Govt: Bus Drivers Reject Overtime At Time & Half

March 9, 2015

An “offer was presented to bus drivers to pay all overtime at time and a half,” however the BIU held a meeting today and a “decision was made to reject the payment of overtime at time and a half,” the Ministry of Tourism Development & Transport said this evening [Mar 9].

In providing an update on the circumstances surrounding the recent bus schedule interruptions, a Ministry spokesperson said, “Last month the Department of Public Transportation [DPT] put a ban on all overtime pay because the budget for overtime pay had been exceeded.

“At the same time the DPT experienced an unprecedented high level of absenteeism due to illnesses, long term medical leave, training and vacation leave.

“The DPT was unable to cover all of the staff shortages and experienced some delays and cancellations of bus runs. At the time the DPT proposed to pay overtime at time and a quarter but that was rejected by the Union.

“Subsequent to the disruptions to bus service last week the Government agreed to pay the overtime at time and a half and an offer was presented to continue paying all overtime at time and a half which the DPT union members would be required to vote on.

“A Bermuda Industrial Union today held a meeting for bus operators and the allied workers division and a decision was made to reject the payment of overtime at time and a half.”

Dan Simmons, the Director of Public Transportation said, “Unfortunately the allocated budget for overtime pay has been exceeded. We cannot pay overtime and when we have an unprecedented large number of operators out, as we are experiencing now, we are unable to cover their shifts which results in run cancellations.”

“Currently the bus service is running with minimal disruptions,” said Mr. Simmons. “However, we are not in a position to pay double time for operators who will be asked to work on their days off so we do anticipate that there may continue to be occasional cancellations.”

“The Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport and the Department of Public Transportation would like to again thank the public for their patience and understanding during the recent bus service disruptions and the DPT will continue to update the public on this issue,” a spokesperson added.

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  1. somuchless says:

    The BIU should be ashamed of themselves. This is pathatic and if I read correctly it looks like there will be a lot more cancelled buses.

    I have nothing for either political party but you can’t blame anyone else but other than the union.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      To be fair this decision was that of the drivers themselves, the Union only represents the will of its’ members. I do agree that this was a bad decision though.

      • Family Man says:

        I assume none of the “sick” drivers were able to make it to the meeting. Were they given an alternative way to vote on the proposal, or were only “healthy” drivers allowed to vote?

        The vote was by secret ballot wasn’t it?

      • Family Man says:

        I assume the “sick” drivers were not able to attend the meeting so it was only the “healthy” drivers who voted today. Were arrangements made to allow the “sick” drivers to vote as well? After all, it should be one man (or woman), one vote, right? The BIU wouldn’t deliberately disenfranchise a segment of their workers would they?

        The vote was by secret ballot wasn’t it?

      • Creamy says:

        They did not take a vote, so it was Furbert’s decision. It was not democratic.

        • George Courtney says:

          says who???

          • Hurricane says:

            Says Creamy who is always saying things that are not accurate and he knows it.

            • Creamy says:

              Says Furbert, the undemocratic leader of the BIU.
              The truth hurts, doesn’t it Hurricane.

            • serengeti says:

              Chris Furbert said they didn’t have a vote “because they didn’t want to divide the membership down the middle”.

              In other words, Creamy is right. Furbert admitted he didn’t want a vote because there was a pretty good chance it would have not gone the way he wanted.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            Says the BIU, they did not put it o a vote as they feared it would divide their members.

      • Purple Koolaid says:

        @ Time Shall Tell, I am no longer a member of the BIU and I haven’t been for sometime now but I trust that not much has changed. However, as someone that was an employee at a the Princess Hotels and a union member, I can assure you that while the decision is left to the members, there is strong pressure and suggestive tones from certain members of the union leadership. Furthermore, the two times that I remember being given the opportunity to vote it was not done by secret ballot. Therefore, one could not really vote freely and without repercussion…you know, if you ain’t with us you are against us. Therefore, while I respect your opinion it isn’t a true reflection of what takes place and how the membership feels.

        • Excuse me, refusing time and a half!? I would suggest Government hire as many new bus drivers a.s.a.p. this will allow them to be paying out straight wages and not a cent more to all those selfish bus drivers…
          Everyone will be far-more happier / content. As a matter of fact, they shouldn’t get any form of overtime yet alone double time when we’re seeing people begging for jobs! So, don’t give in Minister Shawn Crockwell / O.B.A. enough is too much!

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      These BIU drivers are living in La – La land!!

    • Southampton says:

      I agree with you. Just how much do these bus drivers expect to be paid for overtime? Give me a break. I think this union is going to sink this island. I am glad I am not a memmber of this union.

    • Mockingjay says:

      Govt. OVERSPENT over $43 Million, BTA just selected MMGY Global as their advertising agency partner, more $$$$$$$$$$$$, so what is the minister of Tourism doing and Hanbury getting paid $1,000 a day.
      And you still want the lower scale workers to take further cuts as they have had a wage freeze for 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jt says:

        How do the present expenditures compare with past expenditures? Down I believe.
        Now results need to be measured over the next couple years AND people held accountable for those results. Wouldn’t that be novel?

  2. Come Correct says:

    I’ll drive a bus for straight time and time and a half….jussayin.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      There are plenty of people out there who would be willing to get trained and drive for straight time at any time just for a pay check right now. There are drivers out there who are apparently fearful of the loss of their six figure salary that they get from all their overtime for covering their mates ‘sick’ days and reciprocate.

      • Come Correct says:

        Exactly…and I’ve never seen half of a six figure salary. I’m pleasant most days imagine what I would do for food.

      • Coffee says:

        Same is true that many people who in the past wouldn’t be caught dead riding a bus are now jockeying for the brilliant oppurtunity to drive a bus .

        Did you know that the hospital in the past has found itself in the same situation with nurses but , the same fuss isn’t made when they are running a ward short staffed because of chronic and systemic sickness ! Just sayin …

      • Facts says:

        Tell those people who are willing to drive, go get an application. Why haven’t they applied for the position all this time? Oh….I know….they want to operate the bus but don’t want to stop smoking the herbs. Smh

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          Or perhaps it is because there are no positions being offered. There is a hiring freeze, and any position that becomes available, it is infrequent.

      • reality says:

        this is exactly what happens and it’s despicable. everyone makes sure they maximize their sick day allowance so others can step in to get their 2x overtime.

        what a ridiculous broken system, people should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Legal Hustle says:

    I have no problem with asking for time and a half for overtime. But a rejection of this amount in order to obtain double time…no sympathy from me. I will now be car pooling instead.

    • frank says:

      bus drivers are acting stupid they have a job and benefits more than 3000 people are out of work
      do what bush did fire them and get people who want to work

    • Regina says:

      Absolutely agree! This is disgusting! We have Bermudians out of work – living on NO paycheck week to week – and this lot is making demands such as this? They should be ashamed of themselves. Karma people – when you are all fired, which needs to be done, you will be the ones wishing you had a job. Shameful behaviour. Absolutely shameful.

  4. Disgusted says:

    How can the union not insist their members act responsibly. Go to work! We are sick of this absolutely bad behaviour. There is no money…. bet still hire drivers who will work for straight time, benefits and normal sick leave! Just do it!

    • Mockingjay says:

      Hanbury gets $1,000 a day and no money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jus Wonderin' says:

        If everyone only knew what job mockingjay had haha smfh!

        • The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

          mockingjay`s job is watching BS movies, it has to be ,,,he/she lives on another Planet!

        • Yahoo says:

          Doesn’t sound like mockingjay is smart enough to have a job.

          • Greenie says:

            Mockingjay is the new Archie Bunkie. Ignorant, narrow minded and hateful

      • Come Correct says:

        Didn’t your statement just contradict itself, or did we just miss some punctuation and words? I can drive though…

      • Kangoocar says:

        @ mockingjay, trust me when I tell you this, you really should just stop posting your nonsense!!! We ALL already know you only have half a functioning brain, you really DONT have to post things to prove us correct!!

      • Micro says:

        $350k+ in salary and benefits… ridiculous.

        • Creamy says:

          At least he turns up to work every day.

          • Mockingjay says:

            For $1,000 a day who wouldn’t show up every day

            • Ed Case says:

              You – hopefully!

            • jt says:

              You should have applied.

            • serengeti says:

              Well apparently ‘time and one half’ is not good enough for some people. They’d rather sit at home and pretend they’re sick.

            • Greenie says:

              are you the same person that said Brian Dupperault should donate part of his salary to Bermudians who make less? Why….because they’re entitled. SMH

        • Regina says:

          Why ridiculous? Because he got himself educated and experienced and proved he was the best applicant for the job? Next you’ll say actuaries don’t deserve their salaries. Or doctors. Or…

      • Purple Koolaid says:

        Hanbury is working every day and not “calling in sick” , not to be confused with really being sick 100 days a year or asking for double times for anything over 40 hours.

        Mockingjay, It is obvious that you have a deep rooted hatred for all things not PLP, but please pick your battles wisely. Nobody can defend the PTB and expect the public to be sympathetic anymore.

        In the last few years they have gone on strike to defend bus drivers and ferry drivers that were under the influence and / or refused to be tested after an accident. They have left children, tourists, and the elderly stranded so they could strike (without notice) for issues relating to KFC. They have gone on strike to support drivers that have cursed members of the public. They have left us stranded (without notice) to attend meetings.

        They also get paid very, very well and have great benefits. It is also no secret that they call in sick intentionally so that other drivers can get called in for overtime. We have heard from people that defend them and their sick days because they work around the public in a confined area. So do pilots and flight attendants. What about doctors and nurses and people working in the clinics around the island? How do you think the stats on sick days would compare to these poor bus drivers! All they do is work around the sick, imagine if they used these same pathetic excuses. Lets not forget waiters, bar staff and other restaurant workers.

        The general public are sympathetic towards the sick and workers that are taken advantage of. However, you all know that this is not what is happening here! Forgive us if there are a few that are genuinely sick and getting dragged into this mess but when you cry wolf and defend those that are wrong and should be disciplined, well that is what happens. Sorry

    • Hurricane says:

      The Union can’t come down too hard on them if even they wanted to. Remember, these operators pay the union salaries.

  5. Time Shall Tell says:

    Some middle ground needs to be reached & I say the offer of time & a half was a very reasonable offer considering our current financial situation. If the fear is that an agreement to this would make it become the new norm than an acceptance of the offer on a trial by trial basis should of been counter offered. To outright dismiss the offer of time & a half for the reasoning of holding out for double time is just greedy in these financial times. I am sorry to say this since usually I would side with the worker but really the offer of time & a half plus the fact of there no longer being any furlough days is VERY generous for a department that already operates at a loss.

  6. Sky Pilot says:

    FIRE THE ENTIRE PTP!…hand it over to PRIVATE!

    The days of the ptp/biu/plp are OVER!..FINISHED!

    • stevie says:

      Quite agree,Privatise the transport systems we have.They are a joke…..Always say’ sorry for the inconvenience caused’. The public are tired of how they have had to put up with public transport problems. BIU, DPT, PLP. All 3 of you are a joke.

      • Anbu says:

        U lot honestly think they will ever privatize the ptp? Itll never happen. All gov has to do is suggest privatization and the whole island will be shut down. More marches, downing tools (strikes), and every other brother, sister union will fall in line to demonstrate with them. Bermuda is in a sad state when it comes to how much power the unions hold over the populous. They should be let go tho. Maybe then the gov/union sector might actually get a taste of what the private sector has been going through for years.

    • Hey says:


  7. Hurricane says:

    Are these operators for real. This is where we need a Ronald Regan. Enough is enough and this is too much. SMH

  8. Neva says:

    Driving bus can be pretty stressful at times. To ask tired and stressed out drivers to work even more because of shortages and not make it worthwhile is ridiculous. I feel for the drivers. The union is not at fault.

    • Micro says:

      There’s a shortage because many are abusing sick leave.

      • BermudaD says:

        do they not have to provide a Doctor’s certificate?

      • BermudaD says:

        taking a sick day when not sick is theft!

        • nothing up my sleeve says:

          Sick days are apart of your salary, but still they shouldn’t be abused.

    • The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

      You think my job`s not stressful or anyone else for that matter?? your in LaLa land !!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      No sympathies, there are enough in the private sector who work more than 50, 60 even 70 hour weeks for salary, and there are too many in the PTD who abuse their sick days so their mates get OT or worse DT, and vis versa. I feel sympathy for those who don’t, but if they aren’t reporting the incidents that they know go on, they are part of the problem too, and there is an operator that doesn’t know what is going on.

    • Jus Wonderin' says:

      How stressful is driving the bus in Bermuda…what a joke!

    • Purple Koolaid says:

      @Neva, if you cant drive more than 40 hours due to stress, that is fine, don’t drive. However, if stress magically disappears after you get paid anything more than double time….well let’s just say your comment is invalid. This is all a money GAME for them.

      Job related stress does not disappear because you get paid double time!

  9. Lois Frederick says:

    What a shame the bus drivers and union can’t see this as a good compromise. Wake up.

    • Micro says:

      Ikr. Time and a half bonus pay vs none…

    • Tolerate says:

      You are so correct here. First no furlough days (OK done deal), now refusing overtime at time and a half? This; when people are out of work and getting NOTHING?
      Sorry, the bus drivers will not receive ANY sympathy from the public they refuse to service going forward. This is just GREED. Plain and simple.
      Funny how we can shut down the Island without a vote that affects the WHOLE Government Sector; but the Union is too weak to advise ONE section to do the right thing. Vote? I don’t remember this being offered to the many on the furlough day issue.
      The Union heads are weak which showed when they tried to call a meeting after hours on a Friday.
      Exactly WHY did that meeting NOT take place again?
      These Bus Drivers must have been laughing their behinds off at that one.
      Hey Chris Furbert have you not figured it out yet?????
      Get on with it OBA; the Union Workers at the Transportation Service is NOT willing to work with you.

      • Facts says:

        Sounds like you need a job. Stop abusing FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE!!!

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          There are plenty of people who would like to stop financial assistance, time to open up some spots in the DPT

  10. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

    This Government needs to shut public transportation down and give it to the private sector now !!! Enough of the civil service and the unions taking advantage of “WE THE PEOPLE” !! Time for them to suffer like the rest of us.

    • stevie says:

      AWSOME COMMENT. Time for the negative people to wake up & we need to stop civil servants walking around an office with a piece of paper in their hand trying to look like they are doing something. WRONG. Get your head out of the sand Bermuda, Civil servants, govt departments, the transport departments are ruining this country.PLP take note you are included in the above. Because you, the PLP messed up Bermuda.

  11. Sigh says:

    Plenty of folks working these days that are not even making REGULAR time working after hours.. quit acting like you are entitled to something to the detriment of the rest of the island… smh. This is one time where i think privatising would be a great idea. This nonsense has to stop

  12. ParadiseNOT says:


  13. Micro says:

    It’s unfortunate to the public but I hope Gov sticks to their guns.

  14. Family Man says:

    I would suggest that in the best interests of the drivers, those drivers that find themselves getting “sick” should be encouraged to find employment in another occupation that doesn’t put their health at risk.

    Government should look out for the health of the drivers and actively encourage those that get “sick” to take better care of themselves. Possibly by becoming self-employed taxi drivers.

  15. David Francis says:

    I am sure the budget has allowed every single public SERVANT to continue with salary as per contract. It makes me smile and shake my head when the same elected SERVANTS of the people, turn and dictate to the electorate how monies are to be handled and spent without once stepping up and out boldly declaring.,…….’ I AM WITH YOU, SO MUCH SO, THAT I CHOOSE TO TAKE A PAY CUT OF 30, 40…..50% TO DEMONSTRATE I AM WITH YOU IN THIS TIME OF TURBLANCE’. ONE THE LIKES OF WHICH BERMUDA HAS NEVER SEEN….I WILL PAUSE MY EXTRAVAGANT LIFESTYLE UNTIL WE CAN SEE A PATH THROUGH THIS STORM. WHAT EVER WE FACE, LET US FACE IT TOGETHER AS ONE PEOPLE. That is leading by example from the front.

    • mj says:

      i agree Mr. Francis, Leaders should lead by example if they are no taking pay cuts to their contract, it seems easy to pick on bus drivers but overtime is not mandatory, however blue collar workers should not always be expected to compromise their work contracts and agreements when it comes to paycuts or reductions, the people that make more money including politicians and contract workers as well as consultants need to be taken into consideration when making cuts.. no housing allowance, no entertainment allowance, so committee that does mps salaries should be coming up with cuts for them as well, also permanet secretaries and the like should also get reductions, not just people who actually get this island moving and get paid less than most civil servants..the furlough days resulted in government threatening job cuts so much for them trying to help in first place, they ended up marching to get back the day they were agreed upon..

    • Purple Koolaid says:

      David Francis, I kind of agree with you except that if you have ever had anyone in your family in Politics (PLP, OBA, UMP, BDA, NLP or independent you would know that their time is not their own. They work 12-18 hours per day, every day and get zero overtime for it and get zero sick days. Why? Because they truly are public servants, whether you agree with their political opinions or not.

      I do think that as a measure of goodwill they should declare a reduction in salary of 5% but we should accept that they too be given 1 Furlough day per month where we the public respect their time off and allow them to spend it with their families.

  16. Danny Simmons, I’ ll work for straight time. Plus I ‘ll drive on Holidays and other peoples days for time & half Brother Simmons….. I’ll come by to get my application sorted with you. With the Americas Cup approaching this is tourist season upon us too, don’t look too good guys

  17. Greeny says:


  18. Therearepeoplewhowillwork says:

    Get a pool of on-call drivers. I am sure they will be more than pleased to get some work.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Build that pool from the the worst sick absentees, and pay them straight time to make up.

      • Facts says:

        Make those who are on FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE drive the bus. Hell, they living for FREE. Grrrrr

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          Better yet, give them the job of an sick day abuser

  19. PRIVATIZE!!!!!!!1


  21. North rock says:

    Do not back down….do not back down…the only people they hurt are their own…do not back down

  22. Just Curious says:


  23. Kathy says:

    PRIVATISE!!!! Let’s get on with it…Ironic that the Department of Tourism Development and Transportation are one in the same department of the government because certainly, at this point, we can see that the Transportation employees really don’t give a F*£! about the tourists and tourism development!!!

    Time for the Government to get out of Transportation!! PRIVATISE!!!

    • mj says:

      government cannot get out of transportation it is a necessity to move people from one point to another especially when they are carrying out functions for the country.. what will happen if private company goes bust, or cannot function efficiently for long periods due to running cost. buses are not cheap nor are mechanics to fix them..cannot just allow all foreigners to come in and take jobs because its cheaper to pay them when there is still the matter of housing, and the fact that that money will go out of the island and will not remain to circulate.. at least bermudians just take a trip or two a year, foreigners send money back home every week.we need to better accomodate our people the same way we accomodate others who have uncompromising lifestyles when they come here and do not produce anything near what they are gettting as a salary that will benefit most of the populace..

      • The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

        MJ Move over bie !! Your living in yesteryear! Lot of “cannot” in your comment, no such thing as “cannot” until that is understood “cannot” is the problem! There are 100`s of Bermudians waiting to tackle transportation !! Government only need do school buses, and not free either!!!

      • PBanks says:

        Privatisation doesn’t automatically mean ‘run by foreigners’. If somebody or group of persons finds a viable plan to run a small bus service along various routes, no reason the employees can’t be all Bermudian.

  24. Everett says:

    Bermuda’s number one problem is that we are spoiled and there seems to be no cure for it. If we can’t get our way, we grumble and throw tantrums! Spoiled children, spoiled drivers, spoiled Union and spoiled adults. If we continue our spoildom (I just invented that word), we will soon have a spoiled (spoiled in this case refers to damaged) Bermuda.

    • bobwehadababyitsaboy says:

      U should run for premier… be careful though… the truth has a tendency to offend those living in fantasy.

  25. filobedo21 says:

    It is time for a Ronald Reagan move here. But we know that won’t happen. It appears that there are people in this country that would like to see Bermuda’s Economy come to a complete crash. Not satisfied until we collapse, just so their Political party can get back in the saddle. Well bring it on I say, and let’s see how they like them apples.

  26. No Longer A Member says:

    Create a pool of on call part time drivers. There are many truck drivers without employment that would love a hustle and pay NO OVERTIME TO ANYONE. When there is no money left, then they will feel sorry, time clock is ticking when no one would be lending anymore at low rates, then we will be worst then the Island to the south of us in paying staff. That is what they want, that is what they will certainly get. Soon Come as they say in JA!!!!

  27. sandgrownan says:

    I suspect part of the problem, is that the drivers have been living high on the hog for so long, their lifestyles have adjusted to that level of income. They rely on overtime scam based around the insane sick day policy, that when it’s removed, or threatened to be removed, they truly are frightened.

    Sorry, but many people have it much worse, and we foot the bill.


    • aceboy says:

      Totally agree.

    • david says:

      I have to agree…..Bermuda, over the years, has been and become very spoiled. I agree that when something precious is asked to be sacrificed …..howbeit…….for the greater good……it is hard to let go of. But, that is the situation across the board.

      The time and half pay is to replace double time being paid to the driver for compensation on an off day……correct? Time and a half is for overtime hours after the 40hrs.

      I agree, cuts have to be made. But I still feel our leaders should take the biggest cut. I feel our leaders should lead by example (for the greater good) and lets get our frail system back up and running. All this infighting can not be good for business.

      We should use this time in the wilderness to come together……like after a hurricane. Everyone looking out for one another. That way we build unity in our tiny society first. And as a by product……have a unified product to offer visitors should they arrive. We can’t point fingers or cast blame. This is bigger than all of us. Only this requires all of us to make us work. This is bigger than a party or gov in power…..this is about BERMUDA and the future we leave to our children. My desire….that WE get our heads out of our egos and fix BERMUDA. Fire personality. Hire ability…..and passion for the BERMUDA product. This is our home…..most of us do not have anywhere else to go.

  28. filobedo21 says:

    Did not the voters of Bermuda had pushed for the Public Transportation be designated as an Essential Service, then the OBA backed off from that, now we have this foolishness going on. Before long the cruise ships will be docking with thousands of passengers, what will they have to look forward to soon.

  29. James says:

    I read earlier that the operators didn’t even vote. Is this still true? Is Chris Furbet being a big ol’ bully again? If he is, he ought to be ashamed of himself!

  30. Ed Case says:

    I have a clean license and will drive for straight pay. These people who have just refused time and a half – need a wake up call. Unfortunately, our politicians have no testicular fortitude – and have allowed the union to get this strong. Bermuda is as good as finished. Honestly, Bermuda is very close to the tipping point.

    Too many people – too stupid to realize. You deserve what you get.

  31. aceboy says:

    Now its “time and a half”?

    What happened to “time and one half”?

    Did someone fire Paula?

  32. Hurricane says:

    I have been reduced to 16 hours of work a week. I’d gladly shuttle those who normally take the bus in my car for a minimal fee.

    • Christian says:

      Get yourself a start-up loan and set yourself up in business as a mini-bus driver operating on the same routes.

      I’m serious, I’d definitely use your service. Anyone else?

  33. Truth is killin' me... says:

    OBA…like NIke…”JUST DO IT!” Call their bluff and PRIVATISE!!! Greedy people!!!!!!

  34. Whistling Frog says:

    Have you seen BELCO take a paycut? or the grocery stores? Taxi’s just took a pay hike, so I don’t see prices coming down anywhere else.
    This government is asking people to cut their overtime pay to host an event for the rich and famous while the government is willing to fork out millions of the people’s money. And thats ok for those who can afford it.. I hear everyone saying we all have to get on board and do this together but, when you really look at it, most of these political leaders are working two six figure jobs. Would they be willing to serve their own country for free of charge and live off their regular full time salary? Then again, most of them work pretty much for themselves. Yes I hear folk out here saying they’d take on the work for regular pay, thats all good until you realize how hot it is sitting behind that plate of glass in the heat of the day in stop and go traffic. Driving a bus is almost like driving a crane down the street, the only difference is, a bus is full of people. You have lives in your hands, children, babies the elderly. This is no joke position. When those buses are full of people, think of the amount of weight that the driver has to attend to on these messed up roads, other heavy-er vehicles on coming and branches overhanging in their path. These big machines sway left and right on our curvy streets. It’s not everyones job but someone has to do it. I applaud what they do… Keep up the good work, as you your worth.

    • Greenie says:

      Whistling frog…what an entitled post. No ONE, not Government or otherwise, is entitled to OT. You are so spoiled you don’t even know how warped your sense of entitlement is. Scary. Time to privatize the whole thing and give this lot a long overdue reality check.

    • Bermyman says:

      The above comment shows the mentality of the economically ignorant, who feed at the BIU/PLP trough of misinformation and elaborated falsehoods.

      BELCO will not take a so called ‘pay-cut’ because they are a monopoly and that means they can do as they please. They are also one of the largest employers on the Island much like the Civil service, there is a huge amount of protectionism from the Government even though it is inefficient and costly. Despite what you might think, BELCO are actually on the ropes their costs are rising and their revenues are down since 5000 people left the Island under the PLP’s aggressive tax and immigration policies.

      Grocery stores, again they have experienced losses in revenue due to less people on the Island, in particular foreigners , so that means less food is sold, but their expenses still remain the same. So the cost of food is not going to go down, rather there will be economic pressure on it to go up as grocery stores find ways to pay expenses and retain staff.

      Government on the other hand is a completely different kettle of fish. If every Civil service worker took a reasonable amount of sick days comparable to those in the Private sector, we could in fact pay for the America’s Cup quite easily. But what is happening is that we no longer have money to just pay away our taxes to the civil service, we need the government to put its money into projects like the AC 2015 that stimulate economic activity.

      Now let’s look at your so called ‘rich mans’ event taking place in Bermuda; The last AC event hosted in San Francisco Generated $364m in economic spending. Which included $7m in taxes, 700,000 visitors, 1,000 new local jobs and was broadcast to a TV audience in 200 different countries. This information was released in the Bay Area Economic Institute Report in Dec 2013. When you consider that the city of San Francisco spent a total of $20.7m the returns a more than 100 fold. Similarly Bermuda is in the same position in terms of planned expenditures and potential revenues. Can you tell me of any other economic event that could happen in the next two years with a more positive impact? So spending 20m to make 360m makes total sense. Paying people who are intentionally taking an obscene amount of sick days a year to make double pay does not!

      To your point on what CEO’s and politicians make. Jealousy is a b1tch inna! Our politicians like them or not spend a lot of their time doing things we as normal folk are not prepared to do. They sacrifice time with their families, their private lives and they risk slander and degradation everyday. In an Island of 60,000 people how are you going to get people into politics and good people into top positions unless you pay them well? YOU WONT! and then what! At the same time, the CEO makes their money because they played the game, they did very well and are in the top 1% of performers in their field. Unless they inherited it, they deserve it otherwise they would not be there in the first place. But to think that they are the ones to blame because bus drivers are taking sick days so they can get overtime is completely off track. If you want to be a CEO go give it a shot, no one is stopping you!

    • The Truth and Nothing but the Truth !! says:

      @Whistling Frog,

      You are clueless when it comes to business, (“or the Grocery stores”) I take extreme offence to that comment!! Grocery stores do more for Bermuda than the unions will ever do !! We take loses and we sacrifice every day, how dare you !! I will invite you to STOP YOUR NOISE, when it comes to Grocery stores !!

      If Bus driver can`t stand the heat in the kitchen,,, get out !!!

  35. You don’t show up for work now, Personally I would reducevyour pay until you prove to me you can produce consistant time keeping… or I would replace you with someone that will… straight up… if someone tole you jump off a cliff… would you do it? past month you’ve been consistantly no show…. a buisiness is open you govto work or stay home! Indefinately!

  36. Take the busse to the dump or sell them to a country that needs transportation… i’m tired of spoiled lazy tired asked no workin peopled want more for less… stay home…

  37. Mr. Meoff says:

    We’re all tired of this constant nonsense and disruption to our students, seniors, our tourists and the general public. Well done BIU your days are numbered.

  38. seascape says:

    This is ridiculous. I work for a local company in the private sector. We don’t get paid overtime but put in long hours after 5 p.m. – sometimes even on holidays or weekends. It is not ideal but we are grateful to have a job and we make sure the work gets done. Get over yourselves. Privatize the bus and ferry service. Enough is Enough!!! Come on OBA put your foot down!! BIU has to stop trying to take control of our country.

  39. MB says:

    Sorry- but WHY are we needing to ask bus drivers who have worked all week to put in extra hours driving our children anyway???
    Would you wanta pilot doing overtime.
    Govt needs to get a grip:
    HIRE more bus drivers and/or CUT sick leave.
    Be like the rest of the real world and offer a SET
    number of paid time off days (vacation PLUS sick days together) then see how many ‘sick’ days the drivers are putting in for.
    WHY do they unlimited sick days ??
    Does anyone know how many sick days they get a year??

  40. fred says:

    Look people, the gravy train has left and all that’s left now is the smoke. Bermudians are spoiled and used to making exuberant amounts in menial jobs. If you don’t adjust to the new requirements of employment, you will be left behind, possibly on your behinds. We’ve all had to make changes top stay employed. Be careful what you demand or want! You might get it.

  41. nothing up my sleeve says:

    This is all a big joke though, I work in the private sector and i don’t receive OT since this financial crisis. If i have to stay late to finish something up or if something breaks, i have to stay at work with no regular time, time & a half, OT. My job is stressful but i still show up everyday, and my job doesn’t end when 5:00 comes around if i get an email or call guess who has to go to work with no options given. If i start abusing sick leave, show up work late on a regular, leave early on a regular, my performance drops, i get a warning from my manager and if it continues i lose my job as i should.
    Management has been one of the main issues with government/departments, secondly the unions for fighting for the poeple that shouldn’t have their job in the first place, or were blatantly wrong and needed to be fired.
    We all need to stop living beond or needs, make dew with what we have, and do what we can to get this island to where it used to be; Government included.

  42. Bermuda123 says:

    I am very sorry we have found ourselves in this place, but there now seems little alternative than to break the unions. Refusing time and a half is absolutely shocking! Either let the individual members who are willing to work for time and a half do so, or get new ones willing to cover. The BIU should be ashamed of themselves and so should the people taking “Sick leave” so their compatriots get overtime. Maybe we get the general population to give input on which buses could be reduced outside rush hour? Then no overtime needed at all.

  43. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Nicely said Sleeve!

  44. laughorcry says:

    I have worked in the private sector in various capacities ranging from international business to construction. I have never ever gotteN any overtime and in only a couple positions did I receive more than the bare legal minimum of vacation and sick days. Why do govt workers get such ludicrous benefits? Are they out there curing cancer??? TIME TO CHANGE POLICIES!!! REDUCE VACATION DAYS AND SICK DAYS TO THE MINIMUM SET BY GOVERMENT (10 vacation days and 8 sick days) makes you wonder how govt creates a minimum standard for the private sector, then completely disregards it in order to increase benefits for its workers. Its easy. dont worry. No one is going to leave their cushy no-effort govt jobs. They are unemployable anyways; after getting used to the easy life.


  45. DV says:

    I think it’s time to boycott the buses.

    • Terry says:

      Wake up and smell what flowers that are left.

      This will do nothing.

      They still get their sick days. They still get everything whether the buses run or rust.

      My only comment.


  46. RING DOWN HARD says:

    The BIU needs to be DISSOLVED!!!!!!

    Change the law back and call in their million DOLLAR performance bond and BREAK THEM!!

    This country has been held RANDSOM by this so called DISNEY LAND UNION fAR TOO LONG……. AND IT NEEDS TO CHANGE….