Sponsorships Awarded To 17 College Students

February 17, 2015

Seventeen Bermuda College students were financially supported in their tertiary studies by fifteen generous community benefactors who recently donated $20,000 during the College’s In-House Awards ceremony.

Bermuda College President Dr. Duranda Greene noted that sponsorship went a “long way” for students during the current economic climate, especially in the purchase of costly text books.

Dr. Greene said, “No matter how large or small the gift, we are appreciative of every sponsor who invests in our students and who has continued to support them over the years.”


Photo: Left to right- Back row: Mr. Roger Lee [sponsor – Viking Food Limited Award], Denya Simons, Zadia Augustus [STARR Foundation Scholar], Ms. Gilda Furbert [sponsor – Mystic Ladies], Kori White, Jameko Simons, Mr. Eugene Furbert [sponsor – Butterfield & Vallis], Alexis Trott, Mrs. Joanne Woods [sponsor – Eron Woods/Class of 2014], Kamiko Ingham, Mrs. Barbara Burt-Stevens [sponsor – Barbara Burt-Stevens Award], Khalid Muhammad, Mr. Stephen Dyers [sponsor – Russell Richardson Award].

Front row: Mr. Dale Butler, [sponsor - MEF Scholar Award], Ky-Asia Scott-Fishenden [Butterfield & Vallis/ MEF Scholar], Happy Lindsay, Sihle Paynter [Sir William Stephenson awardee], Kenisha Brangman [IAAP awardee], Princine Bailey [Hamilton Rotary Club awardee], Dr. Duranda Greene, Tiffany Bean [Isabel Jardine Memorial awardee], Ashley De Sa, Ms. Larondie Harrell [sponsor – Corange Science Merit Scholarship], Mrs. Erna DeGraff [sponsor – Millicent James Award], Ayana Bean, Ashley Usher [Diane Lines Memorial awardee].

In-House Scholarship Awards 2015

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  1. ok says:

    Very proud of all the recipients. Hoping you continue with much success.

  2. Mockingjay says:

    Thanks to the generous community benefactors, after the O.B.A/ubp slashed funds on education for the sail boat race.

    • hmmm says:

      There was some overall reduction, but the numbers of recipients were increased under the OBA…more benefit not just the chosen few.

      The sail boat race, pays for itself and some. Those saling folks are spending money in the Bermuda economy already and will continue to do so through 2017.

    • Catch a Fire says:

      @Mockingjay , please tell us exactly why you think funds were slashed? Maybe it was because of how your precious PLP spent and wasted money on Procative and Berkely, 20/20 Cricket, $4M each for Football and Cricket, Port Royal GC, Beyonce Concert, PGA Golf, Quigar deal, Faith Based Tourism, Washington Office, Travel, Caracom Membership, Bermuda Emissions, TCD, Sandys 360, and the list goes on.

      If we just knew where the $800,000,000 is public funds went? Care to reply Mockingjay? Think of how many children we could educate if we could just find it

  3. Ace girl says:

    Congratulations students!
    Please do not detract from student achievement by making this a political football. This is nothing to do with government awards, companies and individuals have sponsored scholarships and awards for many, many years, such as Viking Foods, Butterfield and Vallis and Diane Lines. The awards weren’t always managed or invested well by BC, take the Corange Science Award for starters. In addition, there should be a tax payers award as they contribute in excess of 20 million dollars every year to this institution. Money well spent? Well that is for the taxpayer to decide.