Imagine Bermuda Applauds Malala Yousafzai

December 11, 2014

Malala_Yousafzai_at_Girl_Summit_2014Imagine Bermuda has joined the world in applauding Malala Yousafzai for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

A spokesperson said, “The 17 year-old girl from Pakistan has become the youngest ever recipient of this prestigious award. She shares it with the Indian campaigner against child-labour, Kailash Satyathi.

“Malala has been recognized by the Global community for her ‘almost indescribable’ courage in campaigning for the right of girls in particular and children in general to have access to education.

“She has been vocal from the age of 13, in an area of Pakistan, dominated by the Taliban who oppose education for girls.

“The account of Malala being shot in the head by terrorists in 2012 for her campaigning, is widely known. She survived that attack and along with her family has relocated to the UK, from where she maintains her Global campaigning for the education for all.

“Hers is a story which is inspirational to people everywhere. Malala’s passion for education is a reminder of the importance of life-long learning – her mother was inspired to learn to read in recent years.

“Her tremendous courage in the face of dire circumstances, puts into context the significant access to education that is possible in Bermuda.

“As educators, we encourage families to share the story of Malala with their children; noting that it was her father who has been her exemplar.

“Her tale of heroism can inspire courage in young and old alike, to overcome any adverse circumstances and make the best of each and every opportunity, so as to access ones full potential.”

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