Opposition Welcome Pink Beach Development

March 31, 2014

Shadow Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert said the PLP welcomes “the much anticipated development of the new boutique hotel at Pink Beach,” and they look forward to “seeing Bermudians back to work on and at that historic property.”

Earlier this month the Bank of Butterfield announced that it had concluded the sale of the beach-front Tucker’s Town cottage colony to Sardis Developments Ltd.

According to the Department of Planning listing, the proposed redevelopment will comprise a 34 room hotel with 2 restaurants, a spa, 2 pools, rooftop tennis court, 9 residential units, a beach club, parking for 54 cars and 52 bikes and much more.

The Department of Planning listing [PDF] for Sardis Development is below:

Proposed In Principle Application for Proposed Redevelopment of Existing Hotel Property to create a Mixed Use Residential and Tourism Development comprising a New 34 Room Hotel with 2 Restaurants (3 storeys max), Spa (inclusive of Salon and Gym) Building (1 storey), Kids Club Building (single storey) with 2 Pools, Back of House Facilities Building (single storey) with Rooftop Tennis Court, 9 Residential units (within 8 detached buildings), 2 Detached Guest Suite Buildings, Beach Club with Salt Water Pool, Event Marquee Tent, Alterations to Existing Interior Road Infrastructure, Parking for 54 cars and 52 bikes, Alterations to Existing Main Access, Two New Separate Access Points onto South Road, Berm (15 feet high maximum) and Tennis Court, Rehabilitation of Existing Reverse Osmosis Plant, New Generator and New Sewage Treatment System, Rock Cuts (maximum 24 feet high), Retaining Walls (maximum 8 feet high), Temporary Crusher Plant, Relocation of Existing Bus Stop and Recessed Seating Area and Temporary Containers

Mr. Furbert said, “The Progressive Labour Party joins Bermudians in welcoming the much anticipated development of the new boutique hotel at Pink Beach.

“We believe that qualified, capable, Bermudians must come first in terms of jobs and opportunities in Bermuda and believe this represents a golden opportunity for many Bermudians who want to work, to get back to work.

“Bermudian contractors and Bermudian construction workers, who have suffered tremendously in this recession, must be given fair opportunities to be employed on this project. We further believe that qualified capable Bermudians must come first in jobs and opportunities at this new tourism property once hiring begins.

“The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party congratulates the developer and is looking forward to seeing Bermudians back to work on and at that historic property,” concluded Mr. Furbert.

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  1. watching says:

    Hopefully we can get some movement before summertime? That would be great.

    I would dearly love to see someone purchase Lantana and/or take over Elbow Beach and reopen the main section.

  2. Lick My Chicken says:

    flip flop finally has something nice to say. What juice did he drink today?

  3. Justin says:

    I want to see Bermudians wanting to work and coming to work with smiling faces and good manners like they used to be. If this is going to work then all parties, both owners and employees, must do their best to make it happen.

    It would have been nice if the PLP would have also included something along those lines in their statement. The PLP would like to have us believe that emoployers discriminate against Bermudian employees, but that simply isn’t true.

    Hopefully the workers of this hotel do not join the union!

    • frank says:

      the union is not as bad as people would like you to believe
      I worked in a union job for over 30 years we only gad on strike
      after that it was nothing but a good relationship between management and the workers and that company is still operating today

  4. frank says:

    not a dime of tax breaks to be given until the hotel is built

  5. blue bird says:

    FURBY or is better know as “FLIP FLOP” Furbert of Hamilton Parish.
    We have somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 work permits for all industries in “BERMUDA”
    A work permit is for a Guest Worker doing a job in our ECCONOMY that you are unable to find any Bermudians to fill that job.
    FURBY of the PLP and EX leader of the UBP,we are “SHORT of between 8,000 and 10,000 Bermudians now tell us where can we get these BERMUDIANS, where are you HIDING THEM.
    The good old “BATTLE CRY” of the PLP/BIU jobs for Bermudians,Jobs for Bermudians and there are enough “STUPID ONES” to believe you.