Photos & Video: Boat Moved From Causeway

February 17, 2015

[Updated with video] Over 24 hours after the high winds resulted in a boat ending up lodged next to the Causeway, the vessel remains in the same location, however a barge was seen in the area this afternoon [Feb 17] indicating they may be getting prepared to shift the boat. The high winds that caused this situation have not yet abated, with the Bermuda Weather Service issuing a Gale Warning valid for tomorrow.

Update 4.38pm: The police said the boat is now being moved and warned of traffic delays in the area.


Update 5.52pm: The boat has been removed, and traffic is flowing normally again. A slideshow showing the boat being removed is below



Boat Bermuda Feb 17 2015 (3)

Boat Bermuda Feb 17 2015 (2)

Boat Bermuda Feb 17 2015 (1)

Update 10.17pm: Video of the boat being removed and placed on the barge, then offloaded onto a boat trailer.

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  1. Sky Pilot says:

    Crowds of people were watching this,many too near the operation!

  2. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

    Now they have time to work on her for the summer, best excuse to get out of the house !!!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Sad to say, but given the age of that boat, the damage visible from the pics & water damage inside plus the experience of having a boat torn from its mooring & thrown on the rocks by Fabian myself, the chances of that boat of being restorable are slim.

      A similar aged, builder & style can be bought & brought in for far less than its repair costs.

      A shame really. It was a nice boat. Yes, I am familiar with it.

  3. Doug says:

    dumb question… why wasn’t it just hauled out with a tug or pilot and pulled to shore? You have to have a barge and crane come in to “kinda” lift a vessel out? Is that what happened for all the stranded/sunk boats we saw just after Gonzalo? seems a bit extreme, no?

    • Longtail says:

      Yes – a dumb question….. with all those holes in it it would sink if simply hauled off of the rocks (not to mention the additional damage that would be created by dragging the boat off of the rocks!)

    • Ella says:

      Not as dumb as initially thought. Quite simples really. If it was just pulled out (off the rocks) then it would have sunk to the bottom… how you gonna drag it along the bottom to a dump? You are looking at about 15000lbs dry weight. (Plus there is a pollution hazard)

    • Smh says:

      You obviously do not see the 4ft gash in the bottom and the boat was already half sank. What? Are you going to pull it underwater to the beach and cause the boat more damage than it already has? That was the proper way to do this salvage….

    • DC says:

      Doug, the answer to your question regarding this method for stranded / sunk boats after Gonzalo is YES! This is the proper way to retrieve boats to prevent further damage! As any boater knows, it can be expensive to own a boat, not just in Bermuda but anywhere!!!

  4. Gabbs says:

    Doug!! What ya dumb?

  5. man says:

    I almost cryed and it is not even my boat