Motocross Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve Winners

January 8, 2015

Following Boxing Day and New Year’s Day Motocross Racing at the Moto Sports Park in Southside, St. George’s, we can now bring you the overall Trophy Winners over the 2 race days.

Rajae Whitter led the 50cc Class, with DeMiyza Trott finishing is second and Jauza James finished third. The 65 Class was won by Moses Johnson with Jadon Simmons finishing 2nd.

New Year’s Day motocross:

Cory Smith won the 85 Class, with Keon Glasford finishing second, while the C Class was won by Zendai Fubler, Kia-Jun Simons finished second and Zamair Darrell was third.

Zico Majors rode to victory over the two days in the B Class, with Shaki Smith finishing second and Ezra Matthie finished third. The Over 30s Class was won by Letroy Trott, Wentworth Tucker finished second and Bobby Lambe finished third.

50cc Class

  • 1st Rajae Whitter
  • 2nd DeMiyza Trott
  • 3rd Jauza James
  • 4th Kriston Adams
  • 5th Michael McLean

65 Class

  • 1st Moses Johnson
  • 2nd Jadon Simmons

85 Class

  • 1st Cory Smith
  • 2nd Keon Glasford

C Class

  • 1st Zendai Fubler
  • 2nd Kia-Jun Simons
  • 3rd Zamair Darrell
  • 4th Reginal Walcott
  • 5th Tristan Rocha
  • 8th Andre Jones

B Class

  • 1st Zico Majors
  • 2nd Shaki Smith
  • 3rd Ezra Matthie
  • 4th Tariq Bell
  • 5th Kennie Matthie
  • 6th Jadae Trott

Over 30s Class

  • 1st Letroy Trott
  • 2nd Wentworth Tucker
  • 3rd Bobby Lambe
  • 4th Ben Zoellner
  • 5th Lorenzo Burch
  • 6th Dupray Joell
  • 7th Jonathan Trott
  • 8th Ali Hatherley
  • 9th Jason Harrell

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