Photos & Video: Bermuda Christmas At Night

December 24, 2014

Sightseers can be seen driving throughout the streets of the island as residents from east to west have helped spread the holiday cheer by decorating their properties with lights and decorations for the festive season. Some of the displays are known to attract a high level of visitors, with traffic slowing to a crawl if the home is near the roadside, with locals driving by to check out the festive sights.

Some residents of the Flatts note that car loads of seniors and children have been by to enjoy the displays with visitors welcome to drive in. The Flood family on the corner have a sign near the road inviting people to come up the driveway to view decorations around the house including a life sized Nativity scene.

The photos in this set include the areas of Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton, the Cabinet building, Melville Estates, Sayle Road and Flatts; you can view our second set of photos here, our third set here, and all our coverage of Christmas decorations in Bermuda here.

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  1. C says:

    love the pictures. Come check out mine.

  2. Beautiful says:


  3. Keith Stevens says:

    kudos to the mall this year

  4. Holy Moly says:

    Awesome! A huge thanks to everyone who took the time to brighten up our island. Many great ideas out there! Beautiful!

  5. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    THANK U BERNEWS for bringing the BEAUTIFUL decorations to the People. Not as mobile this year so GREAT still being able to see many Decorations. THANK U DECORATORS

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