BTA Investment Application Now Fully Digital

October 1, 2014

The application process for up to $75,000 of investment funding in homegrown tourism ideas is now fully digital, the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] said today.

The latest round of public submissions for Tourism Experiences began September 5th and for the first time 100% of the application is completed online.

“Not only is the online submission process more user friendly, but it also helps us analyze and evaluate the applications more efficiently to ensure we have a diverse collection of experiences for our visitors that cover all parts of the year,” said Rasheeda Burgess, Assistant Product Development Manager for the BTA.

The process for 2015 Tourism Experiences investment has been streamlined into three application categories:

  • Sports
  • Arts & Culture
  • New Experiences

Previously there were four categories: experiences, events, media programs and industry services.

The new category classifications and the web-based application process were shared at Tourism Experiences workshops held in early September.

The deadline for submissions is October 17, 2014, for Tourism Experiences scheduled to take place in 2015.

Ms Burgess said: “We know from the digital application process there are a sizeable number of applications partially completed. We want to remind those applicants, and anyone else looking to apply, there are only a few weeks left to complete the process.”

Th BTA said, “A list of successful applicants will be named in November of this year.

“A tourism experience is defined as a journey visitors embark on that connects them to Bermuda and creates unforgettable memories, which encourage them to return.

“The purpose of Tourism Experiences Investment is to support homegrown ideas that enhance the overall tourism product, attracts visitors to the island and gives them something to do while on our shores.”

In 2014, the BTA is investing about $930,000 in homegrown ideas for Tourism Experiences and they said that in 2015 that number is expected to exceed $1 million, and some submissions could secure as much as $75,000 each.

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  1. 40 THIEVES says:

    So what is there to safeguard My Application being rejected, no funding granted, then Members of the Committee or others who have access to the applications pirating my idea and using it?

    • Mighty mouse says:

      It is a waste of time. They make decisions and are not seen at activities throughout the year. Next time I go to a meeting I will ask them what they have ever organized and I will ask them the last 3 things they went to this year and you will see a pattern that the people who make the decisions on what is needed to have activities, they go HOME while we struggle trying to make things happen. Attend with me and listen. So why bother applying? I have met too many who are giving up and leaving them alone. Word on the street: all the “money” went into their beautiful offices and the CEos salary which we all now know….most of which used to go into activities. and what will we get this winter. Watch and see.

  2. more than enough says:

    I’m anxious to see the new web sight bieng worked on diligently behind the scenes at present, the government offices must be like a hive of activity preparing for the launch of the much anticipated government travel expenditure sight…

  3. somuchless says:

    All they’re gonna do is give it to the businesses who don’t need it. Same old crap. All they’re doing is putting lip stick on a pig

  4. more than enough says:

    Friends and family bonanza!

  5. Coffee says:

    I want to know how LILY got hers so d$mn quick ?

  6. more than enough says:

    Oba ain’t got nutn to say?

  7. more than enough says:

    Could put that on t shirts
    Ain’t got nutn
    to say!

  8. bdaboy says:

    This is why no one will hire you, you can barely speak English.

  9. more than enough says:

    I’m on my union break!