Weather Related Power Outages Across Island

March 8, 2014

[Updated] There are numerous weather-related power outages across the island this afternoon [Mar 8] due to the high winds.

A BELCO spokesperson said, “BELCO wishes to advise that there are currently numerous weather-related outages scattered across the Island with foliage coming into contact with overhead lines. Crews are out and working to make repairs. To report an outage or get updates, please call 955.”

The Bermuda Weather Service has issued a Gale Warning valid through this afternoon.

Update 5.19pm: BELCO said that all power was restored as of 5:00pm.

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  1. 1minute says:

    So, when is Belco going to admit that it is better to have the wires underground?

  2. Mah strike says:

    Power is out in Paget not everywhere is up back and running

  3. Street Smart says:

    Not Possible to put all transmission lines underground. It would be too expensive, too many issues with land owners, and just not practical. It would cause many traffic delays, and Lord knows it will annoy just about all road users, when it is necessary to make repairs to cables under the main roads.
    Many people are already making noise about what Belco is charging for electricity. Would you like it cost more? Don’t think so!

    • Just Wondering says:

      Wasn’t that the same bunch of excuses that Belco used 20 years ago when people said they should bury the power lines??

      • Street Smart says:

        No, not excuses, but that is the reason why not all transmission cables are not underground. It is just a simple fact that was garnered from one of the Belco Techs made me aware of, when I said complained about the same issue.
        And that same tech backed it up with documented fact. Also some locations are just not economically practical to excavate to place underground cables. Underground cables, are much more expensive, in terms of cost to purchase, because they have armor shielding, and fortified insulation, to protect them in an underground environment. There is where the extra cast is incurred.

        • Just Wondering says:

          And How much over time would this cost to the cost one over time of sending crews out to repair power lined after storms and high winds? No one is suggesting that they have to pay it all up front if the cost were spread over time how much would it really matter to Belco?

          • Street Smart says:

            Well as you know, Belco is making an attempt to lower cost to its customers who are struggling to make ends meet in these trying economic times.
            Believe me, I am not trying to defend Belco by any means. But think about the cost of underground transmission cables. First, it has to be determined exactly where the cable fault is, then the site has to be excavated, the repairs carried out then the site must be restored back to a usable condition. As opposed to overhead crews going to a site where one just has to look up, and carry out repairs, which typically requires a lot less time.
            Now can you see the difference? It’s not about Belco eating the costs, it’s about what is economically viable. I will agree that underground transmission lines will not suffer the damage that overhead lines do from exposure to high winds, but they do suffer damage from being inadvertent damage from unrelated excavations, or when their outer shielding is compromised. So there will outages weather or not all transmission lines are underground or overhead.
            It is commonly known, that when any company incurs an extra expense, it then past on to the customer. And Bleco is no different Not nice, but a fact of life.

            • Just Wondering says:

              You are defending Belco, and who says they excavate? Have the cables housed in tubes with relay stations set up at certain points that way if there is a fault you go to the relay stations at either end and pull the cable back through the tubing and replace it the same way. As for the whole just look and see the damage line thing, how simple do you think people are? Yes that is how we tell when a power line is down Belco has a massive board that shows them all their line and power stations. it shows them when their one of their powerstaions are not getting the power. The same board would be used if the power lines were underground.

              It is about Belco eating the costs, that is what makes something economically viable or not. How much is it going to cost and is there a cheaper way to do, is our competition doing it in a cheaper way (they don’t have any and probably never will). Is this something that will make the product better? These are the questions that are asked when looking to see if something is economically viable and theses are question Belco really never has to ask.

              How deep is normal road work? cause most road work I’ve seen hasn’t been that deep so I don’t see the issue and even if they do go as deep as the power lines all the companies that deal with road work would already know about the buried power lines and be careful if not there could be penalties to the company (not to mention serious injury to the workers).

              Perhaps some one can tell me how they did town and explain how that seems to work out alright and why it hasn’t been applied to the rest of the island.

              • Street Smart says:

                You do not know or have any idea what your talking about!! Not all transmission cables are in duct! most are direct buried! AND have reason for excavation when a cable fault is detected!! SO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!! I have no reason to defend Belco, for what would it benefit me! I have to pay Belco bill just you! Do you Work for Belco? If so, they should fire you on the spot! For misinformation!
                Do you have any access to Belco finances? Do you think if it were possible to bury all transmission lines underground, Belco would have done it already? Furthermore do you think that there will be no power outages if all transmission lines were underground? There some land owners that will simply NOT ALLOW Belco to excavate across their properties! So therefore NOT ALL TRANSMISSION LINES CAN BE PUT UNDERGROUND!!!!