Jamaica Senate Passes New Marijuana Law

February 7, 2015

In Jamaica on Friday [Feb 7], the Senate passed Dangerous Drugs Amendment Act 2015 following two weeks of debate. The new law would see the possession of up to two ounces of cannabis a non-arrestable offence.

A Jamaican Gleaner report said, “The Dangerous Drugs Amendment Act 2015 will make the possession of up to two ounces of ganja a non-arrestable offence.

“Instead, possession of such small quantities of ganja would be a ticketable infraction, attracting a fine payable outside of the court.”

In other legislative news, the Jamaican Observer reported today that, “Regulations guaranteeing automatic removal of an offender’s criminal record for convictions relating to the smoking or possession of small quantities of ganja, are currently being drafted by the Ministry of Justice and should be ready next week.

“Providing details of this development, Portfolio Minister, Senator Mark Golding, informed that the Regulations are expected to be ready for him to sign by next week, after which they will be brought to Parliament to be approved.

“Golding said that having a criminal record “for what was in fact a very minor and common offence,” had serious disabling effects for persons, because it meant that they were unable to gain employment with the Government, and they could not apply for a visa successfully for certain countries.”

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  1. Raw Onion says:

    Before all you potheads start filling up this comment section, remember that Jamaica is independent and can set their own rules and laws. Bermuda has to follow UK laws and other agreements however, we already allow people to get away with minor marijuana use (go to a club outside the city on a Friday or Saturday night). Most people, including the police often turn a blind eye to ‘a joint’.

    Those who find themselves before the courts are usually there for large amounts or have been caught breaking a different law and just happen to have weed on them (happened to a friend).

    The day is coming soon when weed can be brought and smoked without fear of the law. Just keep smoking at home and purchase from your favourite weed man.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Bermuda can do whatever it wants, within reason. The speed limit is 20 mph but there is a tacit agreement that 30 mph is OK. Nothing in writing but everyone knows. In the same way Bermuda could just turn a blind eye to small amounts of weed. The present penalty is way beyond ridiculous for what is a victim free “crime”. Kudos to Jamaica for making a small amount like a speeding offence. Better still they are about to pass a Bill to wipe clean previous convictions. Bermuda can easily do the same if it wanted to as an amendment to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. Why would any country imprison your own people with a minor conviction when the world has changed?

    • De Winna says:

      I fully agree with a lot of your points ! – but legalization of de Veed’ won’t happen here to soon because the Courts
      need to make money from those who are found or caught with it.– and right now Govt. need all the money they can get,
      Its of no worth for de Man [ Police ] to catch somebody with a lil Splif – the Police get promoted by catching the person who is selling it or
      trying to bring it in in good size quantities.
      The Veed people have to do more marching and protest ‘ lol

    • empero says:

      when people like you make such comments …even though you know elcohol is the killer..sic..sic

    • MAKEMYDAY says:

      Washington and Colorado states made a big mistake when they made it “legal” to buy marijuana in certain quantities – because that has increased crime in both states!! Colorado is even re-thinking the law – already!!

      It has also increased the amount of traffic accidents – because driving “High” is basically the same as driving DUI with excessive alcohol in your system!! THC affects the brain (medically proven fact) – just like alcohol and has caused many fatal accidents in the states!!

      How would you like to tangle with an 18 wheeler (big rig) – weighing 100,000 lb (fully loaded) when the driver is driving at 80 mph and under the influence of ganja – which has been proven to slow your reflexes down!!

      Did it occur to you “potheads” that if you visit the states with your family – then that is what could occur at anytime you are on the *Interstate* highway!! BE PREPARED!! CDL class A drivers (big rigs) are subject to “spot drug checks” at any time… But that still does not stop some idiots from taking chances!!


  2. Jr Smith says:

    its all about the $$$. Bermuda will catch on when its too late….

  3. sage says:

    This is better than it was, but will need further amendments to catch up with more progressive jurisdictions. Leaves it open for us to completely free the herb here and set a model “trickle up” system, trumping the overly regulated, excessively taxed US regimes. Don’t see anyone tripping over themselves to build casinos since that was legalized, do we want foreign exchange or not?

  4. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    it’s a mute subject really…until corporate headquarters has ironed out the wrinkles of their take over and control of said textile…soon come.

  5. Vote for Me says:

    Had to read it twice… I thought they legalized up to 2 pounds!!

    • sage says:

      There should be no limit, it would take at least 1500lbs smoked within 15mins to kill a human, and there are no limits for killers like tobacco and alcohol. Clearly, limits are nonsensical at best.

      • De Winna says:

        Alcholic Beverages, Tobacco , Ginja – which one has killef the most people in Bermuda and continue to do so’-
        tell me which of the listed are Illegal ! lol’

  6. hoodrich says:

    More tourist for jamrock. HBDAY Bob Marley

  7. Totally agree with you hoodrich” especially when knowing getting busted for small amounts here in Bermuda may cause them an outrageous fine or even time in prison :-( Granted, Jamaica does have it’s problems not being the safest place to roam alone. Yet, tourist will flock there knowing they can have up to 2oz.and NO legal opposition. By the way, the U.S. dollars are worth something there and will go further. It’s time for the Bermuda Govnt. to take another look at our Laws :-(