Celebrating 55th Anniversary: Theatre Boycott

June 18, 2014

Imagine Bermuda is calling on the community to celebrate the impact of the successful Theatre Boycott and reflect on its meaning today.

A spokesperson said, “As we launch the celebration of the 55th Anniversary of the Success of the Theatre Boycott, Imagine Bermuda invites each resident to join in Reaching Out to our young people during the week of June 17th.

“Whenever encountering a student – K – 12 – during the week, please be encouraged to take the opportunity to remind them that they are an important member of the Bermuda Family, the Human Family.

“The Theatre Boycott began on June 15, 1959 with the intention of overturning formal segregation, a system based on the denial of the essential humanity of all. That success was achieved peacefully in two short weeks through the conscious efforts of ordinary people, choosing to do extraordinary things.

“This Anniversary offers an opportunity to re-affirm that we all are part of the human family, joined by shared and equal fundamental human rights. It is important that the up-coming generation are aware of their essential worth and their value to the wider community.

“In support of this effort we have a diverse group of persons who have volunteered to go the extra mile further in Reaching Out. They will ride some of the school buses during the morning of the week of June 17th, joining the students and having informal conversations with them.

“These volunteers will not only point out how we all have benefited from those who have made history, but remind these young people that as ‘students’, they are currently helping to fashion a future for a better Bermuda, a better World. The volunteers include Sports Figures, Parliamentarians, former Senior Civil Servants, Clergy, and others.

“We also invite the public, in those circumstance that are appropriate and if all involved feel comfortable, to explore doing a ‘High-Five’ or ‘Air High-Five’ with the young people around Bermuda. This would be a reminder to students of their wonderfully unique humanity and the power of one to bring about peaceful change.”

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  1. JustAskin2 says:

    Great idea Bermuda.

    • Steve Biko says:

      And that same Wicked, Evil Spirit is still present today just in a more SUBTLE FORM !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Don’t blink you might miss it !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Political Football Match says:

    Wow I feel segregated now. Before the election place black faces to the front lines after the election remove the blacks. The plan worked now lets see what “they” do next election.

    People removed so far.

    1 Sylvan Richards
    2 Nalton Brangman
    3 Leah Scott
    4 Craig Cannonier
    5 Charmaine Burgess
    6 Dale Jackson

    • LiarLiar says:

      Remove blacks? The people you mentioned are all part of the Party despite what your ignorant behind wants to spew.

      Another interesting post is you left out the resignation of the white Marc Pettingill. But I guess it doesn’t fit into your ignorant narrative.

      So you wanted Cannonier to stay on despite the revelations? Interesting. Guess you and your team should have left him alone, which if they did I am pretty sure you would’ve hooted and hollered about how the OBA have left a ‘corrupt’ individual in power and how unethical they are. Oh and by the way Mr. Cannonier resigned.

      Sylvan and Leah were demoted under Cannonier’s reign and as one mentioned they are still Junior Ministers with Sylvan even admitting that he was not ready for a Ministry just yet, but will be eventually.

      You and your team bitched and moaned that Charmaine Burgess and Dale Jackson were a waste of money and that the Premier was useless if he needed so many staff. Now they are gone, along with their salaries, you bitch and moan about the color of their skin. So typical and predictable of you and your team.

      And can I ask how you ignorant idiots can claim that Ms. Burgess and Mr. Jackson were surrogates considering the fact that they are not even political and were in no way part of the OBA campaign? Of course you can’t answer it, because you are ignorant and just another PLP racist.

      So by my count there are now 7 Ministries with 3 or 43%of the Ministers being the color that you apparently dread the most…white (screams) which means that 57% are the color that makes you happy…black (smile).

      Now under the PLP they have had only one lighter skin MP and only two lighter skinned candidates. That is for an island that is roughly 30% lighter skinned (screams again). So which Party would you say represents the demographics of BDA better than the other. And I am talking about the current demographic breakdown of the island and not the one that you and your team yean so desperately for.

      Last question for your ignorant behind: are all the white OBA backbenchers also considered to be surrogates?

      • LiarLiar says:

        Actually I am incorrect.

        There are now 8 ministries with 3 or 38% of them being white (screams)and 62% being black (smile).

      • Political Football Match says:

        Before you have a heart attack go sit down and have some tea woman. I voted for the new oba not this oba+ubp BS that you and the other clowns jammed down the voters throats. If the BDA Party had not joined the UBP I would have voted for them. As it stands now the UBP is back in charge. This so called team has did nothing over the almost 2 years in power accept take away term limits. I should have stayed home like the rest of the voters. Lets see how many surrogates sign up next time to be played.

        • Sad says:

          So basically your ignorant ass can’t respond to the facts laid out above or rebut the actual truth?

          Keep calm and stay ignorant.

      • You got to be joking says:

        Your ignorant behind don’t know or don’t want to admit that there is only one white face in the plp because white folks are racist and wouldn’t join the plp under no circumstances. Look at the amount of blacks who join white organisations. Blacks are willing to integrate within the community but not whites. I was talking to one of my former neighbours who move out of the neighbourhood, who by the way was just a salesman in America. After just 2 years in the country he is now an executive in a off Shore company. I was curious so I asked him did he receive any additional education he said no. After realising why I asked him he started to stutter like hell to change his tune. Getting back to my main point, he moved out of my neighbourhood because as he put it, his wife and son has joined him and he wants to be in a better area. I am a professional person, much more qualified than he is and so are a lot of my neighbours. The neighbourhood is a well kept. We just don’t meet the criteria that is expected in his world, we are not WHITE.

      • X man says:

        While you have labled the comments’ of Political Footyball Match to be ignorant and somwhat stupid – I
        see it somewhat different – it simply means that a large majority of Bermudians are watching every move
        that the OBA are making in regards to Race – becuse most of the people chosen by the OBA here lately
        are in fact White. — the public is only going to speculate on what they see.

    • Robert says:

      Well said, lets see if they figure it out.

    • SMH says:

      So I guess you agree that Marc Bean is nothing more than a surrogate for Brownie? Hey were are the white faces at the top of the PLP?

  3. Hurricane says:

    @ Political Football Match, you gotta understand, they were only surrogates.

  4. frank says:

    sylvan and leah are jr. ministers I don’t know why but they all knew that they were being used that was the secret plan dale can go back on the police force and Charmaine can go back to canada

    • SMH says:

      Yes of course that’s all part of the master plan….because life is just one big sad conspiracy to the truely ignorant. FFS SMH

  5. Steve Biko says:

    All you Dreamers are missing de Story, just like in those days you would always have Surrogates and there always will be!
    Even Jesus had one ,so stop acting like FOOLS and respect de occasion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    So what if they are white? They are not allowed to chose white colleagues because it goes against your version of what is racially acceptable? Were they not ALL black under the PLP government? Or is that an oversight that you would rather disregard.

    Grow up and stop keeping racial scorecards but rather financial scorecards. Needlessly to say, had you kept as accurate financial records as you do racial records many Bermudians would not be jobless today.

    Stop miring yourselves into racially pollarised positions. You cannot be happy that a white Bermudian has been given an opportunity, whilst you remain dead silent when a black Bermudian is destroyed by black politicians for criticising them. You place race at the front, back and sides of the issue so as not to confront the real problems within Bermuda. You were deceived by politicians with greedy, selfish motives and they acted without regard to the welfare of all – black or white, and NOW you have the courage and the indignition to complain? Are you not a tad late and ceasars without clothes?

    Allow policies, programmes and some clear new opportunities to roll out before you speculate. And you better be much more than just speculative that they treat you much better than you treated them during the PLP tenure.

    London, England