Video: Lili Bermuda Perfume Launch In NY

September 30, 2014

A video has surfaced online showing the perfume launch held in New York on September 23rd, with the video highlighting the presence of actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, while providing a quick glimpse into the event.

In September 1864, exactly 150 years ago, the Mary Celestia, a Civil War Blockade Runner sailing to Charleston, South Carolina, sank off the south shore of Bermuda.

An international team of Marine Archeologists discovered a well-hidden cargo of perfume bottles in the ship’s bow in 2011, after a Bermuda storm blew through and shifted the wreck.

The Piesse & Lubin fragrance was passed along to Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone, master perfumer at The Bermuda Perfumery, and who carried the perfume to experts in New Jersey where it was analyzed, and then used the experts’ analysis to recreate the fragrance using modern-day ingredients.

The limited edition Mary Celestia is packaged in a genuine Bermuda Cedar box:


Only 1,864 bottles of the perfume will be offered to honor the shipwrecked Mary Celestia which was hiding this perfume when it sank off Bermuda in 1864.

The retail price is $225 and part of the sale proceeds will go to a new foundation to preserve and promote Bermuda’s shipwreck heritage.

The video voice over says, “Catherine Zeta-Jones found some buried treasure at the launch of a luxury perfume. The new scent creates one originally from the 1800’s that was discovered in a Bermuda shipwreck.

“Catherine stopped by the event to support Bermuda; an island that is close to her heart. So much so that she owns a home there with her husband, Michael Douglas.

“Smiling like Catherine and wearing history comes at a high price. The limited edition perfume retails for $225, and a portion of the proceeds will help preserve Bermuda’s shipwreck heritage.”

Video courtesy of OK! TV USA

The Bermuda contingent in attendance at the launch included Premier Michael Dunkley, Minister Shawn Crockwell, Minister Grant Gibbons, Senator Jeff Baron, BTA Chairman David Dodwell, BTA CEO Bill Hanbury, Custodian of Historic Wrecks Dr Philippe Rouja, former Premier Dr Ewart Brown, Glenn Jones, and Charles Webbe.

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  1. RU Kidding says:

    Hmm, that’s a lot of people on the government payroll for a product that will not even gross over $420,000.

    I’m still trying to figure out why so much government money was spent to attend this event.

  2. Jo Blo says:

    Well done Isabelle Brackstone! Awesome launch and placement!!

  3. somuchless says:

    The vid will show us a little bit more of who was there. Let me watch.

  4. Joseph George says:

    Let’s separate two things, the launch of a new perfume – a product made in Bermuda, from a delegation of government officials/reps in New York to revitalize and relaunch our new tourism package.

    Now, let’s distinguish between the two events. The launch of the new Bermuda perfume is a RETAIL TRADE initiative, and yet, it is unknown to the public who in BTA saw fit to label it a tourism initiative and give it a front and center profile, whilst ignoring the hard work, new tourism products of Hamilton Princess Hotel, Elbow Beach Hotel and the Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel, with smaller guest properties in between.

    The major problem here is that with ALL the talent, brains and professional abilities by both the BTA and individuals like Jeff Baron, Shawn Crockwell and Grant Gibbons, NOT one person noticed, articulated and/or even cared to mention the difference that perfume is not a tourism, but a retail product? With the talents of lawyers and a lettered PhD to boot, no-one knew the difference?

    Gentlemen, if you cannot distinguish between what our products are on the island, retail vs tourism, how can YOU properly represent tourism to major overseas markets, through the broken mirrors of a shipwreck?

    How will YOU properly represent us to the America’s Cup? By spraying perfume on the deciding officials? I thought you needed BEDS, not perfume, to convince these officials?

    This was without question a squandered opportunity, fraught with individuals confused as to what they were selling and to whom, but they had a wonderful time on the taxpayers’ dime!

    The fundamental problem as this expensive shipwreck exposes, Crockwell, Gibbons and Dunkley, do NOT know what is a genuine TOURISM initiative. Backed up by a tourism authority that cannot tell the difference between retail products that sell to tourists from hotel and transport services that are vital to the survival, livelihood and prosperity of the tourism industry.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones is a wonderful ambassador for any number of products, but even she cannot wave a magic wand and correct the blunder made by this inexperienced government led by the Acting Premier.

    And we can see the blunders that will keep on coming as Gibbons steamrolls the America’s Cup initiative, which is a TOURISM initiative, whilst Crockwell remains mute on the issue.

    Mr Acting Premier, you should iron out the proper roles, responsibilities and terms of reference of your various government ministries otherwise you will not see the future political challenges coming.

    • Coffee says:

      Now this is the kick in the b@lls that was required for this god awful , high class big ticket junket put on by the BTA !

  5. somuchless says:

    Joseph they got a free trip out if it. You really think that they care about us.

  6. Tourism Advocate says:

    According to the editorial content on OK TV, Bermuda is a place where they make perfume, dive shipwrecks and A-list celebrities buy property. Seems to me that will do more to “sell destination Bermuda” as a luxury vacation spot than even the purchase of an expensive TV ad.

  7. On de Hill says:

    I don’t understand why we major in minors in Bermuda and can’t see the larger picture. The launch of this fragrance tells a fantastic story about Bermuda, it’s history and culture. Taking a 19th century perfume and converting it into a 21st century product is an amazing acheivement, something that the Premier and Minister of Tourism should have supported. It has already been explained that Minister Gibbons was in NY for government business meetings and attended the event as well. The negativity about everything that happens around Bermuda will keep it uncompetitive and stuck in neutral. We have new developments on the horizon, a new way to manage tourism, and hopefully new products like casino gaming coming soon. Hopefully we will not sabotage ourselves again.

    • more than enough says:

      Using that logic doesn’t rebecca hanson deserve this type of excursion for her bermuds shorts.
      She has essentially done the same thing concerning bermuda, its history and culture she took a 19th century item and transfomed it into an overpriced high end 21st century product.
      Does she not deserve the same treatment from the premier/his junior minister/crokwell/gibbons/hanbury/dodwell/and jones? Maybe a government sponsered event in dubai (it is very hot there) I mean talk about fihing where the big fish are, you guys are still fishin’ off d rocks!
      Just tack on a couple ‘buisness breakfasts’ and a ‘tourism banquet’and let’s get it done. I thought y’all loved these shorts, equality and justice for all.
      GO TABS!

  8. more than enough says:

    Dodwell too?
    Spending without borders… this government has no shame at all.

  9. more than enough says:

    I wonder who else may have “bummed a ride”!

  10. Joseph George says:

    @Tourism Advocate…if your comment really reflects the sentiments of OBA supporters then therein lies a major problem of tourism – you are clueless – no insult intended.

    In the international advertising world you cut “expensive TV ad(s)” when launching new products by partnering the unknown product with an established “brand” to create synergy. When you partner the two, the known brand (in this case Bermuda) introduces, promotes and lifts the unknown brand (in this case the perfume) out of obscurity and into the mainstream of the media without (the perfume) ever paying a penny on advertising. So, Bermuda has done more for this unknown perfume that will result NO known benefit to the Bermuda tourist industry.

    Furthermore, you cannot possible say that they help each other, as perfume does NOT inspire tourists to come to Bermuda. Do shipwrecks? Yes, but the experience is about diving for treasures like gold bullions, coins and rare artefacts, not by the six degrees of separate – the creation of a new perfume.

    Perfume does NOT put tourists in beds in Bermuda, however, hotels and guest houses do.

    If you honestly believe that this perfume deserved to be recognised above and beyond the genuine tourist products such as Hamilton Princess Hotel, Elbow Beach Hotel and Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel, then I sincerely hope that you are not a government minister attempting to get complimentary beds for the America’s Cup event because if the government can give this type of international media exposure to a perfume, they can spend taxpayers’ dollars to pay for the rooms that America’s Cup is expecting to have free of charge. And the hotels can use the money to revitalise their own brands.

    The international media exposure would have been better spent on the hotels and guests houses as the government needs their vital support and appeal rather than the whiff of a perfume.

  11. Joseph George says:

    On de hill…

    Your quote, “I don’t understand why we major in minors in Bermuda and can’t see the larger picture.” If this was one of the “minors” and without a doubt a blunder, please do not let us see pictures of you blundering in the major.

    Noteworthy point, the international marketplace is flooded with perfumes that tell INTERESTING stories just ask Dior, Chanel, DKNY, Caron, Balanciaga, Gucci, Balmain, Prada, Tom Ford and the list goes on and then there are celebrity fragrances and endorsements, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kadastian and that list goes on and on.

    But why is it that when constructive criticism is levelled at the government it’s negative, but when the opposition is criticized it’s constructive? Keep spinning, you may create a new fragrance.

    It does not take Einstein to realize who is commenting…intelligent but far from convincing.

    If my comments caused you to write on this blog, hopefully it will cause you to think intelligently and disavow favouritism to the few at the expense of the many.