Photos/Video: Clyde Best Lane Officially Unveiled

November 1, 2014

[Updated with video & more photos] Broome Street in Sandys has been officially renamed Clyde Best Lane, with the unveiling held earlier today [Nov 1] with friends and family, politicians from both sides of the aisle, and football fans both young and old in attendance.

One of the most successful athletes the island has ever produced, Mr Best began playing football at West End School in Somerset, which commenced a career which took him to the highest levels of English football, where he was a star player in the 1970s.

Considered not only a world class footballer, but one who helped to pave the way for the black footballers of today, Mr Best played 218 games and registered 58 goals for West Ham over 7 seasons between 1969 and 1976.

The Bermudian is known the world over by football fans, and was featured in a CNN special report on racism in football in 2012.

He was inducted into the Bermuda National Sports Hall of Fame in 2004, and decorated with the MBE in the Queen’s 2006 New Year’s Honours list for services to football and the community in Bermuda.

Clyde Best Lane Bermuda, November 1 2014-37

Clyde Best Lane Bermuda, November 1 2014-35

Clyde Best Lane Bermuda, November 1 2014-32

Clyde Best Lane Bermuda, November 1 2014-31

Clyde Best Lane Bermuda, November 1 2014-20

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  1. I see you’re still on de’ball bie’ :-) I vividly recall when Churchill competed against Tech back in de’day and you were then someone to deal with…Congratulation for finally being recognized for being the hero you are Clyde.

    • Kunta says:

      Sandys South stay focused.

    • Ian says:

      Hey Raymond, you’ve been learning Bermudian through Rosetta stone? Curious why you felt compelled to use all dat dur tawk whilst commenting on Clyde…

      • For your information, I grew up as a youngster speaking like a large number of Bermudians. I’d been born and raise in “Locka” a predominately black Bermudian community and we all had spoken that way up until we of course were taught differently.
        Now I hope you are satisfied and then again, it doesn’t matter to me. Sad yes but true :-(

  2. Mark O says:

    Well done to Mr Best. A great Bermudian.

  3. JohnBoy says:

    So it went from a street to a lane?

    • hmmm says:

      Streets are common. Lane is much better as he was part of history that opened up the lane to black footballers playing in the top level of the game.

  4. Me says:

    That’s wonderful!! Congratulations!!!

  5. Dangel says:

    Congratulations to Clyde!!
    I commend the Somerset Cricket Club family for honoring Clyde in this manner.

  6. somuchless says:

    Couldn’t they have created a better post for the sign? The looks tacky and cheap. Kinda reminds me that the island is broke.

    • Self says:

      Are you kidding me? What would make you happy- a diamond encrusted street post?

      Congrats Mr. Best!

      • somuchless says:

        Don’t be silly. You understand my point.

        • Self says:

          What’s silly is that all you gathered from this article is that the post looks cheap….

  7. Ronnie Viera says:

    Congrats! Well deserved!

  8. tony skidmore says:

    Clyde great to see you get the honour of a road in your name.sure your family and friends are pride of you. I know us West Ham boys are COYI

  9. Red eye says:

    I think his name should b but in dockyard since that’s where is from and where started playin ball first Ireland rangers not somerset. Real facts

  10. Forethebest says:

    Some self serving Bermudian people have been recognized by Her Majesty The Queen as Knights and Dames. I believe that Clyde Best should be recognized by Her Majesty as Sir Clyde Best KBE, for all of the world to see. He has been the antithesis of a self serving person throughout his life. I am sure that Her Majesty would agree, when someone in authority brings Clyde Best to her attention.

  11. Hero says:

    Thank you OBA for honouring a true legend.
    “Sir ” Clyde deserves this acknowledgement.He has always been friendly and nice to everyone he is in contact with.The hammers have not been the same since he left.Black footballers have gained from the likes of Clyde and Cyril Regis plying their trade in a time when it must have been difficult for people of colour.To the govt,Thank you for giving something to the Somerset Community that will always be remembered and cherished. To Clyde and his family, congratulations!

    • Ian says:

      Yeah OBA… you’re amazing. Now lets see if this gesture pays the returns you want come bye-election.

    • bermyguy says:

      this had nothing to do with OBA it was the Somerset Cricket Club and community. please dont give oba credit it doenst deserve.

  12. Mr. Best you are very deserving of this distinguished honor, and it it is heart warming to see you be honored while you are living. Thank you for what you have done in the history of sports,but also for what you have done in the lives of those you have touched within the prison, Thank you for being very diverse and the impact you have had on so many.Today we celebrate you once again and it don’t matter which political entity or organization brought this recognition to pass, it is well earned and well deserved.

  13. Paul Scope says:

    Congratulations from New York, Bunny!
    Wish I could have been there and I know Harry wanted to be there too.
    Be in touch when I get back, Scopey.

  14. Congrats Mr. Best, well deserved.