Music Video: Fiyah Marshall “Got That Feeling”

January 10, 2015

Bermuda singer Fiyah Marshall has released a new video for his song “Got That Feeling,” with the visuals depicting everything from scenic shots of foliage and sunshine to action-filled moments showcasing skateboarders and bicyclists. The video was produced by 2 Tall Keith, Ricky Ricardo, Fiyah Marshall, and directed by Roy Hathan.

Official music video for Fiyah Marshall’s “Got That Feeling”

Fiyah Marshall’s official website says, “International artist Fiyah Marshall is one of the most versatile rising voices in reggae.

“His unique musical style fuses reggae & island vibes with an ever-widening expanse of sounds crossing multiple genres creating what has been called urban dancehall.

“Fiyah, also known as Alex Marshall, is not the easiest voice to place geographically. He was born and raised on the island of Bermuda, spending many of his teen years in the United Kingdom. Currently he is based between Bermuda and the United States.”

To learn more about Fiya Marshall, visit his Facebook page and official website.

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  1. Micro says:


  2. Friends with words says:

    Uh, I’ve got the feeling that a crossword puzzle has more words than this song, I mean, dat boy is on Fiyah with his vocabulary.

  3. Seriously says:

    The **** did I just watch?!