17 Year Old Arrested After Attempted Robbery

September 8, 2014

A 17 year old male was arrested in connection with an attempted robbery on the Railway Trail in Warwick on Sunday evening, that saw the suspect brandish what the police termed a “bladed article” at the 47 year old victim, who was injured in the incident.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 9:30pm on Sunday, September 7th first responders were dispatched to a reported attempted robbery along the Railway Trail in the Spring Hill, Warwick area.

“It appears that a 47 year old Warwick man was walking along the Railway Trail when he was accosted by a lone assailant brandishing a bladed article.

“The Warwick man was injured and subsequently taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital where he was treated and discharged. A 17 year old Warwick male was later arrested in the surrounding area in connection with this incident.

“Inquiries into this reported attempted robbery are ongoing and witnesses, particularly anyone who may have been in the area of Warwick’s Bright Temple AME Church around 9pm Sunday, are encouraged to contact the Criminal Investigation Unit on telephone number 247-1383 or 247-1429.”

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  1. truth be told says:

    One of these days some scumbag is going to try this on the wrong person and end up DEAD with their own knife sticking in them,frankly,the sooner the better.it might send a message to these fools.

    • JUNK YARD DOG says:

      WW 11. Army instructions to grab the blade of the knife with your bare hand turn the blade towards your assailant and hug him.

  2. Raymond Ray says:

    Good work done by Bermuda Police Dept. in apprehending this “suspect” so soon…In the event he is convicted, throw the book at him!
    May I also add, if there are witnesses to this crime do not fail to testify in court.
    We’ve countless incidences of assault occurring that aren’t followed-up though they are reported to the police. I state this do to a fact which happened just a couple of weeks ago. My brother in-law had been assaulted at the traffic lights in Paget. (After coming into the traffic further back)He’d been on his moped and did enter into the traffic after a truck driver permitted him clearance, my in-law raised his hand as a gesture of gratitude but unfortunately the driver had misinterpreted my brother in-law gesture and jumped from out of his truck at the stop light and literally punched my in-law in the face braking his glasses and blackening his eye yet there hasn’t been any public appeal from the B.P.D. :-(

  3. ABC says:

    anyone try 2 rob my house i swar good lord have mercy

  4. BDA DINGY says:

    If guilty, CAT AND NINE TAILS’

  5. Brenda Correia says:

    Very few have the courage or the inclination to get involved, mainly for fear of recrimination and protecting their own safety. Saturday I and several others witnessed, saw and heard a young boy being screamed at and beatened in the back of a car. The car was parked right next to mine, how could I ignore this parent being almost crazed in her disciplinary measures. As I approached she screamed at me to mind my own business, I told her that the child was my business. Do you think others intervened, no they sat back, witnessed it all, and smugly left “minding their own business”.

  6. Real says:

    @ Brenda correia, you don’t know what that child done for the mother to give them a cut a** so frankly you should mind your business . I think I speak for a lot of people when I say some of these kids need a good cut a** , I’ve had cut tails in my past from my parents and that tought me a few lessons #realtalk

    • Varied says:

      if it’s to the point where there is physical violence involved, then why shouldn’t she check?

    • Redman says:

      So much for it taking a village to raise a child!

      Well done Mrs. Correia.

    • Cardine Alice says:

      And that is how child abuse happens…people keep quiet/turn a blind eye. Well done for speaking out.

  7. Sofie says:

    A beating is not deceiving to any child and I for one will call the Police if I witness this,lead by example.

  8. afriking says:

    @brenda correia it wasn’t the parent that was correcting the young boy. I’m the father of the boy and he did something wrong and got corrected. This was said to me out of his own mouth. But I do apologies for what was said to you cause I heard what they said to you. Plus, I thank you for being a concern by stander.

  9. You should be grateful to those good policemen for seeing to you as promptly as they did….you should thank them.