22 Yr Old Denies Threats, Spitting & Stealing Pie

April 17, 2015

Appearing in Magistrates Court yesterday [Apr 16], a 22-year-old man denied stealing a chicken pie, spitting on a bus driver, as well as using threatening words to a police officer, with the Court hearing he allegedly said “I have a bullet for you.”

Stevon Richardson pleaded not guilty to three charges, with all three stemming from an incident in Sandys Parish in March 2015.

Richardson denied using threatening words to a police officer by saying: “I know who you are. Don’t come to Somerset. I have a bullet for you … I’ll buy you a beer and then put a bullet in your head.”

Richardson also denied spitting at a bus driver and stopping that bus driver, an authorized person, from doing his duty by putting him off a bus.

Richardson also denied that he had stolen a $4.99 curried chicken pie from the Marketplace in Sandys in December 2013.

Richardson’s trial date for the stolen pie charge was set for June 2015, and he was remanded in custody after indicating to the Magistrate he would not make bail anyway, so suggested they may as well remand him in custody.

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