RA Grants Approval: Digicel’s Purchase Of BTC

May 8, 2015

[Updated] The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda has decided to grant its written approval of the purchase of the Bermuda Telephone Company by Telecommunications [Bermuda & West Indies Limited, Digicel Bermuda].

The RA said, “After a nearly three-month long review, which included a request for public comment, the merger was approved subject to certain conditions designed to promote innovation and competition in the Bermuda electronic communications market.

“The full decision will be published on the RAB’s website.”

Robert Watson, the RAB’s Chief Executive, said, “We believe that the new, merged company will provide more robust competition in the electronic communications sector, to the benefit of the Bermuda consumer.”

Update: Digicel said, “Digicel Bermuda notes the decision of the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda [RAB], regarding its acquisition of BTC which was issued this afternoon.

“Digicel is currently reviewing the Authority’s decision and its’ conditions – and once this assessment has been completed, it will issue a more comprehensive statement.

“In the meantime, Digicel would like to thank the RAB and the people of Bermuda for providing their opinions on the purchase of BTC during the consultation process.”

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  1. swing voter says:

    oh oh….here they come!

    • Concerned Consumer says:

      I’m still waiting for someone to explain how Digicel has a new CEO, Robin Seale (see last Digicel story on Bernews), without advertising the position. Even on their website (digicelbermuda.com/en/about/digicel-bermuda-senior-management) they list Alistair Beak, who replaced Wayne Caines, as CEO. Immigration needs to look into this. Were any Bermudians interviewed for the job? Because it certainly wasn’t advertised. Nor was it on bermudajobboard.com which all jobs are supposed to be advertised (new and permit renewals). Or maybe that’s just smoke and mirrors. Either way, I can’t trust such a shady company like Digicel.

  2. Micro says:

    Guess we’re in for more stagnation in communications.

  3. Um.... says:

    More competition by allowing one mobile operator (of two) to purchase one fixed line operator (of two)? This makes no sense for a country this small. The RA is clearly shortsighted in their thinking. This is a bad long term decision for the Bermuda consumer.

  4. DR says:

    I wonder what other national resources (yes, mobile/fixed telephony and internet are resources) the Irish will be allowed to purchase. Bad move, RA.

  5. skytrain says:

    Many office jobs will disappear.
    The other wireless and internet providers will close up shop. Prices will not go down and customer service levels will suffer. This is not healthy competition, this is a foreign company taking advantage of a newly deregulated industry for their own Monetary gain.

  6. Y-Gurl says:

    The worst case scenero for Bermuda has just been granted by the spineless and uninformed organization that’s supposed to be there for the betterment of Bermuda…oh well maybe now they will dissolve the RA

  7. skytrain says:

    No report posted on the RAB website. It sounds like Digicel may not be too happy with the conditions. Let’s see the report,RAB.

  8. Coffee says:

    Heads should roll for allowing this to happen! Who is the minister responsible for telecommunications ? How is this good for Bermuda ? Who’s in charge around here ? Anybody ! More jobs to go !
    Welcome to the new Bermuda , where anything and everything goes !

  9. Accurate says:

    It’s a fact that some conjoined twins are impossible to separate. Even with the best doctors and equipment available both patients die. Let’s see how this bunch of ‘brain surgeons’ does. Never saw the ‘logic’ in it myself.

  10. wisdom before misunderstanding says:

    This is a great opportunity for Bermuda telecommunications growth. Digicel, have the innovative design products Bermuda is needing. Technology has change over the last 10 year and Digicel, has keep up with the trend. Fiber to the home will be there first approach. This is much needed in the inferstructure, of Bermuda. Cooper lines can no longer keep up with the demand of high speed bandwidth. Leaving fiber optic innovation to be the choice of telecommunications upgrades. BTC, fiber optic network is ideal for the investment Digicel-requires to complete the last mile. The world has accepted the innovation of fiber optic installation to the home. This is the way of our current future for telecommunications. Digicel, has an invested knowledge of technology that will revive our wired outdated copper network. Introduce speeds of 100/50 Meg to the home with no drop outs and the ability to correct errors over the network before the end user notice a issue. This will be a major relief for the customer as they have been taken for granted over the lack of upgrades they deserve.
    Give Digicel, a chance to introduce there methods of improving the wired network. Many will be pleasantly surprised how much this merger will in hence Bermuda. They bring a standard that is well needed for Bermuda to stay up with the rest of the world. This will also create jobs in Bermuda and hopefully bring about a healthy economy.
    Let me take this time out to congratulate Digicel, BTC, and RAB, for making a decision to move Bermuda Telecommunications forward. This will help the consumer to excess many option there costume too, IPTV, VOIP, High speed Internet, 0 interruption, full monitoring of home, robust connectivity.
    Bermuda will be well served for this merger putting true competition on quality of service, customers satisfaction.

  11. Reality says:

    When was the last time either access provider CV or BTC who were under the same umbrella up until now lowered their prices??? As I recall the ISPs in the past have slashed their prices due to competing against one another, not the access providers though. This is the best possible outcome for the customers. The access providers will now be going head to head instead of hand in hand as they have been. Speeds/Pricing are long overdue a real shakeup on the access side.

    • Well... says:

      Remember BTC hasn’t been part of Keytech for near on a year, their prices haven’t changed. Yes this may result in some reduction in access costs,. My worry is digicel’s history in the islands to our south and their lack of customer service (one thing the do have is pushy salesmen).

      • Myboy14 says:

        Don’t forget that pushy sale women….she’s relentless

  12. Hmmm says:

    Hard to believe that the RA who pushed Keytech to sell BTC because they didn’t want one company to be too big has allowed this purchase. I would if I were them look into the original sale.

    What’s more worrying is that Digicel are doing exactly what they did in Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands.. Cut rates to put the competition out of business (those they don’t buy up)but supply an inferior service. Then up the rates when they are the only shop in town.

  13. Kent Stewart says:

    The RAB did three solid months of thinking about this, they have internal experts and consulted with both specialist outside advisors and the public. I know they looked very carefully at all scenarios and seriously debated the pros and cons of the sale. It also appears that they have imposed conditions on Digicel to ensure a level playing field. Perhaps we should all read the decision they have made and the reasons why they made it before jumping to judgement.

    • skytrain says:

      If that is true. Why have they not provided the copy of the decision?
      Perhaps allowing only Digicel to read the conditions is not in the public interest and goes against the mandate of the RAB.
      Just saying.

  14. Super says:

    Keytech Stock last traded at $2.86 . Last year this time they traded around $7.50. I wonder what will happen to them with with this deal.

    • Trulytruly says:

      Btc are not part of keytech anymore. So none. Keytech are really CV and logic now.

      • Winston Godwin says:

        You dont get it keytecs direct competition is now Digicel

  15. Myboy14 says:

    Someone needs to regulate the regulatory authority.

  16. unus sed leo says:

    Good…then maybe you can come and remove the lines that run through my property illegally…that or pay back rental onnit!

  17. swing voter says:

    I think Digicel bit off too much and will choke on their greed. Bermuda is NOT the Caribbean…