Minister Crockwell To Meet With FAA & Boeing

April 3, 2014

Shawn Crockwell, Minister of Tourism Development and Transport, is due to meet with officials from the Federal Aviation Authority [FAA] and Boeing in Washington DC today [Apr 3].

A spokesperson said, “Joined by LF Wade International Airport General Manager Aaron Adderley, the meetings will focus on areas of cooperation between the Bermuda Government and FAA, as well as the recently announced project, in conjunction with the aerospace company Boeing-Jeppessen, to carry out a feasibility study for Bermuda to become a certified Air Navigation Service Provider.

Minister Crockwell said, “These are very important meetings for the continued improvement of our airport. The goal of becoming a certified Air Navigation Service Provider will also enable Bermuda-based air traffic controllers to provide air traffic management services to aircraft arriving or departing here — a service currently provided by the FAA — and create the potential for Bermudian job opportunities in air traffic control.”

“Minister Crockwell and Mr. Adderley left the island today and are expected back on Friday.”

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    Perhaps Crockwell can publish his questions that he intends to ask the Boeing and the FAA experts, it’s not a Toyota Shawn, I’m sure they will all be amused.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Nice to see that Bermuda will be taking responsibity for its own airspace, at least for aircraft arriving & departing.

    At the moment NY Center controls them to wheels down airport in sight of runway & from wheels up on departure. The local tower gives permission to land to saying bye bye when they take off. Not much.

  3. Regardless of any negativity expressed by some, please do continue with what will be advantageous to us all in the long run Minister Shawn Crockwell / One Bermuda Alliance Members.

  4. Peekaboo says:

    A little birdy toe me…dat US is introducing bracelets to flyer and frequent flyers that have all your flight and travel information,you wear it when you travel and machines throughout the air port and…no doubt …soon to come everywhere within The US….what they won’t readily tell you is that it also has the ability to disable you at a moments notice.Dat’s what de birdy said anyway….sometimes I wonder where he comes up with awwdis nonsense…

  5. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    This is a good initiative, however, what is happening on the front of a new hanger or a new, modern, sleek and techno-cutting edge airport terminal?

    Is the current terminal adequate for the numbers that pass through it annually? Are we projecting increases in visitor numbers, and, if yes, is the current terminal adequate to handle the future capacity?

    Airport terminals generate revenue from the services that they provide, and there are companies that specialise in building and managing airport terminals; hopefully a partner can be found to finance, built and manage a new technologically advanced terminal that makes a bold statement about Bermuda in its design, functionality and its ability to de-stress travellers.

    London, England