Bermudian Artist Seeks Music Awards Support

October 31, 2013


Teenage Bermudian artist Kidd Clazzic [real name Jahroy Richards] is seeking additional support as he prepares to attend the 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards in Hollywood, California in the hopes of claiming an award himself.

Kid Clazzic received an official nomination in the Rap/Hip Hop Category for his single “Fly Away”, which features fellow Bermudian artist, 17-year-old singer KeKe Roberts [real name Chiante’ Roberts]. The track was produced by Craig Simons of IVibes Productions, who won the 2012 HMMA for Best Rap/Hip Hop for the single “Go Slow”, with ill Logical Linguistics.

The awards ceremony takes place in mid-November and Jahroy is excited at the opportunity to attend the red-carpet style awards show honoring the music of visual mediums, as well as the music of independent music artists, and the professionals responsible for placing music in visual mediums. He is the youngest Bermudian to be nominated for this type of award, and only the third Bermuda artist ever to be nominated.

If you would like to donate or support Kidd Clazzic as he ventures to Los Angeles to experience this once in a lifetime event, please contact his management team by email at or via telephone at 532-7623.

You can listen to “Fly Away,” the song that earned Kid Clazzic his nomination, via the video below:

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  1. Support Local Talent says:

    I believe we should support our local talent – - – he has positive lyrics and I like the beat – - I will support him in this – - who is with me?

  2. Actually he is the 4th after myself, but I look forward to supporting him as I am nominated this year and will be attending the event also

  3. honest vibez says:

    I would like to add to a statement made. In actual fact Fiyah Marshall he is the third. Reasons being he is actually representing Bermuda. In looking at the HMMA reports online your music is representing LA not Bermuda. You are a Bermudian re presenting the States. You chose who you wanted to represent. Its a difference. Congratulations and best wishes to both non the less. I am glad to see that we have such great talent out there.

  4. Well done says:

    I tend to agree with “honest” as I feel it makes a difference not forgetting where you came from. However, I think the main focus here is on the 17 year old. This is an amazing accomplishment for such a young person and I do not recall anyone on Island that young representing Bermuda so well in music. I hope he does get to attend and is successful. The company representing him is doing very good in putting our local talent out there. This is a major accomplishment for them as well being a management and production company also representing Bermuda as it is their third artist nominated.

  5. Geminiadams says:

    I agree as well but the focus should be on congratulating the young person representing Bermuda and support him. What difference does it make whether you feel you are the third or not? All you needed to say was congratulations instead of trying to prove an irrelevant point. A nomination in itself is a major accomplishment. Also if this is multiple for the producer and management of this young person it is an even greater accomplishment! Congrats to all!!!! You are representing Bermuda well!

  6. BrombeyBoy says:

    Since you want to be petty Fiyah self praise is no recommendation! Your music still sucks even with your self nomination. LA is not going to like it either. You probably never even knew about the awards until that group went last year anyway. Stop riding the path of others. Big-up the Kidd!