Garbage Collection Resumed In West End Today

January 29, 2015

The Waste Management Section of the Ministry of Public Works said that collection crews resumed garbage collection in the West End today [Jan 29] and are expecting to complete collection in the West with assistance from Highways section crews.

A spokesperson said, “The Highway crews will also be collecting Christmas trees in the West tomorrow.

“Collection crews, with assistance from the Highways section crews, will be undertaking garbage collection in the East tomorrow and anticipate that collection will be completed by the evening on Friday.

“As a reminder, the public is encouraged to take household waste, recycling and bulky items to the Tynes Bay Public Drop Off facility.

“The Drop Off facility will be open until 7.00pm tonight and will be open tomorrow from 7.00am to 7.00pm to assist the public with waste disposal.

“The Waste Management Section can also advise that the Airport Waste Management Facility and Marsh Folly Composting Facility are open to accept bulky metal waste and horticultural waste respectively.

“We will continue to provide the public with updates regarding waste collection as they become available.”

The collection had been delayed due to the three days of Union meetings and for our live blog covering the BTUC/Govt dispute click here, and for all our coverage of the matter click here.

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  1. Taking Advantage? says:

    Can someone please explain why, this evening at 6:30 pm, January 29, there is garbage being collected on Mddle Road in Smiths? East End collection is tomorrow, Friday. Is over time being paid to people who chose not to work on Monday through Wednesday?

    • Micro says:

      Of course they’re getting over time. It’s actually pretty common to see a truck or two driving around doing nothing for several hours every week.

  2. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    As a resident who received collection this morning, I’d like to thank the workers for returning to work and for their efficiency.

  3. family says:

    Duh!! Highway crews did the backlog in the east so not to get in the way of the regular crews and cause traffic problems while still collecting garbage….always somebody to find something to complain about….

    Kudos to all the Unions for standing strong!!!

    Be sure to remind your supervisors/payroll that you have taken all your ‘required’ furlough days for this fiscal year this week!!!!!!

  4. Prayerful says:

    @taking advantage, some of you just like to complain. I was happy to see my garbage removed on Thursday 29, in the east end.

    Our garbage is placed out again today in the east. Some sensitive trash I will take to the dump to save the birds from enjoying a meal off me.

    Thank you W&E