Live Blog: Michael Dunkley Has Been Sworn In

May 20, 2014

[Updated: Late last night Craig Cannonier tendered his resignation as Premier, and Michael Dunkley was sworn-in as the new Premier of Bermuda on Tuesday morning. Mr. Cannonier will remain an MP, and Premier Dunkley will retain the Ministry of National Security portfolio.] 

Both Craig Cannonier and Michael Dunkley attended Government House this evening [May 19], and we are awaiting formal confirmation on what may have occurred – with extensive unofficial reports indicating that a big announcement may be expected soon, and the island may have a new Premier.

We have not yet received formal confirmation but will be updating as able.

The Premier started facing controversy when news of “JetGate” broke last summer, and the pressure continued to build as subsequent matters came to light.

Mr. Cannonier’s fast-tracked rise in politics began a few years ago when he was elected leader of the Bermuda Democratic Alliance in 2010.

Following their merger with the UBP to form the OBA, he was elected leader of the One Bermuda Alliance in 2011, elected to the House of Assembly in 2011 and became Premier in 2012.

Premier-breaking news

Live updates have ended, they start at the beginning below:


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  1. Tired of the Ignorance says:

    Okay! In my humble opinion, this is too little too late. There is still more fall out coming from the JetGate and other sagas and the damage for the OBA is going to prove unsalvageable. Premier Dunkley, enjoy the short ride.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      This is not breaking news, it was expected. Mr. Dunkley made his first speech today in regards to fact that all the information in regards to JETGATE will be released soon. I hope this means that others will also be dealt with as well, and not just the Premier being the fall guy in regards to JETGATE, if Mr. Dunkley is honest.

      It is very unfortunate that Mr Cannonier is in this sad position. It almost seems that his lack of political naivety has landed him in a sad situation and that he has received such bad advice. I almost feel like he was used by the OBAubp in regards to this situation, but he was not able to see the light. It would be interesting to see if the other JETGATE 4 will also be put under same pressure as Cannonier. Mr. Cannonier should not be the only one made to walk the plank, as there were others involved as well.

      • CAM READY says:

        @Betty….for real??? “I almost feel like he was used”. Do you really believe that? He is a grown man and responsible for his OWN actions and he and others involved should be punished.

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          Political Naivety and lack of experience is partly the reason behind this action. The others had to play a significant part as well, particularly the AG. I am sure he did not carry this out alone. The other JETGATE 3 must also be held accountable. I hope the full investigations will reveal this. Why did the AG not advise him correctly, so he has to take some or part of the blame. I think they were shaking in their boots as well, but manage to shift the blame in only one direction, and that was on the Premier. So yes he is a big man, but the other players are also grown up.

          • Sick n Tired says:

            Betty I am surprised that you are being so politically correct her!!! Naivety????? If Craig Cannonier was STUPID, yes I am saying it, STUPID enough not to see that he was just a PUPPET in the schema and scope of a bigger plan, than he deserves every kick in the ass that they have given him!!!! Point blank!!!!! He sold his soul, and with that he deceived the young vote, the young black vote!!!!! If Craig has any sense of integrity he would SING LIKE A BIRD!!!! He is the fall guy!!!!

            • Steve Biko says:

              Puppets have been in the O.B.A./ubp since de first Black guy ran for them , nothing new !!!!!!!!!!

              • Peace to All says:

                This is all a result of PLP racism, which is despicable. And it’s very transparent when you try to turn it around to look like the OBA is racist. Look at the make-up of the two parties.

                • Jo Blo says:

                  Some would say the racial make up of the PLP vs OBA is more indicative of a long standing social dynamic whereby whites have been less willing to get involved in ‘black groups’. I dont think either party is racist but it is definitely absurd to refer to the PLP as racist when its very formation was the result of the oppression experienced by the parents and (great) grandparents of its supporters by the parents and (great) grandparents of many OBA supporters.

                  • LOL (Original TM*) says:

                    nope they are racist the proof is in how they act and they speeches they write they are not designed to appeal to everyone in the country they are mean for “true Bermudians” the PLP will never clear their name in my eyes they have become what they say they fight against. If you don’t see it picture an OBAer saying the things they say and swich it to your demograph and you will see it or you’ll just lie and justify it one or the other…


              • JustAskin2 says:

                Yes indeed. Those of us with long memories remember the cunning and nasty political shenanigans of the UBP. With mostly the same people in the OBA, what do you expect?

            • el says:

              Craig was responsible for the demise of the UBP they all abandoned ship (save 2) and ran to the OBA begging to get in and agreeing to put Craig at the helm for forming new party and annihilating the ubp.. Craig was owed that much but didn’t bank on being tha surrogate,.. maybe..former Premier deserves credit for one thing at least, which has changed the course of Bermuda politics forever… he formed and won against the oldest party in the history of Bermuda and for that may be his legacy also.

        • frank says:

          he was used from the time he was swarn in they needed a black person to get the vote also the other 2 ministers should be made to step down

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            why, and he was not made to step down.


      • Betty Boo Boo, What makes you think Mr. Dunkley did not know about this situation all along, just maybe he knew more then we think, and for him to want all the truth all now,Mr. Cannonier if you please can tell us who really pushed to get the information out.

        I don’t think Mr. Mark Bean had access to this information but it almost seems as if it was readily made available for all the docks to be put in a row. Now does my memory serve me correct when there was a statement made by the now opposition in reference to we are not going back to the plantation.

        Well just maybe those leaders in the P.L.P back there had insight to things to come, and now we see Massa sending you back into slavery and to work the fields. sounds harsh but reality has a way of biting us in the Ox, but Massa I tell you the truth don’t push to hard, it may just be your worst move yet.

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          @SANTUCCI…..Well we know that Mr. Dunkley knew all along. We also knew he was just waiting his turn to become leader, after all if you read the booklet on the “Black Surrogate”, it tells us step-by-step what will happen in the OBAubp party. Most of what is in the document has taken place so far, despite many wanting to over look it. Everything has play out to script.

          • SpanishPointBye says:

            If you think it makes a bit of difference what the skin colour of his replacement is, you’re a racist, plain and simple.

            If you don’t like that, put it in your craw and choke on it.

            The only thing that should matter is what he _does_, not what colour his _skin_ is.

            Here in the future, a person’s skin colour is not supposed to matter, right?

            • el says:

              Spanish bye you are naïve if u don’t know that race plays in everything as founded by the white supremacy party of the kkk.

      • cameron,c says:

        lady smell the roses. the writing has been on the wall for months, believe it, he is done!

      • Bill Stephens says:

        Why dont you try looking at your own Party and bring some righteous rulings down on them? After 14 years of constant and unbridled spending you have the nerve to turn the cheek on what your Party has done to Bermuda!?

        Let’s agree that Mr. Dunkley is about as honest as your Mr. Bean and the rest of the OBA is about as honest as the rest of the PLP – then we can all start from the same point and move forward!

        If we cant agree on that then we launch an inquiry into BOTH parties and air it all out – I am prepared to help with that agenda – are you Betty? Did not think so!

      • Truthseeker says:

        It’s quite funny that this has all happened. I remember when the OBA won election and Craig Cannonaire was made premier. Someone said to me watch, this guy is not going to make his entire term as premier, there’s gonna be a reason for him to step down and they are going to make Dunkley the remainning Premier. Cannonaire was used as the face of the OBA so it didn’t look like the past UBP party (the white party). It just makes me think that he was set up from the start. He was obviously manipulated by someone in the party whom he trusted. I think he was a bad choice of premier anyway, especially due to his lack of experience in politics. I hope now that they got what they want this doesn’t lead to further problems in the country, because now Dunkley may do exactly what he likes which could be worst since he has more motives and know how. Sorry to say it but once again the white man has played and used the black man to his advantage. Shame.

        • Sheldon Cooper says:

          Acting Premier, huh? I don’t know what’s going on with the OBA right now or who’s really in charge.

          We’d better hope there isn’t a UFO invasion in Bermuda in the near future. When the alien says “Take me to your leader” we won’t know what to do…

        • JustAskin2 says:

          I believe that it was his lack of experience that got him in this mess. The people in the OBA who elected him as Premier knew what they were doing.

    • Premier Dunkley if that is your title come Monday May 26th, do us all a favor please as a fellow Bermudian.Please send Mr. Wayne Scott out into the crowd to dance with the gombeys, because you even trying to do it just wont look right,but on the other hand that may just be the right thing for you to do on that day, look like a gombey and try to fit in.

      • Anon says:

        How racist!

        • Call it what you want, white man can’t jump, ask me how I know, my father was white and I cant dance to save my life. So for the record I speak from experience not from a racial slur and yes I have seen Micheal dance.

      • Cardine Alice says:

        A little racist don’t you think?! Wow.

      • lucky 7 says:

        Wow, u racist piece of s***

        • lucky 7 says:

          @ santucci
          Your 2nd comment regarding Michael Dunkley trying to be a gombey sounded more playful, sorry for calling you names after reading the 1st comment, that came across to me as racial and pretty harsh. Anyone who’s racist gets under my skin!I just don’t know why we can’t all get along.

          • jonah says:

            Oh stop i!! Its my guess you have had your private moments – its what’s in the heart boss..

    • Dontworryboutathing says:

      The OBA should of called in Olivia Pope. She would of had this sorted out!!!

  2. O'Brien says:

    After life’s fitful fever, he sleeps well…

  3. Miss. Q says:

    I am very disappointed. Craig was a good Premier! I don’t think they should have cut him because the PLP has put this pressure on him. They have allowed the PLP to direct the course of the country…This is what they wanted all along…!

    • Tired of the Ignorance says:

      Woman how ignorant are you??? This has NOTHING to do with the PLP, I really don’t get it (confused). The PLP never asked for any of this. What happened to Craig Cannonier was orchestrated by Craig Cannonier. And I’m curious, what qualified Mr. Cannonier to receive the honour of a good Premier?? (please reply telling me that you were joking)

      Perhaps this was all a part of the UBP plan. All of this to say that this was well constructed by the OBA stalwarts.

      Craig Cannonier, Miss Q was a pathetic Premier. He was never a political. I wait too see how far back into slavery the interim Premier will take us.

      • Mr. man! says:

        Mr. Cannonier had the ability to speak from his heart and try to pull the people together genuinely. The plp has implemented negative spin and politics of moral decay. Cannonier was naive but that is just what we needed when we were all so jaded. Unless he stole the money and I doubt that he did. this really had nothing to do with him as a bad person or leader. The UBP should not have allowed the PLP to cut the head off.

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        What kind of “comment” is that…

        Did you get more than a 4th grade education??? People like you are quite “scary” and dangerous – because you don’t know what you are talking-about!!

      • Bill Stephens says:


        Oh right – you mean like when my business was held a slave to the ignorant policies over the last 14 years under the PLP that crippled it and lost 30 good jobs that BLACK Bermudians had – is that the slavery you refer to?

        Sorry but I have not seen a slave lately amongst my BLACK family and BLACK friends so you may want to point one out for me? Just one will do and then we can base our analysis on that.

        Cant find one? Oh that’s right – there are none! So stop the mindless banter!

        For your consideration – take a lesson from Dr. King:

        “We are only slaves when we choose to bow down to tyranny, when we lose our sense of purpose, when our love of life and our compassion towards others who have greater problems than our own wanes, when our Faith is tested and we fail to believe in God’s plan – until then you may label us a slave but in our hearts and souls will be a slave to no one!”

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      PLP did not direct the course of this situation, this was the doings of the OBAubp all by themselves. They promised the people TRANSPARENCY ACCOUNTABILITY> this is not what we got.

      However, it is unfortunate that the Premier seems to be the only one taking all the blows in regards to JETGATE. Was the Premier merely a SURROGATE for the OBAubp? Did he only serve the purpose as outlined in the report? If not than why not hold the other JETGATE accountable as well? In some small way I almost feel as if the Premier was clueless and set up by the other Jetgate 3 persons.

      One must ask what about the others that were involved. These folks were the master minds behind this entire affair, and they must be held accountable as well, if not this issue is not over.

      I hope the OBAubp come clean on everything, and put the blame for this MESS on all those involved in this matter. This will than put this matter to bed.

      • mixitup says:

        Bettey says, In some small way I almost feel as if the Premier was clueless and set up by the other Jetgate 3 persons.

        Small Way?!

        • Unearthed says:

          He resigned to steer the blame away from the OBA and direct it to himself. This is supposed to protect the OBA’s reputation. They used him as a scapegoat.

    • frank says:

      he did it to himself

    • Truthseeker says:

      What the hell are you talking about!? That is what the opposition is for! When the PLP was in power, the opposition dissected everything that they did and it was plastered all over the newspaper every week, check the facts! Also Cannonier’s party jumped right on that bandwagon and didn’t hesitate to have him resign. No one has Cannoneirs back, his own party wanted him out! They aren’t even holding the other two MP’s responsible, Craig is the fall guy all around, that is not a united party. So to try and blame the PLP for him loosing his seat is utter foolishness! Also how can you really say he was a good premier? The guy was tight lipped about everything, he was never honest and he ever made any decision for the country based on his own accord, stop making excuses and see things for what they are!

  4. whatdoesthefoxsay? says:

    Experiment now over. Now, back to the future. UBP.

    • CAM READY says:

      Lets check the score

      OBA – $350K – $0 missing from the public purse. Cannoneir had the decency to eventually resign.
      PLP – $800 MILLION unaccounted for during their 14 years. 0 of their leaders had the same decency.

      • Oh please! says:

        This isn’t about the PLP anymore! The OBA promised they would do better and we voted them in based on that! Yet not even two years in and already they’re tainted by tales of corruption?!!

        People put their faith in this party! If the people feel they are just going to do the same old dirt, they will feel they might as well vote for their preferred party and that has been the PLP for 14 years! The PLP people gave the OBA a chance and rather reluctantly-if they feel the OBA is doing the exact same thing, they might as well go back to the PLP! Can Bermuda afford that? The OBA Cannot afford to fail! They can’t be allowed to do things just because the PLp supposedly did the same thing! We expected better of them.

        The sad thing is that this will be Craig Cannonier’s legacy-one of shame. No matter what happens now, people will always think he’s guilty as charged no matter what’s said to the contrary.

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          hahahahahahahahahahaha so you say that but you and the PLP are the first to pull white insults and racial bashing it has everything to do with the PLP and OBA politicians none of them are there for the right reasons but if you thought they were hahahahahahahahaha the joke has always been on you

      • Make a New Plan Stan says:

        This 800 million dollar thing is tired….boring…..old……

        After looking “under the hood” no REAL FACTS about the 800 million have been given to the people.

        The more it’s repeated the more mythological it seems.

        WHERE did that number come from? WHO has proof that that number is correct? WHEN is the current administration going to blow the lid off of this major theft? HOW long are people going to keep banging on about this 800 million dollars?

        But if it makes everyone who keeps saying it feel better….carry on but it’s TIRED…..BORING….and…..OLD

        I urge anyone who feels the same to copy and paste this under EVERY comment that refers back to the “missing 800 million dollars”.

        Just in case you missed it…….it’s T I R E D……B O R I N G…..A N D……O L D ! !

        • Bill Stephens says:

          Facts are facts!

          We have a mega deficit due to over spending for the last 14 years. Now tell us specifically how the PLP intends to fix it?

          Oh I know – we will tax those who have money and require successful businesses to blindly give their profits away to support equality for all and give us all $100,000 per year jobs!

          Brilliant ideas PLP – that will work! Why didn’t the OBA think of that?

          But wait – a news flash just in!

          It is reported today that people with money and International business are all gone from Bermuda.

          In a related story, all they left behind was some Bermuda dollars with all the pretty birds and fish on them! Value for Bermuda dollars on the currency exchange is at a record high of 1 penny!

          Your PLP representative thanks you for your support and patience as we try to find gold at the bottom of North Rock with a snorkel and shovel (because a person with money was needed for better mining equipment but could not be found) or until we can plant enough marijuana seeds on Southampton Princess and Mid-Ocean golf courses to cultivate 100 tons of Bermuda Gold herb for export to the USA(but we are still looking for a person with money to help with shipping charges).

          In another related story – USA Congress bans marijuana sales from Bermuda…

      • lucky 7 says:

        But the 300k wasn’t TAXPAYERS money. That’s the difference between the plp and OBA

  5. Coolcaine says:

    How can anyone trust the OBA. This was a well planned conspiracy to get rid of Mr. Cannonier.

    • Mr. man! says:

      Shut up and stop hiding!

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Coolcaine might be correct in saying that; “How can anyone trust the OBA. This was a well planned conspiracy to get rid of Mr. Cannonier.”

      After all he was the only fall guy in this matter. Why not Minister Crockwell and the AG also held accountable, after all they were involved in this MESS of JETGATE as well?

      Why do they get to walk free and still hold Minister post? The AG should have advise him differently and yet he walks away clean? Some is not right with this picture?

  6. Blah says:

    Sad day for bermuda

    • Truuufff says:

      I think it’s a great day for Bermuda! Premier Dunkley is the man who will get things done right. You won’t see $800 million go missing on his watch (I still want to know where that went by the way) and he will be transparent. Today is the day that STUFF starts getting done. Congrats Premier Dunkley! Should have been you all along but better late than never. Now get to work!

  7. nuffin but the truth says:

    at least he did what the Doctor wouldn’t do!

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Soooo Raymond Ray… Jet-Gate came back to bite you in-the-b*tt!!! Pettingill should have also gone… As he is the AG and SUPPOSED to be beyond-reproach!!!

      • “A person may cause evil to others not only by his / her actions but by their inaction, and in either case he / she are justly accountable to them for the injury” (John Stuart Mill philosopher & economist 1806 -1873)

  8. Ess Ess Dee says:

    Nandi for Premier. LMBAO. OBA/ UBP equals surrogate city!

  9. Smh says:

    We all know this was their plan all along… They take the Bermudian public for fools and sadly enough they were right about many!

    • O'Brien says:

      So it was ‘their’ plan for Landow to offer CC a private jet ride, for him to accept, then (potentially) mislead Parliament about it then for the PLP to harp on about it for a year until he had no choice but to resign?

      Get real.

      • Geez says:

        Scandal teaches us that anything is possible!

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          I should be a fixer I wold love that sh39

      • Come On Man says:

        the plan was when he screws up and he did we get rid of him..WAKE UP!!

        • Back-in-the-day-girl says:

          And they knew he would screw up because of his naivete. I am willing to bet that before they boarded that jet, the plan was hatched. And if any of the other surrogates think they are safe, think again.

  10. mr.speaker says:


  11. outkasted says:

    And in this corner…we have…

  12. somuchless says:

    LaVerne what you think about dat?

  13. biggadon says:

    grabs popcorn and pulls up a chair !

  14. Just the oppurtunity Mr. Dunkley has been waiting for, now the die hard U.B.P supporters feel more at ease.

    • frank says:

      I wonder who the milkman picks for his deputy will it be a woman

    • Truuufff says:

      Yea, what’s your point? Did the UBP “lose” $800 million? We should ALL feel more at ease.

      • BS says:

        Why do you people feel the need to lie. If $800 million were stolen everyone would be in jail. 800 million was not stolen so please quite with the lies.

        it was $800 million not audited, a large amount in pension funds, which TODAY are still not audited…

        Breaking news .. OBA surpasses PLP with 1.5 Billion of unaccounted funds!

        Bernews, please run the headline.

  15. non political says:

    Michael earlier said the premier had his full support. Don’t let him have your back. Don’t want his support if he change in ten minutes.

    • He hadn’t changed…the former Premier Craig Cannonier had stepped down! Dah:-(

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        Soooo Raymond Ray… Jet-Gate came back to bite you in-the-b*tt!!! Pettingill should have also gone… As he is the AG and SUPPOSED to be beyond-reproach!!!

        • Far from it…whoever you are “MAKE MY DAY” character. I stood by my leader till proven wrong / or he chose to step down, in which case he’d done on his own accord.

  16. Saw it coming says:

    The plan has worked, the puppet master has cut the strings lol

  17. Smiling in Somerset says:

    What a sad day….we’ve gone from bad to worst. I guess we better embrace ourselves for more skeletons to show up. SMH

  18. Coffee says:

    Oh well I guess he won’t be getting that premier pension !

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Do you think he really NEEDS it???

      • Coffee says:

        Yup , he needs it . He left Government House with his shoe laces strung together for a belt to hold up his pants !

        • 32n64w says:

          So the opposite situation of a former Premier who arrived with just his shoelaces and left with custom suits? I know which one I’d rather trust to put Bermudas interests ahead of his own and do the honourable thing when faced with controversy and questions of transparency and accountability.

  19. Honestly says:

    I’m sure this has been the plan since election! They just waited for the right time and the time was tonight!

    • Mr. man! says:

      Now let get to the political theory!
      are black bermudians going to re-elect a white man as the leader of the country. The racist are very happy because the UBP are in full control and the front man shot himself in the foot. All they need to do now is to keep the injured Crockwell and yes man Wayne scott!

      • CAM READY says:

        The racists would be you. Sounds like you are admitting that those that “look like you” can’t see past the color of someone’s skin and vote for someone else that doesn’t “look like you”? Those that think like you are the real problem because you will never vote for the best person (white or black), you will only vote for those that look like you.

        Sad day for Bermuda, but its sadder that you find happiness in it.

        • Maturity! says:

          Well then you must look at the recent polls. white people only vote one way…what does that mean idiot?

      • Oh please! says:

        I am so, so sick of people debating whether black people will vote for white people. I’m black and I would vote for Michael Dunkley if I lived in his constituency. I’d go so far as to say that he’s very well thought of in the black community. He’s rich-no secret, everyone knows it-but he’s not arrogant. At Dunkley’s he worked alongside his regular employees and did whatever was necessary to run the place-even delivering milk. He never gave the impression he was better than everyone else. Lots of black people like him-he gets along with everyone and I doubt he has a racist bone in his body, so why wouldn’t black people vote for him???

        • Aether says:

          Agreed. Michael Dunkley is probably the blackest white premier we’re gonna get-our own equivalent of Bill Clinton. He’s ‘down’ with black folk-just check him out when he goes up to Art Mel’s to grab a fish sandwich. He isn’t afraid to go up there and talks to the guys while he’s at it. He reminds me of Sir John Swan in that regard-he likes talking to the regular guy on the street to find out his struggles. I think he’ll do a good job. I think he genuinely wants to make Bermuda a better place.

          I’ll say as well that I’m black and I have no problem with him remaining premier. I get tired of all this talk of puppets and the like. The OBA shouldn’t be concerned with making sure a black face is the face of that position-most people don’t care as long as the person does a job job for EVERYONE and not the few!

          I’ll be watching closely, though, as will many. Please don’t put us through this again, OBA. This was your one and only chance-you won’t get a second one!!!

          • Aether says:


          • Anon says:

            Bermudians seems to be divided more by education levels rather than race right now. The less educated, hardest hit, are the ones being targeted by PLP and whipped into mass hysteria not knowing that they are only being used. Again.

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          The question was not if you would return him to power the question was will the majority of blacks in this country vote for him. Im white and I would not vote for him, seen a different side than what you describe but heres to wishfull thinking.Oh and I have voted for both parties and skin does not effect my vote however you can’t expect me to vote for a person who thinks “house nsdljkb” or “whit*” or calling the whole race of people racist these things will never get my vote even if their plan is better it’s a trust issue for me you should know all about that right.


  20. whatever says:

    Not really surprising, given the events of last week. Best of luck to Mr Cannonier in the future but please can we now move on from “Jetgate” and focus on what is good for Bermuda?

  21. Bermewjan says:

    So what do they do with Craig now?

    • Tired of the Ignorance says:

      Bury him because they just executed him!

  22. yessbully says:

    This is not good look..

    But I think dunkley will do fine

  23. sage says:

    Let’s hope Dunkley is temporary.

    • Neutral says:

      To whom much is given, much is required.

      Everything that happens in life, happens for a reason.

      Both the OBA and the PLP need to go back to the drawing board and understand that their “customers” are the people of Bermuda.

      Please put the dictionaries down politicians. Using BIG words don’t impress me. Start using Common sense.

      Sad day in Paradise!

    • frank says:

      as I see it they have no one else and this is what Dunkley has waited for when he lost his seat and premier ship he went back and set in the senate Dunkley wants the leadership like a baby wants milk

  24. Craig much love’, but they used you. Wake up and get back to church…

    • No they did not use him, he went in fully aware of what he was getting into,and he benefited handsomely may I add from where we the general public sit.

  25. Hmm says:

    Unfortunate day. This gentleman has an incredible heart for this country!

  26. CAM READY says:

    Anybody but Dr Brown

  27. Stephen Thomson says:

    So sad. I will remain a supporter of Craig Cannonier. I think he was one of the people and did well by Bermuda. His heart was in the right place and he was a straight forward, direct and honest man. He will be missed. We are better off for having had him as our leader and he will be missed.

    • somuchless says:

      How the hell was Craig honest?

      • Coolcaine says:

        Is Dunkley honest?

        • Oh please! says:

          He has integrity and from what I’ve seen of him, he IS honest. He has plenty of money so wouldn’t be tempted into anything unethical in that area. I think he has a genuine love for Bermuda and wants the best for Bermuda.

          Why shouldn’t he be premier permanently? The OBA needs to stop thinking there needs to be a black face up front to keep black voters appeased! It depends upon the person and Michael gets along really well with black people, most of his employees are black, he has black friends, doesn’t hesitate to venture into black areas (neighbourhoods, churches, etc.) and doesn’t act like some stuck up snob. I know him personally and I have never gotten a whiff of arrogance off of him-never. You can say what you will about him but as far as snootiness goes, he is definitely not snooty or a snob!!!

          • Redo says:

            Haters will hate anyone that is smarter, prettier, thinner, richer….they are just miserable haters. We should feel sorry for them. Imagine being that unhappy every day of your life? Sad.

            Congrats Premier Dunkley! Your love for Bermuda and its people is well known and appreciated.

  28. Da plumber says:

    Oh well on to the next disaster

  29. hmmmmm says:

    All I have to say is prayer is needed for the island of Bermuda…

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      Payer???..prayer!!! didn’t do anything before and it sure as hell wont do anything now!..prayer..bah!

      • hmmmmm says:

        the bible says Humble ourselves and seek Gods face! Not trying to be religious! when we do that! Bermuda will fall back into place.. Until than corruption will continue to happen..

  30. Watching says:

    Here we go! The island politics is a joke

  31. Errin Butterfield says:

    Although it seems as if Craig Cannonier did it to himself. Politics can be very nasty at times. They say that hindsight is 20/20 I hope when/or if he reflects back on his political past he sees everyone for who they truly are, those both outside his party and those within it.

  32. RME says:

    He just didn’t want to resign on his birthday….

    • Coffee says:


    • frank says:

      what he should do is give up his seat because it is just a matter of time before they kick him all the way out

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        why so the PLP could force an election? please anyone who wants to go back there………


  33. Boo hoo! Boo hoo! The surrogate has left the building… People’s pharmacy has an opening.

  34. birdie says:

    Craig don’t go down alone!! DOWN WITH OBA, DOWN WITH OBA!

    • CAM READY says:

      And your “UP” plan is the PLP. You do realize that in 14 years they:
      Destroyed Tourism, International Business, the Economy, Employment, Education, massive debt, and were involved in a bunch of scandals. The only difference, nobody had the decency to resign for the benefit of the country. They continued to destroy and take for themselves it seems.

      This is your better plan B? $800 million in accounted for monies wasn’t enough? You want more of that!

      • Make a New Plan Stan says:

        This 800 million dollar thing is tired….boring…..old……

        After looking “under the hood” no REAL FACTS about the 800 million have been given to the people.

        The more it’s repeated the more mythological it seems.

        But if it makes everyone who keeps saying it feel better….carry on but it’s TIRED…..BORING….and…..OLD

        Just in case you missed it…….it’s T I R E D……B O R I N G…..A N D……O L D ! !

        • anon says:

          It sure as $ell isn’t tired and boring for me!

      • bermy bie says:

        Just how did the PLP destroy tourism? Was it by building the dock in the dockyard to facilitate the larger vessels or was it by bring lower cost airlines to the island to attract more air visitors? D. Dodwell did very well under the PLP and he didn’t complain.

        Tourism was destroyed by the UBP when they did things like chase major chains like Marriott out of the island and turned our hotels into condo units. This was their plan to control the economy and to keep the middle class under their control. now they are back in power and are trying to do the same thing with initiatives like economic immigration and casinos witch will only provide wealth for a few and thus again control the economy.

        It is time we wake up and take back our country as it doesn’t belong to either party it belongs to us and if there is going to be a change we have to bring it because we can’t trust either party.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      He is the *Captain* of the ship – but I think that Pettingill should have also joined him as the AG is supposed to be beyond “reproach”!!

      Unfortunately, he is too narcissistic and egotistical as a person to “fall-on-his-sword” as well!!

  35. Unbelievable says:

    Dunkley is Acting Premier, not Premier.

  36. Pharaoh says:

    As long as Mr. Dunkley knows that all economic, social, and geographical ascensions and or declines will be blamed on him and his government. If he is man enough for those very real possibilities, as a Bermudian I’ll be willing to see what he got.

  37. Bernews Thank you in advance for your up to the minute reporting and the excellent work of all your staff that keep us informed.

  38. I like to also “say” I concur with what you’ve written Kangoocar…Now, just maybe, Bermuda Govt. can start getting “the ball rolling” once again in the correct direction?
    Mr. Craig Cannonier I supported you for the time you served us and I do believe you’ve done the honorable thing in stepping down.

    • Tired of the Ignorance says:

      Typical response from you

  39. Nemo says:

    We got accountability now.

  40. Coffee says:

    The devil took back all his toys for himself ! Craig left Gov.House with shoestrings holding up his trousers !

  41. just saying says:

    This is really so sad…we have to dig deep and come together to make this Island the jewel it once was..politics are really dirty business….don’t trust either party….they all have their own agendas. We can’t afford to be on the world stage looking stupid…the international fallout from this is likely to bring us down more…when you ask how low can we go? We low low….praying for this precious island cos the alternative is no different…and I voted for them . God help us

  42. Cboradman says:

    Our country’s heading the way like Greece if P.L.P returns to power.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Well… You had better learn to speak Greek then!!!! LMFAO!!!

  43. mixitup says:

    *Picks up secret report to check which Chapter this part was on*

  44. Just maybe we’ll see the so called skeletons that have been hiding in the closets of numerous former Govt.(P.L.P.)members? “Now is the correct time to let the rubber meet the road”.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      You made a sensible comment – but the Island can’t take too much *shenanigans* at this point – because ALL outside investors will be scared-away for a long time!!

  45. oh no says:

    Sad day for bda. a well spoken articulate man who only wanted to help Bda out of its current situation is treated like this. He did not entertain the racial talk, wasnt interested in back and forth negative comments , just wanted to get Bda back in order. He should have been treated better than this, was too intelligent to use phrases like OUR people and separate us as people he wanted everyone on the same page.
    Sad day indeed.
    Dunkley will do fine he is a real leader and will fight off racial talk and really lead,fight off negative talk, and fight off other negative situations and represent Bda well. Best of luck MR. Dunkley. And thank you Mr. Cannonier for getting us away from the leadership of PLP. Even if OBA fail it will be a better job than what the plp did.
    Scary how fast people forget what plp did. and now plp is making a big deal over a Premier trying to get investors here? Give me a f…..g break. The man should have had hundreds of investors waiting to put money into Bda who cars? One investor????? That is what all this fuss is about??

    • Anon says:

      How low can we go…that is a question for Mark Bean (EB’s puppet). Apparantly there is no such thing as too low for him. we shoukd all be very worried

    • Come On Man says:

      and you beleive what you are saying about Dunkley. Your kidding me?

  46. Sally says:

    so wha… we getting free milk?

    Cannonier was a dummy to begin with. He had no political experience. But folks still voted for OBA. They are all liars!
    The whole plan was for him to B.S Bermuda and so Dunkley can be Premier.

    So sad what our island is coming to!
    Pray Bermuda

    • This so called Island says:

      So true!!

    • Come On Man says:

      I’ve been saying that all along . @sally

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      hey sally,wdf you calling a liar…smuck!

  47. oh no says:

    who CARES is what I meant to say in my last sentence.About him having one investor when he should have had hundreds.

  48. This so called Island says:

    Lord!! Oh Lord!! This Island is in need of prayer! You don’t know who to trust!

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      Prayer???..prayer!!! didn’t do anything before and it sure as hell wont do anything now!..prayer..bah!

  49. Thelma Foster says:

    there is more to come Bermuda we need to pray and ask God to heal our Land

  50. Banker says:

    so um the question is were is the $300,000.00. It still not accounted for…lol….lol

  51. Rhonda Neil says:

    The night before Wayne Furbert was ousted, Michael Dunkley, said he had his support. Craig should have known. MICHAEL having your back is like being on Jerry Springer for a positive surprise

    • Coffee says:

      When Dunkley says he supports you , he really means your F…CKED !

  52. PSJ says:

    Oh well…..what next…..

  53. Come On Man says:

    the plan has worked the front man that helped the OBA’s image is out now they will have the man they originally wanted in charge. “we had to deceave you” recognise those words?

    • Purple says:

      Yup – same game, different players – it’s called “politics”. And if anyone is shocked by all this, they don’t know politics.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      A bit short sighted don’t you think political stratigies in Bermuda do’te seem to think long term. So all this to get elected once and then put someone else in charge whom will see the OBA most likely lose the next election short sighted indeed. It may not happen the OBA might win again but I do not have that faith in the poeple here to vote for the “white party” even though I’m sure more blacks than whites are in the OBA.

  54. Coffee says:

    This is a in your face lesson for the willing and eager surrogates in that party …. All surrogates in the OBA , pay attention , please leave now … RIGHT NOW !!!

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      A bit short sighted don’t you think political stratigies in Bermuda do’te seem to think long term. So all this to get elected once and then put someone else in charge whom will see the OBA most likely lose the next election short sighted indeed. It may not happen the OBA might win again but I do not have that faith in the poeple here to vote for the “white party” even though I’m sure more blacks than whites are in the OBA.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      I just wish all racist would leave are you packing yet…………


  55. MAKE MY DAY says:

    OK, good… I figured that somebody had to go, for the OBA to politically *Save Face* – so you might as well start-at-the-top!! Pettingill as the Island’s AG should have also joined him – as he was also allegedly duplicitous in this controversy and attempted cover-up!! He is after all, supposedly the Islands top “legal man” – so his hands should have been even *cleaner* than Cannonier and beyond reproach!!

    But Pettingill doesn’t strike me as being that honourable of a man!!The OBA obviously made Cannonier the “sacrificial lamb”, as in theory the Buck-stops-there at his desk!!

    Lets also see what happens to the whole idea of a *Casino Plan* for the Island now!! That idea is probably going to be put on the back-burner for some time – maybe forever if the majority of Bermudians are against it!!

    • Bill Stephens says:

      Majority of Bermudians are FOR gaming and JOBS from gaming!

      This was before the OBA was even elected and casinos was brought up by Dr. B – not the OBA! And them politicans want is Hotel gaming – we dont want that becuase that means money going out of Bermuda!

      We want our LOCAL gaming back in our Community Clubs – we were making some good dollars from it to support the kids, the families, the charities and the Club and the money stayed in Bermuda!

      We just need someone to help us pay for it and get it all started properly and monitor for us all and we can help government with paying them taxes too!

      • Johnny says:

        How many jobs will gaming create? As a matter of fact how many casinos will there be? The island is only 21 square miles. there will not be that many jobs created by gaming and most will be low paying jobs similar to the ones that Bermudians do not work now. Government’s biggest revenue from gaming will be tax on profits from gambling, which will be a small percentage (should still be quite a lot though). The biggest winners in gaming will be the casino owner/s. I could be wrong but I doubt that there will be any Bermudian casino owner.

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        Bill Stephens… Be very careful what you wish for as I have seen a lot of Casino’s all over the States during the last 20 yrs and particularly in Vegas and Atlantic City – and they have their own share-of-problems in their respective communities – especially on the Indian Reservations!!

        They all increase gambling, drinking and drug addictions + a large “homeless street community” – and they are responsible for a high incidence of prostitution and “perverted” bars and clubs!! Sorry, but I have been and seen!! It is what it is!!

        PS: The Vegas Police Dep’t book about 100 people a DAY for various crimes – including public drunkards, stealing, forgery, prostitution, assaults, drug smuggling, vagrancy etc!!

      • Bermyluv says:

        When did you have your referendum or survey?

  56. Noisy neighbour says:

    Pettingill should hold on to his coattail and follow him out the door. That’s why he got another job, because he know what’s coming.

  57. MIKE DUNKLEY says:


    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Send mine to Arizona!!!

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        boomba you aren’t even in the country loyalty lolloololololol

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      fake as the plp.

  58. Come On Man says:

    when I see their faces on the TV. Craig C, Dunkley, Crockwell, Pentingale. I get a strange feeling like they cant be trusted.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Have you ever tried talking to these people you don’t trust?

      I mean, actually have a conversation about your concerns for Bermuda? Or is it just that you have no concerns and just distrust people based on what they look like?

  59. Point of Order! Mr. Speaker... says:

    “You mean we’re not going Town to mark out our spots for Bermuda Day next week!???….”

  60. whatwillittake says:

    Mr. Cannonier was as green as they come in politics. He tried to run with the big dogs but got bit once the bigs dogs saw things going south. Mr. Cannonier, you were the surrogate sacrificial lamb.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      So AG Pettingill was NOT much of an adviser to Cannonier when it mattered most – was he?? I guess they both thought they were going to make some easy deals and it all *blew-Up* in their faces!!

      Politics is a very “dirty business” and if you are going to run with the-big-dogs – you had better make sure you do your homework!!

      They should have talked to the Clinton’s first – as they are the “masters” of smoke-and-mirrors and political “double-speak”!!! Guess you could count BHO in that league as well!!

  61. Law and Order says:

    So sorry Brother Cannonier, the truth will set you free and the others that were with you should also be punished. God Bless You!

    • Bill Stephens says:

      God forgives all involved (as man is truly flawed) and he rewards those who take the righteous path! So Craig is not finished – he is just getting started – God has a greater and more important calling for him!

      May God bless you and keep you and bring down his judgement on those who hold hate and blame in their hearts!

      Please God may the OBA receive the knowledge and stregngth to guide us towards our important and immediate goals and may the PLP be encouraged to embrace compassion over controversy.

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        Politics and religion do NOT mix – particularly here in the States!!

      • God says:

        Sorry everyone- Bermuda is really low on my priority list.

  62. plp is a curse says:

    just imaging if PCC had bought in the UIGERS..they would have crucify him..

    • Coffee says:

      Well I guess your kinda right , Craig does resemble a sun kissed Jesus . But for now listen …. The ukulele man is strumming out TAPS for Uncle Craig .

      • Mike Hind says:

        Don’t bring me into this! I have nothing to do with this.

        • Coffee says:

          Your are neck deep in it hairy legged chairleader of the disgraced OBA ex premier … Keep hammering them Marc , keep the iron HOT ……102 !

          • haha says:

            get off his **** you ***!! ya funny and lame….u jus luv marc

          • Mike Hind says:

            No. I’m not, you ridiculous, pathetic, little man.
            I have to ask… are you completely insane?

            Because these rantings, and your obsession with me, would indicate that you are.

            Nothing you say about me is ever true, yet you keep trying to push these lies…

            and you wonder why people don’t want to vote for the PLP, with people like you, and the Party’s tacit approval, behaving like this.

            It’s not ok. How does acting like this help Bermuda?

  63. Come On Man says:

    this confirms guilt…case closed..

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Everybody knows this – that the OBA “screwed-up”!!! The question now is what have they learned??

  64. 21st Century says:

    He made a mistake. Sadly, his political immaturity didn’t allow him to readily admit it and move on. Had he earlier said “mea culpa” he’d still be Premier.

  65. plp is a curse says:

    Those ppl who called themselves Bermudians and backing those bunch of devious liarS plp ..they deserve the country they got..downgraded again..and no jobs…The best thing now is reinstate the plp and let them suffer more …

  66. shirley Richardson says:

    I’m Not sad about cannonier’s stepping down, The man was caught in so many lies, he was forced to resign. The PLP can’t be blamed for this fiasco, They did an excellent job as the opposition in bring out the truth. I do believe that Petingill,and crockwell, should step down as well. Any one with sense should have known, that it was just a matter of time before the UBP would be back in power. the parliament should be dissolved because the OBA/UBP is not worthy of running this country. Now, I’ll wait for the hater’s response.

  67. Not Surprised says:

    Dear Father please help my beautiful island home! Please save us from another Moody downgrade.

  68. watchfuleyes says:

    For one thing we all know it was just a matter of time before they were going to oust the premier, so what does it matter if he is gone now or next week? He made his bed now he has to lie in it. He allowed people to use him but at the end of the day he had his agenda too, and used his position for gain. But I want to see more heads roll. It is no improvement with Dunkley at the helm, lets hope that is a short stint too(ACTING premier alright). most of the OBA are tricksters because now they think they will appease the public by throwing us a bone -Craig Cannonier- we won’t be satisfied until all the dishonest politicians in the OBA are gone- those who claimed they knew nothing about meetings, those who are trying to look clean when they are so deep in s–t it’s not funny, those who say they had the Premier’s back, those who claim amnesia over certain events. So we will stand behind Marc Bean in his call for a vote-of-no confidence,dissolve the party and be done with the OBA- this is not over oba believe that.

    • Bill Stephens says:

      Dissolve the party over a measly $300,000? And the vote of no confidence would come from who? The PLP?

      OK then lets send all the PLP to prison over anything over 3 Million – oh wait we have $2B in deficit – OK off to prison you lot!

      And follow Marc Bean? There is no one more ignorant person on planet Earth – give us someone else to pick from – please take Bermuda’s future seriously for a moment PLP and not have little boys with no experience in International business or just the gaming business (where the house always wins – no smarts needed there) running around!

      • Well stated Bill Stephens, “where the house always wins – no smarts needed there”.

        • MAKE MY DAY says:

          Cannonier, Crockwell and Pettingill did NOT use any “smarts” did they??

          Craig should have stuck to running ESSO gas stations!!

      • shutthemdown says:

        why is an ignorant person?

        Because he is black?

        or because he doesn’t have your views.

        now Billy boy it is more than likely you who is ignorant

      • shutthemdown says:

        why is he an ignorant person?

        Because he is black?

        or because he doesn’t have your views.

        now Billy boy it is more than likely you who is ignorant

  69. Come On Man says:

    those who CC is protecting and knew about it need to also step down

  70. X man says:

    A major Victory for Marc Bean and the PLP – big big celebration at the PLP HQ’
    One of the OBA founders and OBA first Premier REMOVED from office already! – lasted just over a year -
    The OBA simply caved in — now it’s Dunkley vs Marc Bean – and the Political Party War continues !!!
    What next MILKGATE — Bermuda is falling apart or what!

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      BetchaBeangate next,now there’s a fool if I ever saw one!

      • X man says:

        is Marc Bean is the next to go – yep GanblingBeanGATE

    • No, it’ll be Mr. Marc Bean embarrassed next time… along with numerous fellow supporters / Members of the Progressive Labour Party…Remember, they too have countless skeletons in their closet :-(

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        I used to think that as well – but Nobody has found any yet that they can go to *Court* with!!

  71. somuchless says:

    Get out the ice cream and pop the milk with me and the wifey cause the milk man has enough milk to go around.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      When you say milkman – someone had better call David Lopes from ZBM and see if he wants to go into politics!!!

  72. 21st Century says:

    OBA please come clean. Your promise of transparency got you elected. If the Premier had immediately responded, truthfully, about what, who and why he took this trip, it would all be behind us now. Even the former Government knew this. “Sorry, we had to deceive you” was dismissed quickly because they quickly admitted it. If you make a mistake, which you will, say so and move on.

  73. Already knew this would happen says:

    What is wrong with you Bermudians. You couldn’t see that this was going to happen from the get go. Cannonier was never going to stay in power. He was only the black sarrogant they used to sway the votes of us so called “uneducated black people”. Dunkley probably orchestrated this whole plan from jump. Wake up Bermuda. You wanted change well here’s your change back to the UBP. Next they’re going to buy up everything they could get their hands on and the whites will dominate even more as per their plan. Let’s see how much this benefits the poor, middle class and the black community. Get out the ball and chain because you put your own selves in this predicament. I sure hope I’m wrong.

  74. Coffee says:

    I bet Craig must feel more of a fool than a white mouth mule …

  75. heard this was gonna happen years ago, no biggie craig d’ surrogate, its cool bra we knew.. Yo bermy dont buy dreams, invest that in business
    This message sponsored by ®eal Beatz Inc.

  76. patient A says:

    now on to better things I got 2 words for you Dunkley “medical marijuana”

    • Bill Stephens says:

      Stupid is as stupid does – marijuana is not the answer! no one is going to hire Bermudians now and even lesss when we turn up high on drugs to the jobs that are available! We need a new industry like gaming and stem cell research and lease out our fishing zone (but control it through quotas) to other countries to get real dollars into the coffers!

      Example: Tuna as sushi is a huge cash crop – we have massive tuna capacity out there and we dont get anything from that industry and we dont have employment for our existing fishermen (like fishing quota officers) to subsidize their income!

      • Creme Brûlée says:

        I like the Herb solution more. Only problem is we might be getting into it too late as a lot of other North American jurisdictions have a head start – as do their Casino and other gaming outlets. So come on guys, get on with it…

  77. Looking in says:

    Can you imagine what Bermuda would be like if the PLP take full advantage?

    • Bill Stephens says:

      Yup – one word comes to mind – Armageddon!

      • Anon says:

        Something else comes to mind “IMF”. Imagine David Burt and Finance Minister and Bean as the leader. Bye bye investors

  78. Inspector Gadget says:

    So… the “surrogate” and/or “pawn” is not out of the way as predicted. Now what? Again the black man takes the fall while the others remain absolutely silent. Now the real fun begins…

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Cannonier is a “big boy” – he knew what he was getting into!! But wait – did he really know what was coming??

  79. Rhonda Neil says:

    Will the OBA change their name back to UBP. Now that their experiment had come to a crashing end

    • Unbelievable says:

      When the same people at the top of the PLP admit they also screwed up?

      • Creme Brûlée says:

        Why would the gang do that when they have the money.

  80. Cool says:

    The last time Dunkley lost his seat, he took away Simmons Sherbert. Well’ now that he’s acting Premier, we need our Strawberry and Pineapple Sherbets back.

    • Creme Brûlée says:

      Actually, he needs to get rid of all that filled milk rubbish and start bringing in the real stuff – he can import Pepsi and Tropicana but other wholesalers cannot import milk, something very amiss.

    • el says:

      Dunkley did not take away Simmons Sherbert!!!who do u think he is????he doesn’t own it ..

  81. Gotham says:

    Well disappointed, Yes, of course I and many others are – but at least he’d had the decency to go (or in the very least his party had the good sense to give him the heave). Now can we please get on with fixing the economy, Michael?

  82. KHS says:

    Will the other guys ever give us back our money?

  83. shutthemdown says:

    welcome back ubp

  84. MAKE MY DAY says:

    There is very CLEAR evidence that the “Jet-gate Affair” did in fact exist and it had “legs”!! Real money was paid-out to certain Bermuda officials – and for what reason it is still unclear!! I believe the OBA want to keep it that way to avoid more embarrassment – so Cannonier had to be “sacrificed” as he was *Top Dog* so-to-speak and directly involved in this debacle!!

    I also believe AG Pettingill should have gone as well – because in his position as the top Law Officer, for the Island – his *Character and Ethics* are supposed to be beyond reproach!! Clearly that is NOT the case, because he had a “full accounting” of what had transpired (He was at the meeting) and he also “dropped-the-ball” from a Judicial standpoint!!

    But, that does NOT surprise me!! This whole “affair” makes BDA look like another Banana Republic – and does NOT bode-well from an IB standpoint!!

    Dunkley and the other OBA Ministers and MP’s have to work more diligently to try and restore *Confidence* in the Island’s Gov’t!! Your Credibility and Ethical positions are “everything” in the business world… That is one of the major reasons why the PLP had great difficulty attracting outside “Investors” to invest their $$$ into the Island and it’s planned future infrastructure – in the past!! The *Money Community* simply did NOT trust them and for good reason!!

  85. theothersidebda says:

    If the OBA has cleverly orchestrated this “conspiracy” from day 1 as some purport, then there is clearly hope for our country. Any group that can ‘plan’ all of these events and cleverly make them all come to pass as they have supposedly done, can surely be clever enough to get Bermuda out of this financial mess. Seriously people? A conspiracy? You are giving the members of the OBA far too much credit for having the intelligence and foresight to plan such an outcome. Did Dunkley always want to be Premier, sure. But to suggest that all of these events were orchestrated and executed as planned, is a bit of a reach. They’ve screwed up and screwed up big time. They are now trying to regroup (probably too little too late). End of story.

    • Anon says:

      Isn’t it time for your medication again? Time to crawl back into your cesspit

  86. just saying says:

    How strange that the Leader of the Opposition has made no comment!!!!!
    I would surely expect at least a sentence from yesterday….here we are today and no comment. He had enough to say before ….why the silence? I really pray both parties start to work together…we cannot afford to digress anymore from the real business at hand…this poor island and her people are suffering…

  87. In Mark's Opinion says:

    Ok we have a new leader , let’s get these channels opened up for St. George’s and Hamilton . They are dying without cruise ships.

  88. TickTockBda says:

    This should be very interesting…

    BUT … Wait what does #bittersweet really mean?


  89. Ride says:

    So unimpressed with the OBA right now. I mean, come on guys, we had enough of this ridiculousness under the Brown PLP years. You mean to tell me you couldn’t keep it level for one fettin’ term! Just one term.

    It’s good that Cannonier resigned as it is much more than the PLP did with their “had to deceive you” and their “unethical but not illegal” bits. But still, just one term, people. Can we not get just one term of good, transparent, and honest governance? For fraks sake!

    You may need to roll out the personal cultivation and taxable sale of marijuana to save yourselves.

    Whoever comes up trumps in the next election – One clean term is all I ask. Just one. Come on, surely this is possible.


  90. Enough says:

    No surprise to see all the comments on here about how this was the OBA’s plan all along………it’s pretty obvious this was the PLP’s goal to get him out. Guess that chip on the shoulder still resides with a lot of people.

    Let’s wait and see what transpires out of this ‘Jetgate’ fiasco but one thing is for sure, at least Craig Cannonier had the b*lls to hand in his resignation which is a lot more that can be said for any of the more recent premiers we’ve had.

    • Ex OBA voter says:

      What B@LLS, he got caught you idiot. He kept changing his story.

      • Enough says:

        You seem confused, which doesnt surprise me. So him getting caught was the OBA’s way to get him to resign from Premier, and now this is what the plan was along along according to the PLP?

        You obviously know the full story of what happend then? Highlighy unlikely dumb@a**.

  91. MAKE MY DAY says:

    TERM LIMITS…. Change the Gov’t every 4/5 yrs!!! Then everyone has to behave!!!

    • Ride says:

      If you mean swap governing political parties every 4/5 years by saying “term limits” then no; very bad idea. What is the point of providing good governance if you know, no matter what, you will be placed back in government again in 4/5 years?


  92. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Sir Henry Tucker with great vision founded the United Bermuda Party U.B.P.

    His vision for Bermuda was founded on the basis that the electorate of this island would have the common sense to vote for competent and educated states men regardless of race to govern this country.

    • I'm just sayin... says:

      You mean his vision as outlined below?

      “I am, however, opposed to the parochial vote for women because I am afraid it will lead to universal suffrage, which I feel will be detrimental to Bermuda. No country has been improved by universal suffrage.”—The Royal Gazette, May 30, 1938

      “It is my strong recommendation to the coloured race to be reasonable. The American visitors do not expect anything but what they find. If we should ever attempt to precipitate a change ahead of opinion in the United States, it would be the surest way to starvation that we know.”—The Royal Gazette, March 10, 1953

  93. Mark says:

    How come nobody is blaming Derrick Green , Cannoniers american paid political consultant , he seems to be the one that gave bad advice and lined up the meeting with fellow american Landow and most likely, and allegedly, the recipiant of a good portion of the money.

  94. terry says:

    Well well……
    Looks like the paid consultants are worth their weight in gold during this operation dubbed “Pressure Cooker” by the Progressive Labor Party.

    Keep using Mr. Cannoniers appointment as a ‘surrogate’ on the front burner.

    Attack the Government at every opportunity;

    We know they will appoint a white leader once we bring them down (him)

    Keep the pressure on in ways such as ‘Colonial past’;

    We knew it all along that this was the plan;

    We had to deceive….(forget that part- Ewart already did that one;

    Part’B’ of “Pressure Cooker”

    Stay toooned……………………

  95. Better Dump says:

    I gotta plan:

    1. Wote PLP back in.
    2. get rid a all axpats.
    3. get rid a arryone whose not a “Grassroots Bermudian”
    4. get goverment to print loads more money so we all rich.
    5. increase de size a SUWeez.
    6. we all heppy.

  96. terry says:

    Part “B”.

    This is codenamed

    Scaur Hill.

    Some will get it.

  97. BDA says:

    plp got yur wish, now go get your act from the past cleaned up IN THE OPEN

  98. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    If you don’t stir the pot all the soup will settle to the bottom.

    Has any body heard any communications from the New Tourism Authority lately ?

    Tourism is a GIVE and TAKE business……. GIVE our very best to our Visitors and TAKE them from other destinations.

    Bermuda is to expensive ! so ! what are you going to do about that ? HOW ABOUT CUTTING TAXES 50 % ?

    Why does Bermuda not have our own mega booking agency ?

    Why don’t we 5 second flash Bermuda scenic pictures on the major overseas TV net works ? BERNEWS DOES THAT.

    Gambling the house always wins ! The wheel should have 7 X sevens on it.” Don’t put you hands in another mans pocket”.

    Bermuda needs to up all its games. Sailing 12 meters Cats is next. Get Bermuda ready.

    All Bermuda e mails that go out should have a Bermuda scenic picture included.

    What about the parking problem ? no parking no business !

    I wonder if the BPS rounded up all the speeders this year before the tourist arrive.

    Save court cost, pay as you speed.less money for Booze.

    Is it safe to go out nights ? not yet !

    Orville . Where did all that corn go ?

  99. b rech says:

    This country is in a real mess and unstable very scary… who can we trust not the PLP OR OBA….

  100. jonah says:

    @ BDA – way to convenient suggesting that the PLP had anything to do with this mess that the OBA have found themselves in. It is also extremely boring constantly hearing OBA types refer to PLP misdeeds, particularly as it has been 17 months since the PLP were rightly dismissed.

    It’s your duty, and as such, responsibility to manage the affairs of the island and when you screw up royaly you have to accept the consequences. Sooo Man UP and sh_t up.

  101. Richard says:

    Mr Canonier is the sacrificial lamb. It takes more than just one person to carry out something of this nature and magnitude. To save the coalition and face, the now ex-premier is being sacrificed. Remember, Judas sold off his master many years ago, and also the disciples all forsook him and fled.

    • Jim Jones says:

      Magnitutde? The guy took a donation, then lied about a few things. What he did was wrong but seriously – ‘something of this nature and magnitude’? Please.

  102. Charles Richardson says:

    I agree that this was a well executed political murder/suicide.

    However, in light of what we have to choose from in terms of experience and intellectual ability can it be said that there is someone better within the OBA to hold the reins right now?

    Just an open thought…..

  103. Starting Point says:

    LOL if a secret cabal of UBP folks cooked this up then they deserve to be the government. Somehow they mind controlled a poor puppet premier to act unethically, convinced investors to throw 300K in the trash, ran the party through madness during the year, disbanded a party, inserted shadow minters, waited in the wings for years, leaked information to the willing PLP stooges.

    Basically this UPB puppet master group has controlled both the OBA and the PLP for over two years now….seems like they are the most strategic group on the island, who better to run the country imo.

  104. JustAskin2 says:

    Dunkley as Premier. God help us.

  105. TSOL says:

    Basically the OBA have played into the PLP’s hands. They demanded resignations and the Premier resigned. But that does not matter, because now they will scream at the top of their lungs, LOOK DUNKLEY’S PREMIER, OLD MONEY RICH WHITE GUY, ITS REALLY IS THE OLD UBP. It makes no difference that they were the ones calling for the resignation, and as deuputy Premier Dunkley would take over.

  106. BERMUDA says:

    So i guess we will be hearing from mr. Cannonier when he is back from his trip, so he can tell us more about the JetGate. We have the right to know if he want us to believe his transparency. And we hope the new premier will be straight to the people in this island.

  107. In Reality says:

    Kudos to Craig Cannonaire for admitting he failed as a leader and double kudos to the OBA party for recognizing and calling a spade a spade. Just in those actions alone shows me that we can trust the OBA. I’m hopeful that Dunkley will elevate this Country to the standard in which it should be.

    • I agree with what you’ve written,”In Reality”but, we have one huge obstacle…the P.L.P. don’t want to see the O.B.A. succeed in doing anything they’ve sworn to accomplish :-(
      The Progressive Labour Party will obstruct progress and waste time in the “House” as oppose to getting down to doing the “Peoples” business!

      • ” A Man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying, in others words, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday”
        (Alexander Pope, poet 1688 – 1744)

  108. DarkSideofTheMoon says:

    Sooooo… Is this the right time to bring up same sex marriage????

  109. LOL (Original TM*) says:

    Politians in this country will never earn any respect untill all party meetings and governement dealings are televised. Hell I’m for clamping a GPS bracelet to all political figures so they can prove they are whom they say they are.