Tragic News Received During Haiyan Fundraiser

November 12, 2013

The show of support by the community during yesterday’s fundraiser for the Philippines was brought to a sobering reality when a Filipino resident present received the news that their relatives, including young children, had been killed by the typhoon.

“This was a poignant moment during the event and reminded all present about the harsh reality and importance of the occasion,” said a spokesperson for the Association of Filipinos in Bermuda.

Some 10,000 people are estimated to have been killed in the typhoon, one of the strongest ever storms to make landfall. Many of the island’s Filipino community have been able to reach family and confirm they are safe, while others wait anxiously for word with the storm having ravaged the infrastructure making communication problematic.

Yesterday’s [Nov 11] fundraising lunch was held at St. Theresa’s Church Hall, and raised $10,000 with some estimated 300 people in attendance including Governor George Fergusson, Minister Michael Fahy and the Premier’s Press Secretary Charmaine Burgess.

Video with Association VP Rowena Comber and Minister Fahy at yesterday’s event:

The Association said funds raised will be equally divided among contacts of the Association with the Catholic Relief Services, Operation Blessing, and the Philippine National Red Cross, and part of proceeds of yesterday’s event will also be given to Filipinos in Bermuda whose families were directly affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

As an ongoing campaign, donors can send money by cheque to the Association of Filipinos in Bermuda at P.O. Box HM 1100, Hamilton HMEX or by online transfer to the Association of Filipinos in Bermuda, Bank of Butterfield Account No. 2000 6060 258 204 100.

In addition, the Bermuda Red Cross has launched a cash appeal to support the British Red Cross’ launch to help assist the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

The Association said they would like to thank all those who came to support the event and look forward to the continued support of the wider community.

The United Nations says more than 11 million people are believed to have been affected by the storm and some 673,000 displaced.

The international community is stepping up to help the Philippines, with the US sending the aircraft carrier USS George Washington and other navy ships to help with the relief work, while the UK’s Royal Navy Destroyer HMS Daring is also making its way from Singapore.

Other countries have also pledged millions of dollars in assistance. Japan is providing $10m and Australia $9m in humanitarian aid, while New Zealand has pledged over $1m.

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  1. ** says:

    who is sending a container out there?

  2. mixitup says:

    Their are no words.. My sympathies to this family, how horrible is this.

  3. Anon says:

    $10,000 is a paltry sum to have raised, given the enormous wealth of those Bermudians who retain Filipinos as maids and nannies for their families.

    Come on Bermuda, you can do better than this.

  4. Kami says:

    Blah Blah Blah…. I’m not giving up my hard earned money for people i don’t know.. Just sayin

    • Just me says:

      @kami, let’s pray that you or a love one never require a helping hand. People like you are just heartless.

      • kami says:

        Sorry I don’t believe in prayer. Yes let’s hope they don’t need help For sure and I’m not heartless.. Just not giving up what I work hard for!

  5. common senze says:

    I agree with Anon, $10,000 IS a paltry sum.

    Figure 2000 Filipinos here, each donate $50.00 = $100,000.00
    Also, if their employers do the same is another $100,000.00

    Come on Bermuda, are we now that unfeeling?
    Are we that selfish?

    Filipinos…………put some pressure on your own people.
    Government,…..How about matching the sums raised.
    Fahy, please put your check book where your feelings are.


    Embarrassed that this even has to be said!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Association of Filipinos in Bermuda says:

      $10,000 was raised at a 3 hour event. It is only the beginning. Please show your support by making a donation yourself.

  6. MeHere says:

    I really feel for the Filipino people. They seem to be such good, RELIGIOUS people…I don’t get why they are suffering so much. They had things bad as it was and now this? Looking at the photos online and watching the videos, I can feel their desperation-especially those with young kids.

    I agree-we can raise so much more. Also, I like the idea of sending a container full of necessities down there. We need to be careful where the money goes, though-there is a lot of corruption down there as well. The funds should go to an organization such as the Red Cross where you know they will do as they promise and make sure the funds truly reach the needy.

    • jald1983 says:

      So if they weren’t so religious you’d understand why something tragic happened to them?? o.O

      Religion should have NOTHING to do with it. Tragedy is tragedy, no matter who it happens to

    • shuttuppppp says:

      it’s called geography and science, there’s a logical explanation… their country is right in the middle of an area that has many factors leading up to horrible typhoons as well as earthquakes due to their plate boundary… who cares if they are religious or not… nothing can defeat or prevent mother nature from doing what it is designed to do.
      #teamscience #getoutoftheoldendaysplease

      • Next says:

        That wasn’t the point. You and jald1983 are equally retarded.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Can we not use the word “retarded” as an insult?

          Aren’t we just a little bit bigger than that?

  7. George Fergusson says:

    UK Government has said this evening it will match $ for $ the first $7.5 million raised by a coalition of charities, including the Bermuda Red Cross, in addition to the $15 million it is putting in anyway, plus help in kind. So contributions to the Bermuda Red Cross will count double.

    • kami says:

      Ya a fool if you think that those people will be getting anywhere near the amount of money that’s donated… Most of that money will not even see the Philippines Smh!

  8. Thepositiveone says:

    The employers (restaurant chains) can give weekly discount, specials. have the proceeds go towards the families. Make it a competition…so it’s fun and exciting. For every customers that spends over 10 dollars, they donate 2 dollars. Ijs

  9. Cuzzin says:

    I watch as Bermuda makes donations to Haiti and other countries that have no representation in Bermuda. However the Filipino community are a part of Bermuda. May 24th parade, nursing and caring for the Bermuda people. Why is it like pulling teeth to support a community that supports this island. Government step up and show that you care.