Road Works Create Traffic Issues In Hamilton

November 30, 2013

At 10.45am this morning [Nov 30], the police said there is “serious gridlock” in the City of Hamilton as a result of road works, and asked the motoring public to avoid Reid Street if possible and also warned to expect delays if traveling into the City.

A police spokesperson said, “Due to apparent roadwork along Parliament Street, motorists traveling into the City of Hamilton along Reid Street are advised to divert on to Court Street.

“In addition, those driving in the general area should expect some delays until this roadwork is completed. The patience and cooperation of the motoring public is greatly appreciated regarding this matter.”

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Doing your best to keep those Christmas shoppers out of the city COH!!!

  2. tugboatannie says:

    What a** approved it in the first place??

  3. RME says:

    JUST what the retailers need! Seriously, they couldn’t find a better time to do roadwork???? Unbelievable!

  4. Y-Gurl says:

    Another example of the autocratic CofH making stupid decisions that affect people trying to conduct business, it’s getting that any decision made by the CofH should go to a 3rd party for a sniff test

  5. Heniken says:

    there is nothing stupider than this. ignorance at it’s finest. CoH may I suggest start this work a 3.30pm Monday afternoon until 6.30 pm Friday. That way you will inconvenience even more people. Also get your traffic lights set up to create even more backlog, they are close now but I know you incompetent lot can make it worse. The worst part is that this isn’t even close to the WORST section of Reid St

  6. Um Um Like says:

    Speaking of serious gridlock, tell me why the trash needs to be collected every morning during rush hour! Why not pick up the f**king trash half an hour earlier.

    • Y-Gurl says:

      That’s the age old question, why the hell do they do the trash at rush hour, even worse was last week they had a water truck on front street double parked while the damn fools watered the grass by the parking lot, traffic was backed up to Paget! If any of them had an IQ over 10 they could have figured out they should have done the work from inside the parking lot, we have a very very serious problem with the entire CofH they run the city like it’s their own playground, don’t maintain much of anything and provide little green sweepers for the guys to ride on or walk behind that don’t work nor does the person pushing it, look at the clown that does Reid St, he stands by the machine most of the day and does no work whatsoever, then starts his stupid machine and try’s to mow down people on the sidewalk, all evidence there is no management in that organisation

  7. Come On Man says:

    C of H idiots at their best.

  8. tugboatannie says:

    Get use to it, in three years its going to be 10 times worse………..

  9. jus diy says:

    Sometimes common sense doesn’t exist on these roads

  10. Rock Watcher says:

    Amazing for sure! They also keep taking away parking spaces to make the sidewalks bigger why?
    An expense they could sure save on! The new 3 lanes at Reid St approaching Court St are also a complete waste
    of time!
    Then in front of the Supermart market you can’t park in the morning or in the late rush hour! Why? You can on Sats and sometimes they are busier! C o H get a life – who the heck is making these daft decisions!

    • Harmony says:

      This is a result of when Ewart Brown was in power and said that they wanted less traffic in the main city so this is one of the ways they are doing it.

  11. Sparky says:

    Corporation of Hamilton continues DREB’s work to destroy Bermuda.
    Thanks PLP. You still have control is some areas.

  12. Taxpayer says:

    The PLP appointed COH will fight against business as they take care of themselves!

  13. Dee says:

    On Friday I also noticed a sign by the cycle bay running along the west side of City Hall ‘no cycle parking here tomorrow’ . Another parking challenge for Saturday shoppers!

  14. Harmony says:

    Why on earth would you do roadworks on one of the busiest shopping weekends? No common sense what so ever.

  15. Really!! says:

    Anything to create havoc, road delays and annoyance to road users. They dig up these roads and don’t even pave them back properly. Reid Street, beginning from N.T. Butterfield Bank is terrible, going all the way down to Queen Street. Why don’t they go down there and fix that road. You ride and drive on that street and you feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride.

  16. islandguy says:

    Not only are they doing road works at the wrong time!IDIOTS!But if they are going to be doing stupid things.start with more important roads.Has anyone off roaded down reid street lately. Definitly seems like there trying to do more damage to the retailers!!!!!!

  17. Sparky says:

    Fresh Tarmac has BELCO and Watlington oiling up their jackhammer’s !

  18. Mr. Meoff says:

    What a bunch of idiots. Saturday morning, day after Black Friday, Christmas shoppers and Hamiltons main artery is closed because some lame brain city engineer decides, auh, lets pave a major junction during the busiest time of the year and it should go un noticed. I dont think the corparation can think their way out of a wet paper bag at the best of times.
    Why cant that work be done on a Sunday or during a week night when traffic is light and definately not in DECEMBER?
    Reid Street has got to be the worst road in Hamilton and is in dire need of repaving. God help us all, they will probably shut that down next week right over the Christmas New Years period because they cant see beyond common sense.
    Good going CITY ENGINEER.