not acceptable in business to blame doing things wrongly because the “last guy” did it. There is a reason the “last guy” was fired … It is even less acceptable in Government !

    Everybody needs to grow up and start working together FOR BERMUDA.

    • Victor says:

      Should we stop wondering where the money went too?

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      The reason the last 14 years gets brought up is because of the immature “why haven’t you fixed this” and “why haven’t you fixed that” comments. The fact that we all have to live with is that the economy cannot be turned around instantly. There are legacy issues to cope with, like the debt, unemployment, and bloated civil service. It’s perfectly understandable that the past is used to provide this context.
      As for working together, great if people are willing. The current government offered a cabinet seat to the PLP, but it was turned down. That refusal to collaborate helped set the tone. Bean talks about collaboration but his actions aren’t consistent with that concept.

  30. Babylon says:

    If the PLP win the next election,our childrens’ futures will be ruined!