Video: Zipline Cutaway Cliff Jump At 100 Feet

February 3, 2015

Bermuda’s Burnt House Productions has released a video that shows island adventurers jumping from a zipline at St. David’s Head from a height of 100 feet above the ocean surface.

Released as part of the production team’s popular Falling Off the Rock series, the video shows a group setting up a zipline between the cliffs before riding its length and releasing themselves, dropping into the water below.

The action closes with a nod to the late Dr. Neil Burnie, with text saying, “This stunt would not have been possible without Neil Burnie’s incredible generosity and zeal for life.”

Burnt House’s “Epic 100ft Zipline Cutaway Cliff Jump”

The tribute ends with a dedication The Bermuda Shark Project, before cutting to an outtake that shows a man bloodied after being battered by waves on the rocks while trying to climb from the water.

The video’s stunts were coordinated by Mike Wilson, while it was filmed by Andrew Kirkpatrick of Burnt House Productions.

Burnt House Productions recently found itself in the media spotlight thanks to an incredible video that provides a visual journal of extreme bungee-jumping into a South African canyon at Magwa Falls.

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  1. San George says:

    Who said Nuts can’t have fun in Bermuda – good for you guys. Don’t let the government find out you are having fun they will want to tax you.

  2. Yes I says:

    The joys of not having to work during the day :) )

    • GrainOfSand says:

      Get paid doing what you love and you’ll never have to work!