2014 Triple Crown Billfish Tournament Begins

July 4, 2014

Minister of Community, Culture and Sports, Wayne Scott, yesterday [July 3] welcomed back to Bermuda Mr. Dan Jacobs, Tournament Director of Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship.

Now in its 10th year it is expected that the Triple Crown Championship will this year host more top game boats and teams during the three events The Bermuda Billfish Blast, July 3-7; Bermuda Big Game Classic, July 9-13; and The Sea Horse Anglers Club Tournament, July 16-20.

Minister Wayne Scott and Dan Jacobs

The Tournament website listed the Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship as one of the most challenging marlin series in the Atlantic featuring several of the top game boats, crews and owners in the sport.

The Bermuda Triple Crown is a boat championship with awards going to the boat with the highest point total. A total of up to seven championship rings and trophies will be awarded to the winners at the final leg of the tournament series. Only registered anglers, captains and mates who competed in the qualifying events are eligible for the awards.

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  1. Wondering... says:

    I wonder how large international fishing tournaments such as this would be affected by a “Blue Halo” – no take zone?
    I’d hate to see Bermuda loose out on this type of positive international exposure.

    • Family Man says:

      I believe all boats fish well inside the proposed 50 mile limit, so there will be no effect at all. The Blue Halo no take zone begins at the 50 mile mark and extends outward from there.

  2. Burrows says:

    Good luck to Challenger and my mates, Alan and Ian

  3. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    I do not condone these events. They damage our eco system. They should catch and release these great fish. This is irresponsible yachting pretending to be a sport. Take a note from the Newport to Bermuda race. That is sustainable yahting and does not damage our precious eco system. Sailing and responsible yachting are the only ways forward to preserve the oceans for our future yachtsmen and yachtswomen.

    • Deputy Assistant Junior Rear Admiral Double M says:

      I concur Commodore. I will expand my once a year jetski expedition of fish feeding at the Vixen to daily to assist with the ecosystem. If I can get a bikini clad choclate YUM on the back of my jetski I may even be able to provide my own offspring in addition to helping feed the fish!

    • You Seein says:

      So what are you saying here ? If you don’t own a blow boat your hurting the eco system?? That is irresponsible commentary from you IMOP! I do like what the sailing clubs do for the young of Bermuda but you must be willing to share the ocean ! I would like to see more Marlin tournaments in August as well, they are good for the Country and nowhere as bad as you are making them out to be.

      • Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

        As Commodore of the best and most elite yacht club in Bermuda, I must say that your comments are unfounded and in educated. These fish are a listed as threatened and their status on the threatened list is vulnerable species. That’s one step ahead of endangered. This is irresponsible practice and damages the marine eco system so that a few rich people can have a fish story. I don’t use my wealth to damage the eco system and fish to make this fish extinct. I put my wealth to use by sailing. My largest yacht is a sailing yacht. I and my club members are responsible yachtsmen and women that care about the environment.

        • You Seein says:

          Well well well there it is, self proclaimed “Elite” blow boat snobs! Here is something for you Mr Elite ! You know nothing of the fishing industry here, so shut your pie hole! You have a stench about you that smells like Pew and Blue Halo who want something for nothing.
          Go ahead, hide behind your wealth and throw it at Pew like Sun Oil and others because it make you feel better because you can`t grow a pair to do anything on your own.
          The difference between you and I is,,,I`m not a fake and am not interested what you do with your wealth!

  4. Seaman Bailey says:

    I do enjoy fishing but only to supplement my food supply as I cannot afford to shop at Miles every day. I am against the practice of hunting these magnificent creatures in the name of sport. Big difference between that and the occasional hogfish that I spear whilst squeezed into my nifty wetsuit!

  5. Cadet Cabin Boy New Guy Simons says:

    I agree Commodore!! We should sustain our fish populations just as myself and Semen quad 2′s double M maintain our virginity!! Killing such majestic creatures for sport is not our best option. Maybe Bermuda should support more eco friendly yachting events such as sailing regattas and sustainable fishing as food sources to feed those of us who aren’t able to shop at Miles daily!!

  6. Niner 3 Zero says:

    Whilst I enjoy the full range of watersports, I cannot help but think that promoting fish killing tournaments is not the best thing for our island. I may not have the answer but each island or country must decide on their own ‘brand’. For example, one of my favorite places to visit is Thailand and they have capitalized on a certain sort of tourism to attract visitors like myself. Whilst that may not work here, at least the mass slaughter of large fish isn’t involved. Just my thoughts on this hot topic.

    • You Seein says:

      @Niner 3 zero, do your homework please. If 100 Blue Marlin are hooked here 95 are released! That does not sound like mass slaughter to me. And your right, you don`t have the answer and this is not Thailand. Marlin tournaments bring BIG DOLLARS to this Country and Thailands tourism does not! Eco tourism does not work!
      Never has never will.

  7. Reserve Dock Master BIG MAC Guinness says:

    This is why I’m a proud member of the BBIYRC! We support Eco friendliness. Maybe one day I’ll be able to actually take part in a regatta and be promoted “again” to Cadet! I aim to just like Commodore JB!

  8. Marlin Magic says:

    Bermuda waters are there to be shared,”PERIOD”! Who and what is BBIYRC? Never heard if it.