Family Centre Campaign Aims To Hit The Mark

December 6, 2013

In the past month, Family Centre has raised over $45,000 since they began their year-end push for funding to meet the remaining year-end budget goal of $200,000.

Executive Director, Martha Dismont remarks, “Last year a number of individual and company donors helped us to raise the funds needed to remove a two-year deficit caused by the removal of our government grants. We achieved a great milestone in fundraising last year, with the help of Kirk Kitson and many others.

“Many of those same donors have committed to assisting us to “pull up the rear” in 2013, and we are quite pleased that this has begun. We expect to implement a number of new strategies in 2014, and we are grateful for the promise of government funding which should place us in a much better position by the end of next year.”

She went on to say, “We are also very gratfeul to everyone in this community who give so generously to Family Centre and all of the recognized charities in this community that do good work. We must not forget that a significant contribution to our country’s GDP comes from the work of the charitable sector.”

She concluded by saying, “As we enter into the Christmas season, I would like to encourage all of us to consider what this season would be like if we paid a bit more attention, than usual, to the needs of children and our most vulnerable population.

“Family Centre will be releasing a series of Ads, supported by sponsorship from Allied World and the Royal Gazette, starting next week to encourage greater awareness of the needs of children. We hope you will keep the needs of children and our most vulnerable population uppermost in mind, and consider how to carry this priority into 2014.”

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