Video: Bermudians Dance to Pharrell’s “Happy”

February 10, 2014

A new video has been released online that depicts Bermudians dancing joyfully to the sound of the new song “Happy” by popular artist Pharrell Williams, continuing a viral trend of people around the world creating their own version of a music video for the song.

Directed and shot by “Into Bermuda,” the video provides cameos by a wide variety of the islands’s inhabitants, with shots taking place on boats, historic cannons, caves, pink sand beaches, and city parks, the video features the Gombeys, firefighters, workers, scuba divers, Johnny Barnes, well-known Fairmont Hamilton Princess doorman Carvel Van Putten,  Town Crier Ed Christopher, and many others.

By Monday morning [Feb 10], the video had more than 62,000 views and 120 comments on YouTube.

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  1. Um just sayin' says:

    WOW…That brought a smile to my face. That is a “Happy” video. The new Tourist Authority should grab a hold of that and use that as their theme. It should so many facets of life in Bermuda…even Junior got his 15 seconds of fame. Great work..

  2. Come Correct says:

    1:52 Check scientist bussin skanks. #LOLDEAD

    Good video.

  3. Donna says:

    AWESOME!!!! I’ve watched this video several times & each time I realized that I always had a smile on my face!!!! Objective = smiles! Objective met!!!!

  4. brutus says: truly highlighted the island beauty and the ppl…good going for tourism.

  5. Why Scientist.... says:

    Loved the video but y promote someone who steals kids bikes?

    • black says:

      I guess you have never done anything wrong, and like it or not he is part of life in good old BDA

  6. Kindley says:

    Made me smile

  7. more than enough says:

    these guys are putting the bta to shame.
    tired of those old farts.
    make way for the new generation.

  8. laugh or cry says:

    Andrew Kirkpatrick is the guy who actually shot and edited the video. Bermuda tourism should have hired him to do a tourism campaign. He is one of the most talented Bermudians out there.

  9. Hazel says:

    This is brilliant … Kudos to the people who put this together.