‘Wild Wing Wednesday’ Celebrates Opening

November 5, 2014

A new eatery has opened in Bermuda, with Dakia O’Brien, known for her Dae N Night Catering business, introducing Wild Wing Wednesday on Parsons Road in Pembroke.

A natural progression from her catering business, Ms. O’Brien hopes to continue to expand Wild Wing Wednesday into a full sit-in diner following its grand opening, which will be held in the coming days, following the ‘soft opening’ yesterday.

Wild Wing Wednesday Bermuda, November 4 2014-1

Featuring a menu laden with chicken wings, french fries, salads, and more, Wild Wing Wednesday offers wing flavours including Jerk BBQ, Honey BBQ, Special Sauce, Hot BBQ, Buffalo, Sweet Buffalo, and Triple H Buffalo, with dry rubs including Lemon Pepper, and Garlic, and classic flavours including Caribbean Breeze, Curry and Mango, Honey Mustard, Asian, Tequila Sunrise, Sweet and Spicy Honey, and Jack Daniels.

Wild Wing Wednesday Bermuda, November 4 2014-2

When asked how she decided to venture into this line of business, Ms. O’Brien said, “It actually stemmed off of my catering business, which was Dae N Night Catering, and we were looking for something to do steady, so it came about last year, in October. We started out with take out and deliveries on Wednesdays and here we are, a year later.”

When asked about her background, Ms. O’Brien said, “I graduated from Johnson and Wales Culinary Arts in 2010 and after that I worked in a lot of big restaurants, and I always found out that my creativity was a little bit outside of the box.”

Wild Wing Wednesday Bermuda, November 4 2014-3

“I always wanted to explore with different things and this replaces that; their menus were set. I decided to open up my own catering business and we started off with one day per week, which was Wednesdays, so everybody knows us as Wild Wing Wednesdays.

“So I figured out why change it into something totally different? Let’s keep it for how everybody knows it. But we’re not just open on Wednesdays; right now, our soft opening hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 11am – 5pm, and we’re closed on Mondays. After the grand opening, then we’ll start opening nights.”

Dakia O’Brien at her new eatery:

unnamed (3)

When asked how the new opening was being received, Ms. O’Brien said, “Today [Nov 4] has been good so far. I knew that a lot of people were waiting for it, especially a lot of my old customers, but I have seen some new faces in here today, and it’s a good feeling. I think we’re going to do good.”

When asked about her goals for the business, Ms. O’Brien said, “Definitely to expand. We’re going to move into doing beer and wine, delivery again, and also looking into eventually bottling our sauces for sale. I’d like to see it grow into an establishment, like a diner, with sit-in and what not.”

Wild Wing Wednesday Bermuda, November 4 2014-5

When asked about the menu, Ms. O’Brien said, “We have 12 standing sauces, which include my classics from the original Wild Wing Wednesdays, and then we have variations of barbecues and variations of buffalos, and then we have the dry seasonings.

“What I want to do with the flavours is every month we’ll feature two or three different ones; it might even be every week, it just depends on how I feel that day. So you can always expect something different.”

Wild Wing Wednesday Bermuda, November 4 2014-6

“We have boneless wings, fries, coleslaw, our famous curry chicken and mango salad, and garden salads. Soon after the grand opening, we’ll start with the fish, chicken legs, macaroni and cheese, beans and rice – bringing back a lot of traditional Bermudian dishes.

“We’re not doing so much of the large catering now as we’re moving into the platters. The wing platters go from $50 to $200, and then we also do party platters which will feature things like boneless wings, spring rolls, meatballs. They’re more for a relaxed environment, like business meetings, girls’ night out, birthday parties, and that has actually been very popular.”

Wild Wing Wednesday Bermuda, November 4 2014-7

“We’re going to get the menus out soon and we’ll need at least 48 hours notice for the platters.”

Wild Wing Wednesday can be contacted by telephone on 292-8811, via social media on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, or by email at dae.nightcatering@gmail.com.

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  1. Lucky says:

    Goodbye diet, hello Wild Wing Wednesday

  2. Congratulations and I wish you much success, it is always good to see when young entrepreneurs run with the vision.

  3. Reality says:

    These honestly look delicious! Reminds me of my college days in the states. I wish Ms. O’Brien the very best in her new venture! Love to see new Bermuda businesses succeed and flourish.

  4. FAN says:

    best wings ever!! they will definitely be getting more of my business.congrats!

  5. John Nicol says:

    Congratulations young lady you worked hard for it keep going from strength to strength

  6. Island Spice says:

    OMG I FINALLY got to taste what Bermuda has been craving…I tasted the “Carribean Breeze” wings….These tasted delicious!!! Looking forward to trying all the flavors.

    Keep up the good wings!! They are the bomb. I look forward to seeing your business grow.

  7. High Road says:

    Damn they look good!

  8. BX to BDA says:

    The perfect companion to football season. Best of luck!

  9. Come Correct says:

    Sold me at the triple hot wings. See you tomorrow.

    • Come Correct says:

      Wait are you only open on Wednesday?

      • Bernews says:

        @Come Correct – no…that’s just the name! To start off they will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 11am – 5pm

  10. I says:

    Extremely proud of this Ms. O’Brien! Wish you the best and much success in your business!

  11. campervan says:

    good luck in your new venture Ms. O’Brien

    Any chance you can use an alternative to the styrofoam though? Its REALLY bad for the environment :(

  12. Me says:

    My mouth is watering.

  13. biggadon says:

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn ……I was just heading to parsons rd….urrrrrgh she not open at night….oh well I know whats for lunch thursday

  14. Bdaluv says:

    wish she kept the ” Dae N Night” name vs. wild wings wednesday.
    Have to do a focus group before picking a name. Most essential part of business planning.
    But I will be supporting regardless:)

  15. Time Shall Tell says:

    OK, I guess I can push back the start date of my diet a couple more days….

  16. Bermy says:

    Bout time we had a wicked wing joint! All the best on this venture, me thinks your onto a winner!

  17. Sparky says:

    Bermuda is starting to blossom. Good luck young Lady.

  18. Street Smart says:

    I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THEM!!! As a person that is allergic to 90% of all sea food, dining options are limited. LOVE hot wings! CONGRATULATION Miss O’Brien!!!!

  19. haha says:

    So what are d confirmed opening hours weekly?! NEED MY FIX! And maybe somethin bout prices please.

    • Lori says:

      Go Kia!!!! Congrats lovely on your new business venture!!!

  20. hollis breed says:

    Hello n Yes-i gd 2 c blacks doin positive i will b deya hope dis motivates mre youth 2 get ahead tired of seen our youth on this site 4 d wrong thing hope u r very successful sister

  21. Kiwana Fubler says:

    Congratulations and all the best with your business Dakia, you deserve it!! Bless xx

  22. Congratulations to Dakia on opening and making her dreams a reality! You did it! We at BEDC look forward to your success and to helping in any way we can. Personally, I can’t wait to taste the wings :-)

  23. Street Smart says:

    I’ve just tried them!!! Miss O’Brien is gonna be EXTREMELY BUSY!!!

  24. YES I says:

    Can’t wait to try!!

  25. Chicken wing says:

    They are delicious!
    Congratulations on your new business!

  26. amazing grace says:

    so long swizzle wings, hello WWW! Tourists too, need to know!

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