Police: Fraudulent ‘Computer Assistance’ Calls

November 25, 2014

The Bermuda Police Service is reminding members of the public to “remain vigilant” regarding scam phone calls, e-mails and other correspondence.

A police spokesperson said, “Once again the Bermuda Police Service would like to remind members of the public to remain vigilant regarding phone calls, e-mails and other correspondence from unknown persons that attempt to obtain personal information or other sensitive data.

“Members of the public continue to report unknown callers contacting them to offer help with alleged glitches reportedly affecting their home computers.

“These calls are believed to originate overseas, with the fraudulent callers often claiming to represent the ‘Microsoft Windows operating system.’

“It is strongly recommended that any similar unsolicited communication be ignored.

“Residents are reminded that personal information regarding accessing their home computer(s) is valuable and that this information should never be relayed over the internet or phone to unknown persons.

“Any incidents of suspected internet fraud should be reported to the Financial Crime Unit on telephone number 247-1757 or via the e-mail address fraud2@bps.bm.”

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  1. M.T. Pockets says:

    I had one of these calls a few days ago and although the advice is to ignore them I led them along for a few minutes and then told them I have a Mac and could they tell me how Windows was going to help fix it. He couldn’t give me my IP address and then asked me for it, yeah right. He actually got more agressive with me, I persisted and then he finally said he must have the wrong number and hung up. I hate to think of how many people might fall for this scam and give out personal information. At least i got to waste 5 minutes of his time.

  2. str8 says:

    I got this call. They told me they are calling for issue reported with Windows. Told them I only have problems with doors…lol and hung up….such an outdated trick. Next time I am going to tell them they’ve called the national security office. :-)

  3. I have had four of these calls.
    Voicemail kicked in but nothing left.
    Once I answered and said Sorry I don’t have a computer.
    I had number and time etc.
    I tried sending details to the police web site but this cannot be done as they have it locked down.

  4. WhistleBlowe says:

    Turned the table on the fast talker by asking how he could have detected my computer when I only use my phone? Having render him speechless I then comforted him with a high pitch whistle before parting wit: at the TONE you will be ALONE!!!
    I then continued playing solitaire on my computer. HeHe!!!